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  1. Is Ron Rivera a good head coach?

    Since everyone has basically said RR is not a good head coach, my question is how many NFL head coaches are actually really good at what they do? Other than Belichick, Tomlinson, Mike McCarthy, and Pete Carroll how many really good NFL Head Coaches are there?
  2. So Palardy is not as bad as everyone has said he is.
  3. Has Newton been David Carr'd?

    Cam has never been a great pocket passer yet because of age, hits, injuries and etc he is being forced to be a pocket passer. I just don't think he's having any fun anymore.
  4. 2-0 baby! Woooo!

    Any win in the NFL is a good win
  5. I don't think it is overly surprising that Matt Kalil has not played well. His entire NFL career has been inconsistent. In fact, his rookie year was his best year and that was several years ago. Hopefully he figures it out and plays at least "average" going forward. The good news is the Panthers are 2-0.
  6. Joe Webb

    I think McDermott can hurt the Panthers more than Webb can.
  7. FB ALEX ARMAH clears waivers......

    I'm sure having three QBs on the roster has something to do with Anderson being about done, and they're trying to groom a new backup for the future. I actually thought Anderson was done last year.
  8. Palardy is 25. Lee is 35 and coming off of an injury that IR'd him last year. Anything is possible.
  9. Anytime the team has to rely on a 36-year-old to secure a very important position on the defense there is cause for concern.
  10. Joe P's Roster Projection

    Lee has been a great punter for 14-years. But he is 35 and coming off an injury in which he was IR'd. Do we know if he is fully healed?
  11. A Josh Norman holdout looming?

    Signing K.Short to a long-term deal is more important than signing J. Norman to a long-term deal. Josh had 1 very good season.....but he also plays on a consistently top ranked defense, and with some of the best LB's in the game (Luke & Thomas). He should get paid, but what he is reportedly expecting to be paid ($14M per year!) is greatly over-valued for what the Panthers will pay for a CB. I hope they trade him, and collect draft picks. Other than Chris Gamble (who was arguably the best Panther CB of all time), the Panthers have historically only had 'average CB's' on some of their best teams. With the right front 7, the Panthers have proven that a 'shut-down corner' is a luxury, but not needed to win.
  12. Panthers Trade for Jared Allen

    The Panthers definitely have a very 'seasoned' D-line now: Johnson 29, Allen 33, Edwards 34, and Cole 35.
  13. Final Panthers Cuts

    I think Amini gets cut. He has been often injured, and when healthy has been ineffective.
  14. Oher Struggling Early in Camp

    The good news is that 3 of the 5 o-line positions should be better than last year at this time, and Kalil should be equal to last year at Center. Remmers and Williams (RT) were not even on the team last year at this time, and Chandler was the starting RT. Amini was the starting LG , and Norwell was not starting yet. And Turner was a rookie and not the starting RG yet. I'm not surprised that Oher does not look like an all-pro LT because he never was. He is a stop-gap until the Panthers can draft a legitimate LT. I think he will be better than Bell just from the fact that the rest of the o-line is better than 1 year ago.
  15. What I saw out of Gettleman's quote: Remmers and Newell were just given a very big vote of confidence, and apparently they are the starting RT and LG going into training camp. Amini is not getting his job back at LG which means (with relief) they have finally figured out he is not really that good, and Newell is better. And that they think Remmers can start at RT.