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  1. Stay Cool

    I'm starting to panic! 
  2. Wish he remembered his teammates but I'm sure those guys know what's up.  Nice to mention the fans.

    In less than two days our team could be Super Bowl Champions! Thomas Davis would have the ring he deserves. Kuechly and Cam would already have their rings to help solidify their young impressive careers. The great players who played through 2-14 getting the recognition! So many people to be happy 4. We are so close.  Charlotte, the city I was born and raised in, will be the home of the 2016 Super Bowl Champions! First pro championship ever!!!! 
  4. I grew up with this team

    Some dude at Trader Joe's tried to test my Fandom with a quiz at check out. He thought he was going to expose a bandwagon fan. He picked the wrong girl to mess with. 
  5. The lady on bleacher report mid day radio has pretty much the same opinion plus she thinks you can put any quarterback on our team and they will have as much success.  Yes she is a complete fool. She's hot though so they give her a microphone for several hours a day to talk sports. 
  6. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Listening to mile high radio, in general they don't have much respect respect for any aspect of our team but Cam. Most seem to think J Stew isn't much of a worry, nor our receivers. And they think their offense can handle our D and put up lots of points. 
  7. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Next time you see a celebrity out with a Hoodie over their head you should probably leave them alone. I'd leave them alone even if they werent trying to be incognito.  The world isn't all about you. Point the celeb to your kids and say isn't that cool we get to see them upclose.  then explain why it's rude to go ask them to give you attention and their time. 
  8. I'll say this playing in Denver is a HUGE advantage for the Broncos. I'm in very good cardio shape but found myself gasping for air just walking up the stairs quickly.  Can't tell me that doesn't play a role in their succcess. Home field advantage really helped them out. 
  9. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Um they should, it's their freaking job
  10. Panthers Pride Rally

    TD And Toldozer talked it was awesome! Tre Boston is a trip, stew was there as well as a norman and Dickson.  I thought it was great. Other than Roberts that was embarrassing 
  11. So this happened