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  1. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    No love for the chicken rice bowl here? That's an amazing lunch right there.
  2. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    drinking at 7:45AM?
  3. Hell, I don't care. I may be one of the only people in this thread who would be happy to go 9-7 and win the division. I'm not expecting that, I think we win 10 or 11, but sometimes the ball doesn't always bounce your way. It took the Falcons 44 years to get back to back winning seasons. The Bucs did it in 25 and the Saints in 22. If we can do it this year it will be our 22nd year as well, and that ought to give you an idea of how hard it is to sustain success in the NFL. And winning four consecutive NFCS titles isn't going to happen again anytime soon. I want to win every game, but I'm not going to crap on the team if we don't. I'm pretty proud of where they've gotten and confident in where they're going. And I really like the way we generally make FO look like idiots, so there's that too.
  4. There was an article a couple of years ago about the Panthers' philosophy regarding cornerbacks. It's akin to a crap shoot for most of them because of the way college offenses are. So, they're very high on physical ability and finding someone they think can be coached up. Worked out pretty well for Benwikere, and I think that the current FO has shown enough that they get the benefit of the doubt for these latest two. Anyone who's upset about Butler is still drunk from last night.
  5. Grade the Panthers Draft Haul Days 1 and 2.

    We have a solid roster with a couple of spots that could use improvement. Gettleman was in a position where he could swing for the fences, and he did so with all three picks. I'm in the "incomplete" crowd, but not unhappy at all.
  6. FA | Greg Hardy

    Hardy balled out in 2013, played one game in 2014, and in 2015 he was just ok for the Cowboys. It's been a while since he was the player a lot of people think he is. He started strong with the Cowboys in 2016, but basically became just another DE over the second half of the season. Hardy the person has always had character concerns around him, and has never seemed to learn from them. As a Cowboy he confronted and shoved a coach on the sidelines during a game and went all weird about Tom Brady's wife in an interview. In the locker room he missed meetings and was late to practice, and had at least four meetings with the head coach to address his conduct. If you think we can get 2013 Hardy back without all the drama and do it cheap, then I get why you would want to sign him. Personally, I think that guy is long gone and the knucklehead in him has taken over. I doubt he ever sniffs double digit sacks again, even if someone gives him a chance to. And also, I like our locker room and would prefer to not have the distraction.
  7. Ahhhh... It's always fun to get up on a Saturday morning, grab my first cup of coffee, and go read a drunken argument on the Huddle. :)
  8. We have two young corners that need grooming, and we're not done yet. He hasn't retired, and while he's in rehab he's pretty much said that it's "nothing" and given signs he may come back for another year. Do you think it's in the cards?
  9. Armanti Edwards....

    My reaction was curiosity, because I figured it would be news about him. I bear him no ill will it all, and I don't understand those that do. Was he supposed to say, "No! Don't draft me!"?
  10. It doesn't matter how good or bad Quinn is. As long as Dimitroff is calling the shots on draft-day, the Falcons aren't going to be a threat.
  11. Plain vs Peanut M&Ms

    Peanut M&Ms are far more substantial, and a much better snack. If you do regular M&Ms, you may as well get a hershey's bar and skip the candy shell. Dark chocolate peanut M&Ms are health food, and should be a part of every diet.
  12. He knows all the WR positions, has good hands, and does whatever the coaches want. If he was a little faster he would be a starter wherever he went. As it is, he will probably get cut and bounce around the league until he lands on a team that loves possession receivers who don't mind taking hard shots over the middle. Maybe New England or a team like that.
  13. Can anyone else see Manziel landing in New Orleans and sitting behind Brees for a few years? I'm sure he and Peyton would be great together on Bourbon St...
  14. RG3 in Carolina?

    Thoughts like this are part of the reason Casserly is a former GM.