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  1. 89 Panther 4 Life! Bottom Line

    I don't think this is the case honestly. Getting rid of Smitty was a necessity and was the right move - only because his ego and personality was holding down Cam's growth as a the team leader. Does ego and a strong personality make you a bad teammate always?   Nope.
  2. Cam Just Said Coaches Were Conservative

    I honestly think that this is it. The plan we called.. conservative as it was... was based upon the fact that we were up 31 points heading into 30mins of football with the receiving corps we have. With Olsen out a bit I think our blanket went with him.. we ran the ball (again, yes, conservatively) but knew that with our D that 31 points was too much for Seattle to overcome.  End of story really. As much as I hate that we did it it's not the end of the world and we have a home game again against the Cards to advance to the SB. Simple as that.
  3. We'll win this game. And I hate the way it happened.
  4. No way he had control when his second foot came up off the turf.
  5. I hate that I like that playcall.
  6. Two first downs and we got this. Period. Unless the unicorn Wilson is obviously sleeping with decides to give him another no look pass TD.
  7. you guys saying Norman was going for a pick need to watch again.   
  9. I have thought all this Seattle living with a horseshoe up their ass talk was BS this year.  Until now.  Wilson is one lucky ******.
  10. NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Good. Bring on the Seachickens. Sick of everyone saying they're the class of the NFC. Come to Charlotte and get your asses kicked.
  11. Zod what is this black bat nonsense?

    What a bunch of pansies. The media gives this poo airtime. If you play sports, you get threatened. Other players talk poo to you and about you. And your mother. And your sister. Even if you don't have one. If we pointed the bat at him and said we were gonna break his legs and part his hair who cares? Sit your 6-8 asses down and shut the hell up.
  12. Farewell to Jon Beason

    Gutted...but glad he has his chance to play the Mike again and get back on track if his body will let him.   G'luck Beast!