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  1. I did not hate him @ Auburn till the scandal - felt it was BS and NCAA turned the other cheek with him because of the success and great story lines and $ they made off of him and his name/personality - therefore, in the end...NCAA made a s hit ton more on him that he ever did on them, so good for him. As for the draft...hated the pick and immediately thought he was gonna be a failure...felt he didn't have the intelligence and because of the lengthy NFL playbook...he had all but no chance. But I was 100% completely wrong and embrace him as our QB. I have no issues admitting when I'm wrong, but this was my 2 cents...wouldn't have any other QB in my huddle as we do here in Charlotte. Everyone loves them some Cam...he does, we do and I DO AS WELL! GO PANTHERS!
  2. Roaring Riot Events in San Fran

    It's PURRfect! We've changed out plans already since then and we're staying Fr, Sat and Sun @ the Sheraton-Fisherman's Wharf and figure...we don't end up getting tickets, we can just come down to the Yard...if we do, we can just pay for one of those roundtrip charters that are affordable...Still need 2 tickets. On Monday AFTER the SB win, we'll go down to San Jose then where we'll just stay overnight and then fly out Tues afternoon. So excited for this trip and get this W! GO PANTHERS!
  3. Roaring Riot Events in San Fran

    My wife and I are making the trip and we have no tickets, nor hotels yet - we just have flights. If the game is down basically in San Jose...I'm not sure I wanna be all the way up in SF during the game if we do not get tickets...that's a haul. We're planning on Fri/Sat in SF, then Sun/Mon in San Jose/Santa Clara area as we're flying back out of San Jose on Tues. GO PANTHERS! Let me know if you come across any tickets.