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  1. Caption these Cardinals fans...

  2. Good article on Gettleman

    He set a standard that had not existed previously.  Performance > All Things
  3. and that is why Shula should never take a HC job.  
  5. Did Luke lose his mind?

    Why not? You have a job, go do that job or GTFO so someone can.
  6. What Giants Fans Are Saying

    Pie only for JLAW
  7. Remember Hurney drafted a ton of these players, while his contracts were terrible he killed it draft wise.   Gettleman has taken that to some next level poo tho, not only has he crushed draft day (it appears) he is establishing a long term fiscal plan vs Hurney's season to season approach.
  8. You mean last year? about week 6?
  9. Fallout 4

    I enjoy this game to much.
  10. Titans Mom Responds Back to our Swag QB

    "Auburn helps pay my bills, please take me out of the spotlight for my butthurt letter that should have never made the paper in the first place"
  11. This and not countering the "fug it send 9" blitzes that led to so many of the sacks sooner.  
  12. We Could Have Afforded the Kraken

    While I normally am all for giving people chances...I have to agree with the above.  Hardy may be out of the league if he keeps up his past years worth of antics. 
  13. Id rather read this than PK