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  1. As a black man, since all the black men needed to state as much, I cringe when people say #alllivesmatter, as it's then evident, that they have missed the point. Or they haven't and still say it anyway.  BLM isn't perfect. Perhaps they've put their passions above strategic planning. Theyre sloppy, inconsiderate, insensitive, arrogant and brash, but they're wholly necessary. 
  2. Notes and Memos - NFC Championship

    Dear Ryan Kalil, You're Superbowl prediction was only 3 years off.

    Beautiful, just beautiful
  4. I read Cam doesn't Cuss ?

    Lol he curses during press conferences....
  5. Finnegan and McClain

    Though we play the Cardinals WR, we also play Carson Palmer. He has tons of arm talent, but he can't extend plays like Magic Russ. 
  6. NFCC game pie... cum get you some

    The most impressive group on the field was our Offensive Line. Great job Uglies 
  7. NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    If Seattle were to go on to win the Superbowl, we would see that Broken play completion one over over til forever. We can't let that happen. We won't let that happen!
  8. Voth vs Fowler

    Not wanting to play Seattle doesn't mean we're scared of Seattle, it means theirs another team we simply match up better with.  This game is about matchups. We matchup Good with Seattle, we matchup Great with Greenbay, We match up even greater with Washington, so i perfer to play Washington. If it turns out to be seattle though, well lets lock and load.
  9. Green Bay vs Arizona Game Thread

    The only weakness of the Arizona's defense is perhaps covering the TE. GB doesn't have a TE that can win 1 on 1 against a LB or saftey. They blitz because they can cover. I don't think Ginn or Brown are going to be winning many matchups on the outside so we're going to need Olsen to have a big day.
  10. Defense has an achilles heel...

    We've never had a dominant defense this year, we've just had one dominant quality, creating turnovers. We lead the league by far. If we don't get turnovers in the playoffs then I will be concerned because that's what we've been depending on. Also we aren't holding teams to field goals lately, both Eli and Brees scored TD's in the redzone. Bend but don't break only works if you dont, y'know, break. Earlier in the year we debated about which defense was better, 2003 or this year...well, I'm leaning 2003.  BTW in case anyone thinks I'm too down on our D, I'm not. We're good, even great, I just thought that we had the chance to be elite, as in the best in the league.
  11. Tyrann Mathieu Tore his ACL last night

    Huge blow, wow.
  12. We won but

    Worried about the Pass rush. Didn't get to Brees. Got to Ryan, thought the pass rush was back, then remembered that the Falcons have the worse line in football. Didn't get to Manning.
  13. I think players sometimes forget that they're cameras everywhere on the field. The entire country witnessed his despicable behavior 
  14. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    We need to drive down and score. Force them to be one dimensional is key because it seems like they've been able to run on us.
  15. Being a young A.A., I can ensure everyone that this is nothing to be worried about. In hip hop culture, strip clubs are the new dance clubs. Most of the rap music nowadays have to come thru the strip club. Theyre no longer places just to see naked woman, they're social events. Most of the time they're more women there than guys. Rappers go to the strip club to perform like it's a concert venue.  Plus Cam is from Atlanta and if atlanta is known for anything its strip clubs BTW the way he was at Cameo, which is probably the most top shelf Strip club is charlotte. It wasn't some skanky hole in the wall lol