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  1. Before we get all happy

    speaking of happy, I'm so happy my feet are barely touching the ground today! Go Panthers!
  2. Let This Soak In

    We haven't peaked yet, (that always happens in December). Let that sink in!
  3. GETTLEMAN freaking MAGIC!!

    Did we get to rest starters? I can't watch the game. Thanks 
  4. In the long run, it could be a good thing. We got to see it so now we can prepare for it. Hopefully, just another box checked off.
  5. Which is going to make you happier.... ?

    After both , I'll check back in with what felt better. Can't wait!
  6. Does being undefeated make you more nervous?

    Right now, I'm all: "Please just not these next two games" But after that, I will probably say the same thing about the next game. I literally looked at the schedule the other night and concluded if we have to lose a game, I hope it is in the regular season to Tampa Bay.  All other wins including the Bowl. That isn't asking too much, huh?
  7. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    So I figure about 99.9 % of all the females in a given stadium would go home with Cam Newton. The really young girls because he is so good with Kids; judging by all the kids wearing # 1 jerseys. The teenagers because he would be so cool to hang out with. And the older women because he is Elvis. (props to Zod)
  8. Nikon 70-200 2.8 .... Saying goodbye

    You, yeah you.  There is an amazon.com link in here somewhere. Briggs or Amazon, such a dilemma, or dilemna? You do great work.
  9. Thinking back to the draft...

    Yesterday, when Shaq crushed that guy, I had a wonderful thought. We get to add to this team with new draft picks and free agents next year.   So I guess looking back at last year's draft has me looking forward to next year's. 
  10. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    Over 50 guy here. I'm not going to complain about a guy who visits sick children in his spare time. Just not going to do it. Also, I saw a Titans dad in the stands with a "9" jersey sitting with his son who had a Panthers "1" jersey. Kids love Cam. He is enlisting an army of young followers. He must be doing  things right to garnish such adoration. I look forward to the day when I don't have to defend my QB, to other Panther fans. Cam is a great guy as demonstrated by his actions off the field. He smiles. He is having fun. Lets support him 100 percent.
  11. Spanish Radio Compilation

    I wish I had put more effort into my two years of Spanish classes. I still love hearing it though! I listened 3 times in a row.
  12. What Titans Fans Are Saying

    I was a BIG Titans fan last week! That's all I'm sayin.
  13. the gif that keeps on giving
  14. ignore preferences

  15. I usually hate all the visitor team posters but I like you and the addition you make to the huddle. I am new but have lurked since before the great server crash.