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  1. Cyberjag added a post in a topic I'm glad the Kraken is gone   

    You know, Hardy's a knucklehead, and is going to say some knucklehead things.  We have other knuckleheads on our roster right now too, I'm certain of that.
    We also have some really good leadership in our locker room that helps keep knuckleheadedness contained.  Case in point with Hardy, he tweeted his speedometer going 120, and Smitty tweeted right back his going under the speed limit.  Do you really think that exchange ended on twitter?  No way...  
    And that's not about Smitty--he's gone anyway.  It's about the culture in our locker room, currently led by guys like Thomas Davis.  Dallas is a circus, and that's why Hardy is going to probably embarrass himself out of the league in the next few years.
    I wish he was still here.  For both our sakes and his.
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  2. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Part of Gettleman's MO   

    Totally agree with that statement.  In the first he was money, in later rounds he was almost exactly average.  There's no doubt that Gettleman is looking like a genius with his strategy, but because of the first round hits Hurney was an above average drafter overall as a GM.  Note that I'm not taking stupid draft day trades into account here, what I'm really speaking to is the decisions he made based on the work his scouts did. :)
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  3. Cyberjag added a post in a topic How do you guys feel when an announcer says insert fan base here travels well?   

    I feel pretty good about it when the game is being played in the Georgia Dome.  
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  4. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Part of Gettleman's MO   

    Actually, Gettleman has praised our scouting staff and did not replace them.  Most have been around for years (Director of College Scouting Don Gregory was hired in 2006, for example).  One thing Gettleman DID do was change scouting services from National Scouting Services to BLESTO in 2014.  Those guys are the ones who winnow down the thousands of potential draft picks to the smaller pool that team scouts actually look at.
    The reason we've enjoyed our stability in scouting is that our guys are plain good.  You can knock on Hurney all you want, but his mistakes in the draft were generally around either trading away picks or drafting for need.  There were times when he did something that would make you scratch your head, like picking Ryan Kalil, but overall the selections he DID make were pretty good--and that's because of the quality of the draft board these guys help put together.
    So no, Gettleman didn't fire any of the scouts.  Rather, he's praised them and made them look even more effective in their jobs by employing a strict BPA philosophy and emphasizing areas that have resulted in a pretty freaking talented team.  Those guys have been good for us for years.
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  5. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Spanish Radio Call of Ed Dickson Touchdown   

    I love those guys. :)
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  6. Cyberjag added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Just a friendly reminder about Luke
    Consider this a sort of a feel-good stat of the day, if you will. 
    When Luke was a rookie, Jon Beason was in the middle and calling the plays for the first four games.  Then Beason got hurt, and Luke took over.
    In our first four games that year, we allowed 27ppg, with 394 total yards (259 passing, 135 rushing), and forced 1.5 turnovers.  In our last 12 games, with Luke in the middle, those numbers improved to 21 ppg, with 313 total yards (211 and 102), and 2 turnovers per game.  
    Please note that Beason was no slouch, and Keuchly was on the field for those first four games too, he just wasn't calling plays.  Klein's no slouch either, but it's easy to forget just what an impact our defensive leader really has.  And we're almost certainly going to have him back for Seattle.
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  7. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Natural talent or a flash in the pan?   

    I think the correct answer is that there IS a lot of natural talent, but he's still got to refine his technique because now that opposing O-Lines can study him, he will quickly start looking like just another guy.  And that's something that Allen is going to be huge for.
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  8. Cyberjag added a post in a topic It's a Trap!   

    It would not surprise me to lose this game and go on to win our next two.  I think that if Tampa Bay had quality veteran leadership and a recent culture of winning they would be very scary.  Even without that, they're plenty talented and probably happy to be back home.
    Really wish we had Luke back for this one.  Can't afford another outing like we had against the Saints.
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  9. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Texans Blog Praises Panthers   

    A lot of credit should go to our scouts, who have served both Hurney and Gettleman.  Yes, he made stupid choices around contracts at the end, but for nearly his entire tenure Hurney was an above average drafter.  And now Gettleman looks like a freaking genius--he never did this well in NY.  A TON of credit for both of their successes should go to the anonymous guys that scour the college and pro landscapes for talent.
    I also think that JR has a good hand in the defense-first philosophy that makes us all crazy because of guys like Shula, but which also lends a lot of consistency to our franchise.  
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  10. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Let's talk about Tampa some...   

    Maybe not as much as you think...
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  11. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Short passes   

    If I told you on Saturday that McCown was going to complete 31 out of 38 passes with 8.2 YPA, would you have predicted a loss?  Most starting QBs don't do that well, let along backups.  McCown's also way way way more mobile than Brees, and he really used that to his advantage Sunday.  Bottom line is, we had no film on him, and he got in a zone quickly and stayed there.  It won't happen again.
    Next week we face famous Jameis, and he's got some film to study.  Hopefully we get Keuchly back too.  I expect that yesterday will be used as a wake-up call by our defense, and they're going to bring the pain to the rookie on Sunday.
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  12. Cyberjag added a post in a topic After the bye...predictions on the upcoming storm   

    I'm worried about next week, TBH.  Although I'm really hoping that yesterday was a wake-up call, the defense didn't pressure McCown and Tampa Bay has much better receivers than New Orleans.  Hell, they're just a better team.  And they will be playing at home.
    ASSUMING we get out of there with a win, we could split the next four and I would be plenty happy.  If we do that, we're winning 12 again.  If we don't, I could honestly see us tanking and ending up clawing our way out of a 3-5 hole to finish 8-8 or 9-7.  We really need to take care of business down there before we start talking about the Seahawks, Eagles, Colts, and Packers.
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  13. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Bulletin Board Material: 2-0? ESPN is not buying it   

    We're going to be mediocre until Week 16, when we complete our sweep of the NFC South.  Then we will be considered fortunate to play in a bad division.  I've seen how this works before...
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  14. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Resiliency of Philly Brown, fellow Panthers receivers spreads to team   

    I have to say, I think Philly Shula didn't actually suck last Sunday.  For the first time in a long time, he surprised me with his play calling.  Mike Shula is a nice young man, but Philly Shula can get the ball in the end zone.
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  15. Cyberjag added a post in a topic What are the chances we get a "pretty" win on Sunday?   

    If we play well, the entire game is going to look like the third quarter against the Jags.  Our defense will harass the hell out of Brees, and our offense will march slowly and methodically down the field.  I expect us to shoot ourselves in the foot a few times with penalties, and there's no way we pitch a shut-out, but a 20-14 or a 27-14 score with 200+ yards rushing just feels about right against these guys.
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