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  1. Talk to a doctor and get direction. If rewards and consequences do not work to influence behavior then why would hitting them do it? Studies show its not effective. Maybe it makes the parent feel better 4 various reasons but the outcome is negative. Edit: plus is that really the relationship you want with your kid? If you disappoint or disobey me i'm going to hit you.
  2. Will HB2 ever get repealed?

    Republicans "gotta keep NC straight". Unless there is a ruling, I don't see it going away soon.
  3. Remember when everyone lost their minds over Keuchly when we had Beason.
  4. Isn't he talking about the game in that quote?
  5. Were you spanked at a young age like 2,3 or 4? Cause that could have caused some of your problems. Even still just because a child is difficult doesn't mean you should hit them.
  6. If he was spanked then yeah it's very likely. (me too btw) And it's likely your kids will deal with stuff too.
  7. Trump vs. Hillary

    I said she is a hawk. Hopefully she is less so in office but I'm not get getting my hopes up. Yet 2 people are claiming that I think she is gonna be different. You guys are so quick to troll sometimes you don't process information for poo.
  8. Trump vs. Hillary

    Did you actually read what I said?
  9. Trump vs. Hillary

    This this this! I'll vote for Hilary, there are a lot of things I like about her but her foreign policy was my biggest concern and researching it hasn't made me feel any better. She's a hawk. Hopefully she's learned from her mistakes and be less hawkish but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  10. You do realize how poor of an argument all you said is.. right?
  11. Likely the case. Giving a childan opportunity to discuss their feelings and motivations from a young age, connecting with them instead of shutting them down helps nurturerespectful, thoughtful behavior. You know how frequently I see parents talk to their kids rudely and disrespectfully and then the parent get pissed that their kid does the sameto them. They are simplymimicking.