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  1. Apple shoudn't be passed over because he can't cook, he should be passed over because he's afraid of contact, and is a horrific tackler. He's lucky he can cover because he has some serious parts of his game to improve if he's going to be successful in the NFL.
  2. Post-Norman compensatory pick outlook

    Which is also why we haven't signed a vet to fill the position and won't until after May 12th. We must ensure we receive that comp pick as it's basically trading Norman to the Skins for a 3rd. We may even for all we know have an agreement in principle with someone like Cromartie but won't make it official until after the 12th.
  3. Josh's response to the AP

    Funny the guy who joined last year calling me a "Newb" lol, ive been a member of this site since it was Panthers huddle in 2003, when you were in your dads balls. I have Panthers jerseys older than you. Because people on this board have a life and don't post 1000 times a day like you, doesn't make someone a "newb". Says the guy who joined last year a damn bandwagonerlol.
  4. If you have watched the Panthers since it all began in 95' like I have, think about how special Josh Norman was. The Panthers never had a CB put up remotely close to the season he put up. The closest a CB in our franchise history ever came to Josh's level of dominance might be Ricky Manning and it was for two games lol. Watching him last year was amazing, knowing whoever came onto the field was getting shut down, all the way up to the SB when he shut down DT. A shut down CB like Norman is not easy to replicate, that's why we've never had one in our franchise history. Sucks we only got to enjoy in for a year and a half..Best CB in franchise history shown the door in a year we are Super Bowl favorites and can afford him, makes sense.
  5. Josh's response to the AP

    Do u think I post looking for pies? Lmfao. You can go on sucking off Getts like a homer all day. Step back and look at things realistically one day it will serve u better. While Gettleman in my opinion is one of the best GMs in this league, and he def know more about football then u or I, don't act like he hasent made bad moves in his tenure here. Our patchwork secondary almost cost Ron his job just two years ago. That wasn't Hurneys doing. It wasn't until Norman, Bene and Boston started balling when we all but gave up on the season that the defense turned around and we snuck into the playoffs with a winning streak. Did I say the Panthers would be a bad team this year? Not in the slightest, no one player except Cam can spoil our season. But it doesn't make losing your top CB, an All Pro, a homegrown player who we have watched grow into a superstarin a potential Super Bowl season get shown the door...Especially now when the money won't even be allocated elsewhere. You calling him a headache is laughable, Gettleman didn't even negotiate with his agent.
  6. Josh's response to the AP

    You don't jettison your best CB in a year where you are legit Super Bowl favorites. Especially when that money will now go unspent anyway, and we are not going to replace him with anyone remotely close in talent. Love Getts, but this move is absolutely baffling, I hope he has something better in mind. I don't want to hear this BS about signing Star and KK now, that could have been done regardless..While he has not let us down with his shrewed moves yet, this will blow up in Getts face unless we bring in some CB talent ASAP
  7. CB and Center, and LT are probably our most pressing upcomingneeds. Kalil will be gone next year and that is a huge hole to fill. Fortunately this is a very strong draft class for Centers and i wouldn't even rule out Ryan Kelly at 30. I wouldn't be upset with that pick at all and im surprised he's not mocked to us more often. As far as trading up in the second round from pick 31, that's going to cost us big, how far up do you honestly think we can get up too without giving all of our draft picks plus picks next years picks?
  8. Carolina Panthers will target offense in round one

    If we are going to target one of the Henry's, i can see Hunter being the guy. Gettleman has said many times he worries about replacements in the event of injury. That's what led him to move up for Funch last year. The same can absolutely be said for Olsen. If would not be happy aboutD.Henry being the pick. He has a chance to be a good, intimidating player, (or he could bust out like most Alabama RBs) but i feel that there are other prospects who would be of better value in the first if they reach us. Those include Ryan Kelly (Kalil's replacement next year), Von Bell (Ballhawk who could immediately come in and play at SS), Ogbah or Dodd (both can be solid DE additions to replace CJ next year), William Jackson (we have a big CB hole)or the previously discussed Sua Cravens. Cravens especiallywho in addition to Shaq wouldgivethe Panthers one of the most diverse defensive units in the league, with two players who can move around all over the place attacking the QB off the edge, guarding the run, and being excellent in coverage. I would be thrilled with any of the players i mentioned, including TE Henry, but not a first round RB.
  9. It's not if, its when will Daryl take the job he just a better athlete. Remmers will have every opportunity to keep the position and even has a leg up as the incumbent, but you can very well bet the FO is gonna be watching closely in camp. Daryl was on pace to start before he got injured from what i remember. May the best man win, i'm happy to have them both honestly.
  10. I like Ogbah a lot. Guy is physical, him and Ealy would be scary. Dodd would be a good pick also.
  11. Is it Imperative that we get a day-1 starter this draft?

    A Day one starter if it matches up with BPA in this draft will come at either DE with a high pick rotating in, or SS (If he beats out Boston). There are no other available positions available. But...Next year you will have an open DE spot that CJ will vacate, an open LT spot Oher may vacate, and open CB slot that Norman may vacate, and an open C spot that Kalil may vacate. Hopefully BPA matches up with need for those 4 future positions and we get replacement studs. DE, LT, C, and CB are the most pressing needs we have..certainly not WRor RT (Williams)
  12. Official NFL Free Agency Thread

    I would be happy if we were able to bring back both Love and Amini, they are great depth to have on both lines. I thought Amini played well last year when forced into the lineup.
  13. Official NFL Free Agency Thread

    I'm very surprised we have not brought in a vet CB. I've said before I feel like it's the weakest area on the team as far as depth. Especially since Bene is coming off injury. Is Getts that high on Lou Young? I'm sure most teams are evaluating the draft at this point becauseit feels like FA has slowed to a crawl. Still some highly affordable talent to be had to supplement some of our losses. Unless Gettleman is playing the comp pick game.
  14. If Shawn Michaels was in the ring also it indeed would be the GOATS in my opinion. I can't get into wrestling anymore like I could growing up, but the WWF Attitude days with Austin and Michaels (DX) were awesome.
  15. Official NFL Free Agency Thread

    Not that I'm complaining and I trust Gettleman completely, but this feels like the slowest FA period I've ever experienced with the Panthers. We literally aren't interested in anyone it seems. Unless Getts surprises us and just has a flurry of moves up his sleeve like Belicheck..we have been linked to two DTs, one who retired, one signed and that's it. Obviously I'm talking outside help, I don't count CJ although it was a great signing.