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  1. Cam's first interception yesterday.

    I'm not listening to anymore of Ron's interviews so I'll take your word for it. If he said this using hindsight, in public, to the media, it seems like a pussy move.
  2. Joe Webb Cut - Derek Anderson kept

    I guess I can stop worrying about Cam's shoulder...
  3. Great news!

    Good, I know I hate it when work interferes with my daily huddle time. The first thing I do when I get to work is fire up my laptop and check out the Captain Morgan practice tweets!
  4. Armah with a great block and followed it with a TD!!!
  5. If he makes a play, he follows it up with a bad play to cancel out the previous one.
  6. That was ugly. But like like every year, when our Dline gets to the QB we look competent again. I'm hoping they get in sync by regular season. They came out flat today and need to look into that. Maybe it's hard for them to get up with Cam and Luke in street clothes. It's still early enough to fix things. I ain't skeerd.
  7. Is this the Titans 2nd or 3rd string?
  8. Hey there - Introduce Yourself

    Welcome ! We picked up a lot of Auburn fans with the arrival of Cam, so you should feel right at home. Go Trojans! Yes, looking forward to the rebound season!
  9. Hey there - Introduce Yourself

    Welcome! You write English better than I do. It is great to have international fans. Keep Pounding!
  10. Hey there - Introduce Yourself

    Way back when I first came to the site. I was going to use Bluesman because of my love for Son House but chose something else because I didn't want to step on you. Also, another poster used a form of "bluesman" for his name. anyway, pie for the blues. or in your case: bluse.
  11. Panthers v Titans - Predictions for Saturday

    Cam starts and hands off three times before giving way to Anderson. Bold/silly prediction
  12. Hey there - Introduce Yourself

    ^^^ I have always wanted to say that^^^
  13. The Peace sign. and. the middle finger. to cover the whole sprectrum
  14. where is the bird? middle finger?