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  1. Cam apologizes

    Agreed. As a professional in media/public relations, I have to be careful what I say on social media about anyone who covers us or the outlets, etc., so I would expect the reverse to be true.
  2. Cam apologizes

    Oh ... well, that's a different story. Wow.
  3. Cam apologizes

    I think her tweets were from several years ago - but I could be wrong. As I understand it, she's been covering the Panthers only for a year or so. And to be clear ... I'm not trying to give her a pass. I think racist comments/thoughts are despicable, and perhaps The Observer should have vetted her social media before they hired her. I don't know the context, of course.
  4. Cam apologizes

    This seemed sincere and not coached. It does take a big person to recognize their mistakes and apologize. Yes, maybe the negative reaction and especially the loss of sponsors may have played a role in the apology, but I think he may have learned something. Good for him. I am a big believer in redemption.
  5. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    Yeah, it's too bad you can't have a good political DEBATE these days without it becoming a hate-slinging free-for-all. (Apparently, you can't have a "football" debate these days, either.)
  6. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    Yep ... though I can't for the life of me remember WHY we were "debating." Do we need to "get a life"? Ha! I don't come here often - life/work generally keep me way too busy these days. Being a grandma adds a different perspective, too, especially since my sweet boy has gone through so much in less than a year of life (open-heart surgery when he was 12 weeks old; he's now doing great and just turned 11 months!). We are raising him as a member of the next generation of Panthers fans!
  7. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    Thanks. I was here before the "crash."
  8. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    The reporter has covered the team for A YEAR. He should not be surprised that she asked him a legitimate football question.
  9. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    Read the whole thread. Explained it already.
  10. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    Hey, I was born in the 50s and grew up knowing the Carolinas would get an NFL team eventually ... I was a fan even before JJR! (Well, since he's older than me, that's a slight exaggeration.)
  11. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    I don't condone discrimination at all. I do join conversations regarding discrimination of all kinds - granted, maybe I haven't on this board, but I'll be more aware to express my opinions here as well. For the record, I brought up race only to try to get people to think of the situation in a little different light.
  12. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    We can respectfully disagree. She's not acting like a "girl" when she's standing up to a man who thought it was OK to ridicule her in her profession. She's not sitting down and shutting up. I think her speaking to him afterward was appropriate, giving him a chance to explain why he said what he said without calling HIM out in front of the rest of the group. I don't follow her and haven't read anything she's said since, so I can't comment. I would say that your response to the guy knowing about purses would not be appropriate either. Maybe, "It's GREAT (not weird) to hear SOMEONE talk about purses competently" would be more appropriate. Hell, I don't know a thing about designer purses ... I just like a purse that looks nice and is functional for me. Period. Does that make me less of a woman? Nope. You're right. This conversation has nothing to do with the game, but it is important.
  13. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    Bye, bye ... mjiligon, I hardly knew thee.
  14. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    You'll never know.
  15. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    Not in this instance, no, I don't. (The thread title was a play on another thread that is high on the board right now.)