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  1. Big congrats to the Broncos

    Classy post. Broncos were the better team and made the plays they had to make.   I believe this will be a huge learning experience, especially for the younger guys on the team. It's one thing to get to the big game, but winning it is a whole different deal. They know that now, and they'll be hungry to get back on this stage. Keep Pounding! 
  2. Positions we need to upgrade

    In order of need: DE (with Johnson/Allen gone, this needs to be addressed. Addison and Delaire are situational guys at best) RT (if they don't believe Williams is the answer already, I loved his potential out of college but he's seemed slow to develop and injured) RB (not sure what will happen with Stewart, and an injection of speed here would be nice) CB (Norman will be tagged, but this unit still needs more firepower, McClain/Finnegan were solid additions for the situation, but it would be nice to get new blood here) FS (Harper provided great leadership, but is a liability in pass coverage. Give him his walking papers and let Boston or a rookie/FA take that spot.) WR (put this lower because I believe with KB back, Funchess taking a big step forward and Brown/Ginn to take the top off, this unit could be fine) P (Nortman has been disappointing for several years now. Has regressed drastically since his promising rookie season) 
  3. Thank you TD

    What a person and what a football player. True embodiment of Keep Pounding.
  4. Tag at the very least. Can't afford to lose him and have Bene or a rookie as the #1 corner next season. I know GMan drafts BPA, but CB is a huge need. 
  5. Check em out... http://www.dapperinkstore.com/shop/purrbacca  
  6. Cam Newton Dabbin Santa Sweater

    I see that Cam had to do some modifications on his sweater, the red one had weed leaves all over the bottom, lol. 
  7. Which Carolina Panther are you?

    Norwell. I'll take it. 
  8. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    6-1 final. Origi with a Hat Trick. Wow!
  9. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    Liverpool goes from a goal down to 3-1 lead with two goals already from Daniel Sturridge. Good to have him back! 
  10. Pure Respect Rivera / Davis

    The real-world example of what Keep Pounding truly means. Thanks for your hard work and perseverance, TD! 
  11. Official Panthers - Seahawks Gameday Thread

    This team needs Safety and WR help. It simply has to be addressed, or we won't be taking the next step to deep playoff runs.
  12. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    Ings has played well as of late (until his knee injury), but I think he's expendable, like the overwhelming majority of the team and Rodgers' signings. I also think he could get some decent transfer money for the club in a sale to the bottom level EPL teams (Only sure "keeps," are the ones I listed earlier, plus maybe Skrtel, as he's been a rock on the backline). I'm not saying I'd be upset if he was kept, ala some other glaring guys, and I probably shouldn't have included him in the immediate transfer list, but he shouldn't be exempt from it.    Rodgers greatest downfall, which will affect the club for the foreseeable future, was holding onto players that looked better than they were when playing along side an all-world combination of Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling, Henderson and Gerrard (God, I miss that group) and his misuse of the massive transfer money the club got from Suarez and Sterling.
  13. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    Any more specifics on what you disagree with?
  14. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    Late to this thread, but agree here. I liked the signing of Firmino, but he wasn't utilized properly under Rodgers. The names you mentioned need to be gone, along with Mignolet, Balotelli (permanent sale), Ings and Milner, to name a few.   The core of Sturridge, Coutinho, Benteke and Henderson is a solid one. They just need to be built around.