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  1. Suh: We Destroyed Panthers in Training Camp

    I'll take that all day long ... as long as we can have the season we had.
  2. "Show me a good loser... "

    I love Cam, and I'm for him having his genuine emotions. However, there's something to be said about being a gracious winner AND a gracious loser. I am one who doesn't mind his dabbing, etc. as I don't see it as arrogant or in-your-face toward opponents. It shows Cam's youthfulness and excitement toward winning. I want him to keep that. BUT, it takes a matureperson to lose with grace. NOW, I think he did that ... congratulating Peyton (with his signature wide Cam grin) on the field following the game. He DOESN'T owe that to the media, who have hounded him endlessly about things that don't matter.
  3. Cam Newton disappointed me

    But he kinda is ... just by posting this ... in my opinion.
  4. Cam Newton disappointed me

    It was a perfect teaching moment for you. Explaining to your children that celebritiesare real people whose privacy and personal space should be respected. Telling them at these folks get hounded constantly, and the respectful thing to do is to give them space. If, as someone else said, they make a move to say hello or something, then you have a moment ... and you take it but don't exploit it. Don't take up bunches of time with photos of everybody, autographs, etc. Just say "hello" and "we support you" etc., and "THANK YOU." (And, as much as it pains me, it's a teaching moment in that you can explain to your children that some people, including celebrities, are just jerks and move on ... I'm NOT speaking on Cam in this instance ... just in general.)
  5. Top Cat Shirt

    Yeah ... I looked at that t-shirt picture and thought, "Those girls are NEVER going to wear that!"
  6. Be Honest, How Many of You Were Cam Fans When He Was At Auburn?

    I wasn't pulling for Luck (I didn't like him much for some reason ... still don't), but I wasn't a Cam fan either when we got him. I believe he has matured, both as a player and as a person, and has redeemed himself in many ways. I always have believed in redemption for those who work on their issues and try to change for the better. He has done that.
  7. Looks like I'm not the only one

    I remember that ... but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Catman
  8. How Many of You Will Attend the Super Bowl 50?

    yeah, but they really have no way to police that ...
  9. Panthers practice crowd

    At least.
  10. Panthers practice crowd

    I think training camp is going to be WILD ... last year was a record 77,600+ (58% over 2014). This year will be nuts!
  11. sell your SB tickets to a Panthers fan

    So, how much? I've sent you two PMs.

    No, they didn't exclude out-of-state PSL owners. You would just have to find a way to get there to pick up your tickets.
  13. JR is paying for EVERY SINGLE Panther employee

    They had to agree not to resell the tickets. I'm sure they'd be fired if he found out they did that.
  14. JR is paying for EVERY SINGLE Panther employee

    People always looking for a negative ... arrrrgggghhhh