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  1. Giants release Beason, considering retirement.

    Absolutely.  I would love to start wearing my jersey again -just come home whether it's a 1 day contract to retire, a backup position, a coaching position, advisor, whatever.  He was an amazing tandem with TD and I know #58 would love to have him home.  Beastson…missed him!
  2. Your feels... prepare to be hit

    What a great player for the Panthers and yes, got me in the feels. It sucks that injuries derailed a very promising career.  Best wishes, Beastson!
  3. Arthur Blank.... Prostate Cancer

    #KEEPPOUNDING cancer, Mr. Blank and get well.  God bless. I wish him well. But not his team when they are playing or competing against the Panthers!
  4. 1 Pic that tells the story of Cam's Season

    That makes my booboo feel so much better now....
  5. This is a great lesson for those who haven't been fans in the dark years of losing and for those who forget that success takes time and effort to build.  I am on the positive side of it and will continue to be.  I hit a bleak spell less than a year and half ago when I forgot that with success comes a lot of sacrifice and pain!  
  6. Anyone greeting the team back home

    That exchange with TD was THE BEST part of the whole time for me. He is everything exemplified in the #KeepPounding mantra and is THE MAN.  Who else could have 3 ACL tears, a broken forearm and STILL be playing in a freaking Super Bowl.  My favorite Panther and I hope & pray he will get that ring.  It certainly made my own heart wounds about last night seem trivial. and yes, small world!!!  I am home at my parent's now….about an hour away!
  7. Panthers homecoming video courtesy of Ed Dickson.

    YUP….seeing their acknowledgements made it totally worth the time we took to wait for them!!
  8. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Ok folks.  Since my sister and I spent the better part of 4 hours standing in the cold and at times small amounts of rain waiting for the team,  I can impart some of the reactions of the players and coaches that I did see.  I have some videos that are likely very dark and may not transmit well on this medium.  I was at the barricades and saw the very first bus park.  A lot of Panthers staff including Coach Rivera and Dave Gettleman first got off that bus.  They waved to the crowd and acknowledged us.  There were around a 1000 or so fans there.  The crowd was pumped and happy to see the team. Coach Rivera did come to the crowd, acknowledge us and high or low fived many of us including myself and my sister as he greeted the fans along the barricade lining the entrance to BOA.  In fact, my sister did shake his hand.  He was gracious and happy to see the fans.  Dave Gettleman did take video and camera footage of the crowd and was smiling very brightly and seemed to be proud of the fan support. Players that I did see included Brentson Bersin, Ryan Delaire, Devin Funchess, Thomas Davis, Ed Dickson, Josh Norman, Peanut Tillman and Cam.  Cam did not approach the barricade where I was located but did wave and acknowledge the crowd.  He and other teammates did not appear gleeful as I am sure that they were exhausted and understandably still smarting from yesterday.  The crowd was a little disappointed but in the end, I believe it hurts to disappoint your fans and he has a lot to deal with in this newly minted offseason. Devin Funchess, Ryan Delaire, Mike Tolbert, JNo and many other players did acknowledge the fans, high fived/hand slapped.  For me, the best moment was Thomas Davis went along the entire barricade and surprised me.  I exchanged a low five with him and as he started towards the parking lot I yelled "#58, YOU DA MAN."  He stopped turned around and acknowledged me with a wave and a smile before he left. I had a brief exchange with my favorite player, #58.  I understand that it probably feels bittersweet to them to come home and see this large crowd gathered given that they lost the game.  It's humbling but I do feel in my heart that it was appreciated and everyone did wave and at least acknowledge us.  Tolbert was clearly still upset with himself and had a hard time facing the crowd.  He did wave even though he didn't approach the crowd, at least from my vantage point. Do I think this team has been humbled?  Yes in so many ways.  Do I believe they appreciated this support?  You are damn right they do and it's kind of hard seeing so much love and support from the very people they feel they have let down.  Hard to swallow.  I am glad I went out there because Panther Nation was well represented and I am very happy to report I was part of the crowd that welcomed them home. Hopefully the sting of this loss will fade and the scars will still be there next season to motivate, and drive them to a much better outcome the next time. #GO PANTHERS #KEEPPOUNDING!
  9. Anyone greeting the team back home

    I am doing great - it is a little chilly here - i am on the rails nearest to where the buses will unload...a little cold!! Tina
  10. Anyone greeting the team back home

    There ia a great sized crowd at BOA...close to 800 to 1K...still waiting...
  11. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Me and the crowd
  12. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Photo of the crowd
  13. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Crowd is building now several hundred present and still growing.  All local tv stations are here and Channel 9 is in the air.  Will post videos if someone can PM me instructions on how to do it.  Anticipating arrival within an hour to hour and half.
  14. Anyone greeting the team back home

    There is a small crowd right now of close to a 100 people but more keep coming.  It is a little chilly and overcast so be prepared if you come.  We have had a little sprinkles of rain here and there if you bring kids!
  15. Anyone greeting the team back home

    I am here in Charlotte and there are a few fans at the stadium now....we will see how many gather before the team arrives.