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  1. Poor Jameis...

    What I saw, James puts "the touch" on most of his passes. That is something elusive to many. Unfortunately.
  2. "Let Obamacare Fail..."

    It's coming!
  3. "Let Obamacare Fail..."

    Dumb ass chicken spit Republicans will not even mention how many people will be with out health ins. it they just let omamycare run it's course.
  4. All those freacin years it took him to fire Fox. Anyway, "it is what it is".
  5. TicketMaster

    Needs a legitimate competitor!
  6. WaPo: The life and death of the Seth Rich conspiracy theory

    The more they try to cover this up, the more it stinks. I'd like to see them open up an investigation into the Scalia murder.
  7. Sealed Indictment granted against Trump

    Fake news.
  8. Can you tell me where?  I've been going to games there for 15 years

    At least somewhat familiar with Pantherville


  9. Couple of mine. From the little camera. I have about 200 more from the good camera, but have not gotten back the CD. The last one there Short was taking away that Falcons jersey. Could haved been a bet or possibly just bitch slapped hin and taken it away, the way the game went.
  10. Second half will be different. Took the D a while last week to start getting to the QB
  11. PP facing real problems now

    I thought you were a woman. Ha! Go figure.
  12. Nine Charts about Wealth Inequality in America

    Problem is, if you want to tax rich people down to our level, we will then be the rich people that need to be taxed down to the next level, and so forth and so on.
  13. North Carolina election law trial.

    Known cases. Also Proof that fraud does happen. I honestly do not want 1 mutter pucker to vote 1 more time per election than I am allowed. Fair enough?
  14. North Carolina election law trial.

    Don't know how this can be disproven. I know there were stories in the last election of real cases of voter fraud. If they caught only a few, there are many. The only proof here is that we need this law. Sad truth, there are people that feel if they can steal something, it is rightfully theirs. Thief is a thief.