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  1. Exactly. Like I said in another thread, We are fuged because the Republicans do NOT care about education. They are more concerned about turning this into "standing up to Obama".
  2. At least we are over people acting like Fox News doesn't = the right.
  3. New to Star Trek

    God I love Star Trek. Start with the old series. Then TNG and if you're liking it all go ahead and watch Deep Space 9 and Enterprise.
  4. He's 44 years old and has the same beliefs he did when he was a teenager. I guess he was hella lucky to be raised with every correct/true belief.
  5. So you're suggesting it bothers the dems but not you and the other republicans....
  6. Will HB2 ever get repealed?

    From what I understand it's not a threat it's the law. edit- Justice Department says it violates the Civil Rights Act and Title IX. If that's the case the state isn't meeting the requirements to get the money. That's how I understand it.
  7. Will HB2 ever get repealed?

    Lets hope the Republicans care about education....oh poo we are fuged!
  8. I knew him when we were younger. This would concern me. I think he ended up going to college for a while and never graduating. Yet he is a big deal now in Nascar. Goes to show how bull poo of an organization and "sport" it is.
  9. Did you not just admit to doing it from time to time? Who cares if it's a major jab, minor jab or anything in between? Its hypocritical if you are doing it at all. Wish there were more people who could just own it. :(
  10. Do you think his wife and 3 kids are praising his heroic efforts right now? It was stupid, if he somehow made it through, his wife would tell him that like 100 million times.
  11. God just wanted him to go through the process, so he can learn a lesson and come out the other side better off. :p
  12. So it's not lazy when you do it to millennials. Got it edit: it's so easy to say, "hmm...good point, I'm being hypocritical here I should change something". But instead you just shrug it off and stay inconsistent. :(