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  1. I like McCaffrey but at 8 just doesn't seem to make sense!!
  2. Sure I believe he can!! Maybe DG snags him in the second.
  3. I have this feeling that McCaffrey and some combination of Ross or OJ will be a part of our offense evolving as Ron and DG are referring to. We don't have any playmakers on offense except really Cam and Olsen. Another big play guy is needed; hell 2 more wouldn't hurt at all!!
  4. I would say Davis. He can fill the role of our No.1 WR. Benji hasn't sewed up that spot at all!
  5. We haven't thought about the craziest scenario if the draft plays out like that and DG goes wild and trade the pick for Todd Gurley!! Ok I'm blowing serious smoke!!! I think DG would probably go with Corey Davis or Barnett.
  6. I can agree with him on that! Imagine vintage Gronk and the other guy on the field for the Patriots!! Dynamic offense for $100 Alex!!
  7. I could get onboard with adding the both of them in the draft. But i keep seeing people saying Thomas can't play DE, not sure why. Could I be missing something?! He's not a quick twitch guy but that's not what DG or Ron wants in a DE anyway. I think he would fit opposite of Addison. Bringing him along would be ideal, giving him time to get use to the nuances of the NFL and playing DE primarily.
  8. DG putting in some work to get us some cap room! Ain't mad at that!
  9. Good move by DG! Benji could finally put it all together this year.
  10. Looks like Thomas and McCaffrey lead the list! I can really get onboard with that!!
  11. Well to us how you really feel!!!!
  12. That makes sense for the Panthers but I don't see it making a lot of sense for Oher! All everyone will remember about him is he was in concussion protocol for almost a year! If and when he becomes a FA again another team will be scared off or hold it against him. But if he's not complaining then yeah no need to clear him. As far as him possibly starting at RT, hell he can't be worse than Remmers!!!
  13. I think long term solutions at SS, DE, and OT are needed. Short term I would say the biggest weakness is a playmaker on the offense. Whether a RB, WR, or even a punt/kick returner, some spark is definitely needed!