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  1. If he did say this he’s an idiot. Cam literally dropped two dimes into the end zone last night and played his ass off.
  2. Not excited about the Playoffs what so ever.
  3. *Pulls pin, lobs grenade*

    Is this real
  4. Aaron Rodgers may not play after all

    Oh my bad this guy knows him personally.
  5. The only truly pertinent question. Edit: Which was answered. Close her down.
  6. The same balls that are just small enough to know about Constanzas high note theory. I'm out!
  7. She's made to be over the top fuging androgynous which is annoying. Her name is scout which is annoying. She sits in trees which is annoying. Her haircut is annoying.
  8. Lets get this saucy W today
  9. This is true, he's kind of dumb tbh
  10. Yeah and Pep left a year or so later in large part because of the bullshit like that. Good job.