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  1. Who Are Your Top 10 Panthers on the Roster?

    1. Dylan 2. Dylan 3 Dylan 4. Dylan. 5 Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan Dylan. Because I spit hot fiyah.
  2. Obama kills...

    Surprised he didn't nominate him for the Supreme Court tbh.
  3. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    legit facebook post lastnight: "I like GoT when it was dragons and fightin and nice titties but then these fugin liberal writers shoehorned some retarded al gore tree faries in like a medieval ferngully. Protecting the earth from humans. fugin liberal agenda bullshit I'm done with this show."
  4. Trump vs. Hillary

    I think Islam needs a trump. MAKE TIKRIT GREAT AGAIN.
  5. Probably Good

  6. Women see many more unwanted dicks from "normal" bros on Tinder/Any dating website/Carolinahuddle/Pstall anyway.
  7. Much Ado?

    Also polling on topics like this is usually poo one way or the other. It's easy to create leading questions to get the response you desire. "Do you think the word redskin is offense?" vs "Do you think the term redskin is as offensive as the word ******?"
  8. Much Ado?

    g5's Indian name would be FartsFromMouth.
  9. Dem Party fractures

    lol @ Bernie being a party shill. He's not going to do or not do something because it would "hurt the cause."
  10. Own a piece of history

    Gonna have to murder another unarmed black teen to keep the lights on I guess. Thank you, heroic George Zimmerman.
  11. pstall is a very low energy poster, just terrible. I call him crazy peestall, because you know, he's not very good.
  12. John Miller

    "Isis is so very stupid. If ISIS were here right now, I'd look ISIS right in their fat, piggy eyes and say, "ISIS YOU'RE FIRED."
  13. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I'm guessing Dany and Jon get married and buttfug the Night's King and his army of dead bruhs.
  14. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    Daniel about to go all Season 2 Shane on some bruhs
  15. credit card problem

    Unless you were in PA recently, Tyrone probably bought your info from a hacker and made a fake credit card with it. Make sure you change your passwords and check your computer for malware.