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  1. Ermahgerd... Gersberms!

    That is absolutely bada$$ery...loved the use of GOT....definitely lil Smitty work. AWESOME.
  2. The Big Easy Takeover in NoLa

    This will be an epic game!!! Wish I could go!
  3. What Saints Fans are Saying...

    Saints fans are so original with their desire for Bountygate II and nicknames for Cam. They skeered of Cam and I look forward to his bright smile electrifying that sideline. I might just make the 8 hour drive from Texas to see it personally! #KEEPPOUNDING. I would love to see LUUUUUUUke scoop up another fumble or INT in that dome!!
  4. I laughed and trolled the Failcants on Twitter, too.
  5. Mmmmm. It makes Thursday night more palatable to me. I am still pissed about the sellout fans who sold their tix to Iggle fans, atrocious that a home game at times felt like an away game.
  6. You are the only one in BOA that gets a pass from me (if you are there). My post was directed at the bungholes who have accosted me in Philly and the starfish puckers who deserved to get booted from my section in BOA in 2015. Your brethren have not made me fond or respectful after being spit on, have beer thrown on or cussed out for cheering my team. Not sorry.
  7. Will be heading towards the Roaring Riot tailgate!
  8. Yes I am and I will be ready to shout down every green shirted tool in our stadium! I have never had any pleasant experience with Iggles fans either in Philthy or at home. You know I marked this one down as a must attend!!
  9. After living in PA for 11 years, I have become something of an unfortunate witness on Philthy and I can say with honesty - SCP hit it this right between the zit laden eyes. Those cheesesteaks are disgusting pieces of grease and make me heave...now that I am in the land of Cowturds, I continue to hear the pustulent expositions of NFCE fans. But I still represent Panther Nation where ever I go...everytime I have been to an Iggles - Panthers game, I know the same vile, epithets get hurled and trashy behavior I have come to expect will continue. Bring your lysol and wet wipes folks, you will need to disinfect vigorously!
  10. We all know Cam is getting that Gold jacket when he retires. He is smashing all kinds of NFL records and will continue to do so.
  11. Thomas Davis signs contract extension

    I for 1 am happy. The man wants a ring more than anyone else and has been through hell to get there. I will take his motivation, leadership, strength and skills in hope that we get there again and he fulfills his mission to bring Big Cat and the organization that means THE WORLD to him the Lombardi. His presence on the defense is not measurable - how does one measure the heart of this team? Love it and hopefully it happens this year. I sincerely believe he would retire if we won it all this year.
  12. One thing will never change. I am a Panther fan til I die. It will hurt awhile I ain't gonna lie. But I am still in it 100%. The Denver defense dominated and the injuries amassed in this game. I hate seeing JNo on the sidelines broken hearted. But I still got your back, Panthers. #KEEPPOUNDING.
  13. Panthers got this. #58 gonna eat in te second half. #PANTHERS #KEEPPOUNDING!!!
  14. 21 + years I have waited for this day. A dream season. Finish the job men and BRING THE LOMBARDI HOME!! I am so emotional - I know I will be crying at kickoff. I hope, I pray and I believe that they GOT THIS. It's our time, it's our year. GO PANTHERS!! #KEEPPOUNDING!!!