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  1. Mike Shula's EGO

    You're taking me the wrong way, I've loved Shula this season and kept quiet when we struggled. But it is impossible to deny that a large part of our offensive success this season has been due to Cam being able to check more at the line and choose, and if you know football it was clear that wasn't happening often at all Sunday. Do I think it's the only reason we lost? Even the largest reason? No. Do I think we should fire him? Of course not. I however cannot and will not say it wasn't a contributor and that I'm very disappointed in what he chose to do. I am not a Shula "hater".
  2. Mike Shula's EGO

    has to be larger than Cams ever has been. His ego couldn't admit that Cam runs the offense better than he ever has and is the reason control was taken away from him last night. What logical reason other than mine could there be... I would love to hear it
  3. "We're Going To Stay Together As A Team"

    Hope we can keep the important and morale increasing pieces we've put together plus add a few new ones. Keep Pounding guys.
  4. Bayless and Stephen A on Mike Shula

    It doesn't seem to me like Denver has a "Kuechly type player" on their side of the defense. So it's literally the exact opposite of smart to not let Cam make as many checks at the line to get them off their spot? Am I right? Like how could Mike not notice that.
  5. Literally nobody cares. poo post, and you're a loser for even taking the time to type it. And the fact that you put more into watching football than a relationship in the first place makes you kind of weird and sad.
  6. Stay Cool

  7. Who is this year's surprise star in the sb

    Mike Tolbert with both a receiving and rushing touchdown.
  8. Anyone Buy One of Our Nike KO Hoodies?

    Bought the KO Love it. High quality, warm and cofmy.
  9. Vindication for Kony Ealy

    R-ealy guys? It's way to ealy in the morning for puns.
  10. Dear Ron... I knows you's got sometin special for Palmer....

    Le hype is too real. Hope I can sleep tonight.
  11. Historical QB Matchup

    Just goes to show how little college accolades mean. Cam will show who's success transitioned more prevalently if he hasn't already.
  12. ICYWW, Tre Boston's Dance...

    Panthers DJ gets troll of the year award or?
  13. Did Luke lose his mind?

    Yeah pretty sure Finnegan bit onto a lower drag like route when he was supposed to hook out and luckily Luke was there to fix it, he clearly pointed to him and said get out of the game.
  14. Destiny!

    Good post. Will read again.