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  1. This was reported by an Atlanta Falcons beat writer. Haha, good luck, Shula. Here's the full article for your amusement. Falcons to interview Ken Dorsey, Darrell Bevell for QB coach position
  2. I have to ask, do you think it has more to do with Cam and the coaches thinking he might not be able to adapt to a new system quick enough? I mean, given the fact that we've basically run the same offense since Rivera and Newton took over, could it be more QB related than we've previously thought? Either way, Shula sucked and I can't wait to see what we do under Norv.
  3. When you're consistently drafting players in the top 10 for over a decade, you're bound to get a good team eventually. They still need a QB...
  4. Chief political strategist for the Trump Administration.
  5. Chud! Chud! Chud!!!

  6. Let's gooooooooooooooll

    I'm going to do long sustained strokes only to go 3 and out when it's time to score, in honor of Shula.
  7. Didn't someone say Ron always does well when he's on the hot seat? Looks like Ron isn't taking any chances on losing his job with new ownership by cutting that anchor that's been holding back the Riverboat for years.
  8. Can we GIF approve this?
  9. PRAISE JESUS!! https://twitter.com/Panthers/status/950773577589997568
  10. They did, but it still counts as a pass.
  11. And Tom Brady and Bill Belichick