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  1. Looks like Thomas and McCaffrey lead the list! I can really get onboard with that!!
  2. That makes sense for the Panthers but I don't see it making a lot of sense for Oher! All everyone will remember about him is he was in concussion protocol for almost a year! If and when he becomes a FA again another team will be scared off or hold it against him. But if he's not complaining then yeah no need to clear him. As far as him possibly starting at RT, hell he can't be worse than Remmers!!!
  3. I think long term solutions at SS, DE, and OT are needed. Short term I would say the biggest weakness is a playmaker on the offense. Whether a RB, WR, or even a punt/kick returner, some spark is definitely needed!
  4. I think he will end up getting cut before the season starts! Well I would at least hope so!
  5. Hell why not both! Switzer is underrated and will fall into the late 5th
  6. OJ in the 1st and Mack in the 3rd
  7. Decent signing! They needed help!!
  8. Good question. I'll go with Howard! At pick no. 8 is a little to high for a TE though!
  9. Good depth signing! Welcome back Love!!
  10. Asswipe?! How about you go fug yourself!! Don't throw empty words at me!! You're give your opinion and I give mine! Get off my nuts!
  11. Gettleman DID overdraft Ealy. He flashed in the Super Bowl! Awesome! "Handclap" "handclap" and then nothing! Whether we won the Super Bowl or not one game doesn't make a player a superstar. Ask David Tyree! And SPARQ is really set on a curve for really athletic players. Production should be more of a focus than that.