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  1. Wharton and Moton

    sure. why not.
  2. Mock Draft Charley Casserly

    I have plenty of value to add. Just pointing out how much of a waste of time mock drafts are. But, ok. Your thread. Own it.
  3. Jerry wasn’t being a racist there. He was being an old dude who played with Johnny Unitas in the 50’s.
  4. Panthers haven’t been as inept as most would have you believe. At least since 2003, on the whole. Particularly since 2011. Rivera gets a lot of crap here, though.
  5. Dave Gettleman knows how to fluff that cap.
  6. Would have been awesome had Jon Richardson not died, and Mark Richardson not pissed his daddy off. That was a sustainable succession plan. Yea, like 20 years ago.
  7. Since we don’t know what the track record was, isn’t it fair to admonish him for all that’s been reported, but nothing more than that? Or should we assume there’s a mountain of other demons beyond the SI report? I’m inclined to lean more on the conservative side here. Actually, you know what? I don’t even care. Torch the old man.
  8. What Jerry has been accused of doing would have never qualified for this kind of $hitstorm a decade ago. But he’s been a horny old rich man for a while now. It was a perfect storm, and of course, it was the Panthers. Just one more thing. Used to it by now.
  9. Steve Reed’s usually right sometimes.