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  1. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    We've got some great scouts.  And back to back GMs that listen to them.
  2. Where is SCP ?

    Why does this question get asked every week?  He's inevitable at this point.
  3. Another key here is that they start Nick Hayden and THE Tyrone Crawford, two crappy DTs who can't stop the run to save their life.  Hardy is good, but on the other edge you have Demarus Lawrence, who weighs in at something like 250 pounds.  If their linebackers don't have career days, then we're either going to run all over them or have single coverage everywhere.   That makes for some long, sustained drives, which means that by the end of the game our guys are going to be fresh.  If Romo is in obvious passing downs, it's going to look like it did against Washington. Get some popcorn--this is going to be fun to watch.
  4. Cam is getting better every week, and this is no exception.  Defense plays lights out, Panthers win in a yawner, 31-14.
  5. Rank our remaining games from toughest to softest

    At Giants (Eli magic) At Cowboys (Romo juju) At Atlanta (Revenge for last year) Tampa Bay (They want to play spoiler) At New Orleans (Payton is already fielding calls from Indy) Atlanta (Carolina's "feel-good" game of the year)
  6. You didn't see them holding the Redskins to 12 yards rushing?  Obvious striped-shirt bias there...
  7. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    I went to State and Wake Forest, and hate Carolina.  I made the thread, so yes.
  8. TBH, there are a disturbing amount of Cowboys fans that sound reasonable and who think we're going to win.  Not like the last two weeks at all.
  9. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    Not a fit in their system, I guess.   What are the chances he gets a shot in Carolina?  If he does, what are the chances he chooses us?  I'm sure the suiters will be lining up.
  10. Panthers have two opponents this week.

    The key to the game will be our D-Line vs. their O-Line, not any referee favoritism.  Particularly this year on a national stage, where they will be under a microscope.   Besides, if there was favoritism, you think Hardy would get a single call?
  11. Kirk Cousins, boy singer

    We just can't lose to this...
  12. Roll Call for Sunday Skins game

    I'll be there
  13. Walked right into that one...
  14. On the one hand, I have Dick LeBeau and Ray Horton running the Titan's defense, while on the other, there's the immortal Joe Barry in Washington.  The Titans also have a little more talent on the defensive side in general. I'm not worried about the Redskins blitzing at all.  Most of the time you beat the blitz with a quick throw.  We have a QB who can beat it with his legs as well.  
  15. Titans Mom Responds Back to our Swag QB

    I heard her latest letter ended, "Now will you people PLEASE stop tweeting me?"