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  1. No, if they cover the team, they have all the answers.
  2. Fairly routine pull, would like to see him finish stronger. But not horrible.
  3. Norv’s NFL offense will help mitigate things.
  4. Most wideouts of that size don’t create Antonio Brown-type separation. We can agree that’s not his strength. Julio Jones is elite in this regard—but it’s a short list. The value prop for a 1-for-1 trade doesn’t strike me as prudent. But, you never know.
  5. Funchess was among the top-tier of wideout in 2017, in terms of contested rec rate. For what he provides, situationally, I’d prefer not losing that production.
  6. I’d add that a large percentage of people who consume this content are doing so primarily—if not exclusively—for precisely this brand of drama. They eat it, and the suppliers keep it coming. It’s one of the more unfortunate elements of the evolution (or decline) of modern day sports media.
  7. When my children lash out and seek attention, I find it productive to calmly move things along and let them work through their emotions. Child = Kelvin Parents = media, fans
  8. je1005

    Well, do we need a back up QB?

    I do like #6. Those first pair of passes were awful, but that was a very solid drive.
  9. The back seven really needs some basic communication work.
  10. je1005

    Well, do we need a back up QB?

    It’s never been in question.
  11. je1005

    Is Seymour that awful?

    Yes, Jeremy. Seymour is that awful.