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  1. Me too. I have already been clear on my issues with these teams....sorry Johnny Rockets....I just can’t.
  2. Replacement Possibilities

    I believe Eric Bienemy just got promoted to OC...
  3. He needed to be hit at least 12 more....putting dirty @$$ in the dirt - poo-stirrer warrants a hit every snap....
  4. 10 Photos - Packers at Panthers

    These photos make this Victory Monday sweeter!!! My personal favorite is the parting of the seas run blocking for CMC....a truly beautiful, emotive vision to behold.
  5. Their yogurt sucks @$$ anyways!
  6. This packers fan wants attention

    He is a another f* tard that needs to put away the salt.
  7. I hate to be cheesy about dem peaches....
  8. Ermahgerd... Gersberms!

    That is absolutely bada$$ery...loved the use of GOT....definitely lil Smitty work. AWESOME.
  9. The Big Easy Takeover in NoLa

    This will be an epic game!!! Wish I could go!
  10. What Saints Fans are Saying...

    Saints fans are so original with their desire for Bountygate II and nicknames for Cam. They skeered of Cam and I look forward to his bright smile electrifying that sideline. I might just make the 8 hour drive from Texas to see it personally! #KEEPPOUNDING. I would love to see LUUUUUUUke scoop up another fumble or INT in that dome!!
  11. I laughed and trolled the Failcants on Twitter, too.
  12. One thing will never change. I am a Panther fan til I die. It will hurt awhile I ain't gonna lie. But I am still in it 100%. The Denver defense dominated and the injuries amassed in this game. I hate seeing JNo on the sidelines broken hearted. But I still got your back, Panthers. #KEEPPOUNDING.
  13. Panthers got this. #58 gonna eat in te second half. #PANTHERS #KEEPPOUNDING!!!
  14. 21 + years I have waited for this day. A dream season. Finish the job men and BRING THE LOMBARDI HOME!! I am so emotional - I know I will be crying at kickoff. I hope, I pray and I believe that they GOT THIS. It's our time, it's our year. GO PANTHERS!! #KEEPPOUNDING!!!
  15. Sweet Carolina

    Love it! Thanks for sharing - it's going to be repeating in my head for a long time!!!