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  1. 5158Poundin

    Official Eff the Cowboys Thread...

    Eff the Cowturds. Eff them sideways, right side up, upside down, inside out, every fecking way and then again in every orifice. Hated them all my life, despise the trogolodites in NC/SC who still puke for them. I live in the heart of Texas and hate the dipshïtës who think they are God’s gift to the NFL and this country. I will NEVER stop hating them and want to see the heart of Texas destroyed, flattened and devoid of all hope come Sunday night.
  2. 5158Poundin

    Scary moment at practice today...

    Hope Cammy Cam is ok. Matt better watch his moneymaker cause the poo will hit the fan if he hurts QB1!!!
  3. One thing will never change. I am a Panther fan til I die. It will hurt awhile I ain't gonna lie. But I am still in it 100%. The Denver defense dominated and the injuries amassed in this game. I hate seeing JNo on the sidelines broken hearted. But I still got your back, Panthers. #KEEPPOUNDING.
  4. Panthers got this. #58 gonna eat in te second half. #PANTHERS #KEEPPOUNDING!!!
  5. 21 + years I have waited for this day. A dream season. Finish the job men and BRING THE LOMBARDI HOME!! I am so emotional - I know I will be crying at kickoff. I hope, I pray and I believe that they GOT THIS. It's our time, it's our year. GO PANTHERS!! #KEEPPOUNDING!!!
  6. 5158Poundin

    Sweet Carolina

    Love it! Thanks for sharing - it's going to be repeating in my head for a long time!!!
  7. These are WONDERFUL photos and just give me pure joy. Nothing better except to have been in Charlotte in the stadium for this game. I was there in my heart and your photos make it feel like I was there. GET TD#58 that ring. I want so much to see the veterans get that elusive ring and bring the Lombardi Trophy home. And it's an amazing feeling to know now it is really possible. Thank you, Jeremy for an amazing season captured in photos. I pray you get that field pass for the Super Bowl. Thank you, Panthers. You have given me a type of joy that can never be taken away! Now, let's go WIN it all!!! GO PANTHERS!!! #KEEP POUNDING!!!!
  8. That pure unadulterated joy was my face when he made that Pick 6 to seal the deal. I love me some LUUUUUUke. Tears of joy streaming down my face….an unbelievable game for the ages!
  9. 5158Poundin

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Who gives a squat who picks the Panthers - JUST BRING THE PAIN and prove all the haters wrong!
  10. 5158Poundin

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Looks like the crowd was watching the end of the Pats - Broncos AFC Championship. I am already tired of the jock sucking on Zona.
  11. 5158Poundin

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    ugh…JOe Buck the talking penis.
  12. 5158Poundin

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Let's GO Panthers! Panther Nation - rock that house and blow the snow out!!!
  13. 5158Poundin

    Official AFC Championship Game Thread

    That mile high air is getting to the Patriots….
  14. 5158Poundin

    Official NFC Championship Game Thread

  15. 5158Poundin

    Maximize Your Gameday Volume

    I will be yelling "KEEEEEEP POUNDING" from the snow-valanche boundaries of PA.