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  1. 2016 Schedule Notes

    I doubt they make Carolina / Broncos the opening week game...
  2. For The Old Farts Out Here..

    So sick @Lilsmitty09! Keep it up bud! Love that throwback remix.
  3. Nice work man! Stoked to see you on there.
  4. My biggest areas of concerns (taking depth into account): DE, CB, S, T I actually think we are pretty solid at WR with Kelvin back, Ginn, Funch and the potential in Hill and Norwood.
  5. Jared Allen retiring

    Did we give up a 3rd rounder for him?
  6. Trades for players buried in Depth Chart

    He was a rookie last year. No way they move him. ...sorry 2 years ago.
  7. Dude is about as unprofessional as it gets.
  8. I always listen to ESPN radio while I drive. I've been driving in silence all day. Been avoiding all media...
  9. Deangelo Williams picks....

  10. He looks white and noodle armed AF.
  11. Super Bowl MEMES

    They're the reason we drafted Cam #1. Thanks Matt and Jimmy!
  12. Are there only 8 CFL teams?
  13. Brian Urlacher....he mad

  14. Pass rush without Allen

    CJ had a great game. Had a sack+forced fumble and was around the QB all game.