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  1. He looks white and noodle armed AF.
  2. Super Bowl MEMES

    They're the reason we drafted Cam #1.  Thanks Matt and Jimmy!
  3. Brian Urlacher....he mad

  4. Pass rush without Allen

    CJ had a great game.  Had a sack+forced fumble and was around the QB all game.
  5. Cards fans are sooooo SALTY!!!

    Fu*k that guy!  Who the F wishes someone injures their body... in a GAME!
  6. AZ Twitter

    Bathing in their tears tonight. 
  7. TD: "My Arm's Broken"; Say's Gonna Play

    Makes the tackles he makes hurt worse for the Broncos.  Hard cast gonna bring the pain!
  8. I've been patient with this kid but I think it's time to ban him.
  9. Who is our X-factor tommorow

    Going with KK.  If he could do what he did to the most mobile QB in the game in Wilson, I feel like he can make twice the impact on Palmer which would immensely help our DB's.
  10. Official NFCCG Predictions Thread

    31-17 Carolina
  11. I love this guy....

    Crack kills.