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  • Location Far far away land
  • Most hated NFL Team Dallas Cow*****es, whores, etc. you get the picture.
  • Favorite College Team East Carolina Pirates
  • What you should know Have boobs. Will travel.
    Love the outdoors. Love beaches and mountains.
    Skeered of standing heights and critters I won't mention.
    Football fanatic.
    ECU Pirate.
    Love live and loud music.
    Rugger (formerly of Eno River Rage, Vermont Law Swans, and Lehigh Valley Maulie Maguires).
    Love books like the Wheel of Time, Lord of the Rings, Outlander, Thomas Covenant and Eragon series.
    Love every kind of music except only a twinkling of country.
    Oldest of five.
    Honest to the point of pain.
    Generous to a fault.
    Heinz ketchup.
    Hellmans mayo.
    Spicy mustard.
    Favorite beer is Corona with lots of limes.
    Favorite drink is margarita.
    Favorite soft drink is Diet Mt Dew.
    Used to cuss like a sailor but I cleaned up my act.
    On my top ten list of things to before I die - skydiving.
    On my top ten list of things that will kill me early - not being a good swimmer and I love the ocean.

    You don't need to know more than that until you meet me.

    I am a dragon and a lion. I ROAR.
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