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  1. I'm hoping that no news is good news. I tend to think if he was trying to decide which new team to go to, that news would be out there. The Panthers have always been tight lipped about their stuff. So hopefully, Peppers and the Panthers already know what they are going to do and both are making plans with that knowledge. So, maybe if the team does not sign a rental replacement; we can expect him back. Well, it's what I hope anyway.
  2. I'm a man and I almost went into labor!
  3. I can't think of a good enough way to say how good that is...thank you for doing it.
  4. 1. You seem to have mastery of a wide range of subjects. 2. It looks like Luke envisioned that whole sequence before it happened. 3. It's disturbing to think what that panther is about to do to that beer mug he stole. That was most entertaining! Thanks for posting.
  5. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    Over 50 guy here. I'm not going to complain about a guy who visits sick children in his spare time. Just not going to do it. Also, I saw a Titans dad in the stands with a "9" jersey sitting with his son who had a Panthers "1" jersey. Kids love Cam. He is enlisting an army of young followers. He must be doing things right to garnish such adoration. I look forward to the day when I don't have to defend my QB, to other Panther fans. Cam is a great guy as demonstrated by his actions off the field. He smiles. He is having fun. Lets support him 100 percent.
  6. What Titans Fans Are Saying

    I was a BIG Titans fan last week! That's all I'm sayin.
  7. Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

    I predict a fishing trip will occur with Jared Allen and Brandon Wegher.
  8. I don't meet the criteria to win, and that's alright. I've told you before, this is one of my all time favorite photos of anything, anywhere.
  9. The segment where it was unanimous that the dolphins dominated the panthers both days of practice was very interesting. (disheartening)
  10. 2015 Training Camp Awards

    I was able to see the first two weeks of camp. (just a fan's perspective). I would just give Luke an honorary distinction, since he is kinda in a different world. I would then vote Josh Norman defensive, MVP.
  11. The Answer is on the Roster

    The sun came up this morning so there is hope.
  12. Rapsheet - Torn ACL for Kelvin Benjamin

    I agree with Max Henson. He had a great camp. I feel for the young man who obviously had put in the work. I think he was going to have a monster year. It is very sad. If our oline holds up, and we have a run game, we can still be a very good team. If one door closes, look for another to open. The Panthers can still win it.
  13. Left Tackle Daryl Williams?

    We will lose a lot of nasty with him not one the right side. If he is better than who we have on the left...well...
  14. Play of the Day - Kelvin Benjamin

    I watched Smitty out class our DBs for many years at training camp. KB, is doing the same thing this year. He impressed last year, but this year he truly is in a class of his own. Watch out!