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  1. Speaking of offseason; I didn't know Andrew Hawkins hadn't been signed yet! Guy was pretty descent for the Bengals and the Browns. Of course he ends of with the Pats!! Not bad for a no. 4 or 5 receiver on there depth chart. Wonder why we never kicked the can on this guy?
  2. I think bringing in Lance Taylor will have a big effect on our offense next year. Some of the same plays CMC ran at Stanford will be in our playbook next year.
  3. For the right price I would do it! 5th or 6th rd pick is about all.
  4. I have a feeling that Ross will end up making the final 53 man roster. Benji Funchess Samuel/Shepard Ross CJ2 That would leave out: Bersin Byrd Garrett The only chance of a change is if someone gets hurt or traded. With Benji sounding like he's out of shape again with an offseason of no rehab or how Cam looked spreading the ball around without Benji on the field last year DG might look to make a statement by shipping him out. No inside info just a hunch!
  5. Him signing with us would create a potent offense with formation options! we could go from 2 TE sets to empty backfield sets and have playmaking options everywhere!
  6. Maybe Benji for him, Angulor and J. Matthews. Oh and throw in a 5th rd pick!
  7. Yeah I can agree with you!!
  8. That guy is an idiot for sure now!!! I can understand if you have an addiction, but you have to get help. I mean there are several...we'll never mind!! Anyway he should join Burrress in the idiot room!!!
  9. I think CMC will play more RB and Samuels will play from the slot. They are both interchangeable but as far as depth chart I think that's how it's going to shake out.
  10. Hoping DG gets Leggett and add Davenport for OT depth on the left side.
  11. OG or RT?? Not sure where they plan to play him. He's a hogmollie for sure though!!!