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  1. I'm just glad we got Tepper when we did. The timing couldn't be better as Cam and Luke are hitting their primes. We finally have an owner who clearly wants to win and has shown he has what it takes to win by becoming a self-made billionaire. Sorry to all the women who were on the receiving end of Richardson's disgusting choices, but I couldn't be happier for what we have now and am so much more excited about where we can go under the man they call "The Tepp".
  2. Charles Johnson weighs in... Worth noting that he also suffered the loss of a family member while with us...
  3. DFive

    Tepper approved

    So...is it collusion IF the Panthers win a Super Bowl in the next 4 years? Seems like if the NFL is truly rigged, the best way to welcome The Tepp would be to give him a Super Bowl victory! Add that with the talent on our roster, it's just crazy enough to work without raising too many eye brows. This is probably why the Browns haven't won a championship after Haslam bought them, who was ALSO a Steelers minority owner. Hmm... Either way, I don't care. I just want to see Cam win a Super Bowl with the Panthers before he retires. Panthers vs Steelers in the SB?
  4. Help for Cam is coming this round everyone. Just wait and see... #Whispers #Sources
  5. DFive

    Post Your Local Craft Breweries Here!

    Just as JayFl!p mentioned, we live in San Diego, so we have nothing but amazing breweries. None more amazing than Ballast Point.
  6. Considering how bad our O-Line depth is, there's no hurt in this signing. G-Man has an eye for talent so if he thinks he could be something, he'll make the squad. If not, no harm no foul.
  7. Sanchez and Byron Bell so the two of them can create Butt Fumble 2 and immortalize themselves as some of the best to play their respective positions.
  8. This guy raises a good point and DeAngelo can't raise a good answer. Petty.
  9. Also, it's ironic that he shunned the media for most of his career and now he's all over it acting like a victim. Wahh wahh. Would you like cheese with your whine?
  10. Can't wait for the Byron Bell tell all since apparently that's the en vogue thing to do this organization after your release. Oh, and Greg Hardy's will be gold, I'm sure.