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  1. Armanti Edwards....

    My reaction was curiosity, because I figured it would be news about him. I bear him no ill will it all, and I don't understand those that do. Was he supposed to say, "No! Don't draftme!"?
  2. It doesn't matter how good or bad Quinn is. As long as Dimitroff is calling the shots on draft-day, the Falcons aren't going to be a threat.
  3. Plain vs Peanut M&Ms

    Peanut M&Ms are far more substantial, and a much better snack. If you do regular M&Ms, you may as well get a hershey's bar and skip the candy shell. Dark chocolate peanut M&Ms are health food, and should be a part of every diet.
  4. He knows all the WR positions, has good hands, and does whatever the coaches want. If he was a little faster he would be a starter wherever he went. As it is, he will probably get cut and bounce around the league until he lands on a team that loves possession receivers who don't mind taking hard shots over the middle. Maybe New England or a team like that.
  5. Can anyone else see Manziel landingin New Orleans and sitting behind Brees for a few years? I'm sure he and Peyton would be great together on Bourbon St...
  6. RG3 in Carolina?

    Thoughts like this are part of the reason Casserly is aformerGM.
  7. Marty Hurney

    How do you really judge a GM in a vacuum anyway? A GM oversees all football operations, which isn't really a visible thing to the fans, hires the coaching staff, and assembles the roster through various means. Once the roster is assembled, it's up to the coaches to make the most of it. And that's what the fans see, and how they ultimately judge the GM. So when you judge Hurney, you should judge Hurney/Fox, then Hurney/Rivera. And given the lockout, there might be an asterisk about Hurney/Richardson. Consider this--if we had gone 14-2 instead of 2-14 in 2010, no one would have said a word about Hurney's contracts. But obviously we lacked a lot of talent, and the contracts were a big reason for that. And that's why everyone says he sucks. There have always been complaints about his later round drafting, but he hit about as much as most teams did based on playing time (which also ties into whether the coaching staff agrees with the GM on who should get time on the field). In that context, consider that Hurney took over a 1-15 team with John Fox, and in two seasons had taken a team that dreamed of just being relevant to the Super Bowl. Two seasons later the team may have been even better, although they lost the conference finals. And then a few seasons after that we had a great roster but the QB and coaching staff poo the bed in the playoffs. That was Hurney/Fox. 2009/2010 was really more Hurney/Richardson as he obviously went into panic mode over Peppers with the Brown thing (which a lot of people cheered at the time)and overpaid our players to retain them. Fox was an afterthought in the decision making process and on his way out. This is the period that most people judge Hurney's entire body of work from, and he made some stupid decisions here, no doubt. Hurney/Rivera just never clicked, but give him a little credit for hiring a guy who's gotten coach of the year twice. It's pretty clear that he didn't assemble the type of roster that Rivera can be successful with, but he sure got some good pieces in place. We're pretty spoiled by just how good Gettleman/Rivera have been that we take for granted how hard it can be to get an effective combo in place, and probably penalize Hurney more than he deserves. As far as Cam, Luke, and all the other pieces of the puzzle, I have never understood why no one gives the scouting staff more credit. Cam was interviewed by Richardson before the draft for crying out loud. This was not a 100% Hurney decision, any more than Gettleman makes all his decisions in a vacuum. That's just not our culture. If you were a fan in 1999-2000, then you probably realize that from 2002-2008 Hurney did a pretty good job compared to most other GMs around the NFL. Getting a roster from 1-15 to the Super Bowl is a real feat, and enough of one that I guarantee you another franchise would give him a shot at a GM job if he was looking--just look at how theRyan brothers keepgetting hired if you want a frame of reference. He's repeatedly said it's not what he wants, and I'm pretty sure me made enough during his tenure that he doesn't have to work. Bottom line is, he was pretty good with Fox early on, but once we got used to the success they teased us with, things went south. Fox wore out his welcome and Hurney never clicked with anyone else again. So he's gone. He wasn't great, he didn't suck, and he did some good things along with all the bad contracts that everyone focuses on. And he's been gone for three years now. Can we let it go now?
  8. Marty Hurney

    I think there should be no question about who the Panthers would have taken had it still been a Fox/Hurney show. Miller would have been the pick and no one would have even blinked.
  9. Marty Hurney

    Breaking news?
  10. I stopped watching basketball entirely when Shinn moved the Hornets to New Orleans
  11. The locker room is a cliche
  12. Oher: To Extend His Contract or Not?

    29 year old LT who isn't likely going to get any better, but who plays well enough to be trusted. Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of years added to his contract.
  13. Coples visiting, taking physical

    Charles Johnson is freaking 29 years old, that's prime. He was hurt in week 3 last year, and took a while to return to form--it's not him getting old. I will be surprised if he's not back to form next season. Coples is going to be quality depth for us at the very least. With a healthy Johnson and Ealy in his third year, we're looking pretty good on the line.
  14. Saints could be tabbed for Hard Knocks

    Please let this happen. Just please...