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  1. celling

    UNC Academic Scandal

    Wow. This level of arrogance is why fans of other teams (especially Duke and State) have a deep seated hatred for UNC and their fans. Let's put this straight. Duke, UNC, and State are very good universities. Each school does something better than the other universities. If anyone gets a degree from these universities, they should be proud of it. Putting down the other universities doesn't make you superior, it makes you sound like a little child. As for athletics, make no mistake about it, State got decimated by the NCAA and they haven't yet recovered. Their fans have a right to be more than a little irritated. They were found guilty of players selling their shoes and tickets and the NCAA slapped them with a LOIC. Now, UNC has been suspected (not convicted or proven) of substantially more serious violations. The NCAA has so far not even ivestigated the matter. It does look from an outsiders prospective that there is a double standard. A rational UNC fan would say that I've looked at the claims that have been made against UNC and while there is reason for suspicion, I haven't seen enough to sway me against the university that I love. However, if they do turn out to be true, I will retract my opinion and accept the punishment that we are given. Why don't UNC fans start changing the general outside prospective that they are a bunch of entitled, arrogant *ssholes and show some humility for once.
  2. celling

    UNC Academic Scandal

    The initial NCAA investigation was into the football team and its links to runners/ agents. The paper classes issue didn't come out until after the NCAA had punished UNC. UNC claimed it was an academic issue, not an athletic issue and the NCAA agreed. Therefore, there was no reason to go back to Chapel Hill and go over the transcripts of the players to see if there was an eligibility issues. UNC has not been investigated or punished, by the NCAA, for any of the fraudulent classes.
  3. celling

    UNC Academic Scandal

    You're right. The article does say that He was going to be ineligible even with the fraudulent classes before he went to summer school. However, The transcripts allow you to calculate that his GPA was too low to be eligible if the fraudulent classes are thrown out. That's the dagger.
  4. celling

    UNC Academic Scandal

    Yesterday I would have said it is unlikely. MW and Tarnished Heels are both suspicious but I didn't think it was enough for the NCAA to come back. However today is a different story all together. With a former Heel coming forward, completely ignoring his credibility, and ESPN making it a big story, they are going to look very suspicious if they don't come back to Chapel Hill.
  5. celling

    UNC Academic Scandal

    The transcripts prove that McCants was playing while he was academically ineligible. Thus, all of the wins/ championships would be voided. The other problem is that the NCAA now has pie in its face. ESPN has been pretty much staying out of the academic fraud story until now. With ESPN taking the lead on the story this could start to snowball.
  6. celling

    UNC Academic Scandal

    I can understand UNC fans arguing McCants credibility. There probably is a financial/ revenge motive for his actions. However, his accusations sound very similar to the previous accusations of MW and those accusations in "Tarnished Heels". The thing that should be scaring every UNC fan sh*tless is the fact that OTL has copies of his transcripts that are backing up his accusations and showing that he would be ineligible without these fraudulent classes. The transcripts are not official, unfortunately, because UNC has refused to give him a copy of his official transcript because he still has "university property". This is a huge red-flag and makes UNC look pretty suspicious.