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  1. Never been into guy on guy but those two might change my mind.
  2. Looks like a great day to go shopping :)
  3. Hating sports figures is ridiculous. Grow up
  4. Arian Foster?

    um yeah
  5. Arian Foster?

    He was on my fantasy team, when he is healthy he is the poo
  6. Might be Jobless

    Traffic is a bitch in CLT. I still hope to move to the Garden District uptown. Good schools and easy access to both our jobs.
  7. Trump vs. Hillary

    Yeah... i'm not serious in that desire just a way of saying I really like him.
  8. New to Star Trek

    I agree he was terrible. But I still liked DS9 for the most part.
  9. Got a relationship question...

    She's got the hook up. Either you're naive giving all that poo to her without clear commitment or you're trying to buy her love, either way, stop it.
  10. Trump vs. Hillary

    Wish we could just elect this guy again. I might not agree on everything he's done but fundamentally our values are the same as is shown in this speech over and over again.
  11. Panthers Release Boykin

    Where in the hell is this coming from? What does that have to do with anything I'm saying?! Did I bring all that into question? Did I criticize all of his moves and all of his strategies? note: Also having a vet to help these rookie cbs learn from is apart of thinking long term.
  12. Panthers Release Boykin

    My guess is they will be the first ones screaming for his head when the going gets tough. These fans are unreasonable. They are unreasonable when we are good and unreasonable when we aren't. Their highs are too high and their lows are too low.
  13. Panthers Release Boykin

    you're not even talking about the same event that I brought up.
  14. Panthers Release Boykin

    So when a random fan says anything critical they are blasted. This random fan thinks Gettleman has done a very good job in general and hopes his decisions work out. However I have a tendency to not shrug things off and have total faith in any one person or thing. The secondary has many reasons for concern and the moves have been bizarre. I'd be very surprised if the secondary isn't a problem this season.