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  1. Living in Hawaii in the age ot Trump

    So the greatest threat facing mankind today it literally shitty UI: https://twitter.com/CivilBeat/status/953127542050795520/photo/1 I'm honestly not surprised.
  2. Chelsea Manning Confirms US Senate Run

    Unfortunately, when it comes to our politicians, I think we still need to adhere to the mantra of "when they go low, we go high." I understand it comes with a large degree of naivete to look at what the Republican party has become, and think that "establishment" democrats are going to be able to counter them. But what make you think Manning is that person who can? In this thread you've given a lot of thought to discrediting who you deem as more of the same, but that opens the door to literally anybody else. And you've yet to provide a substantive reason why Chelsea Manning would be a good Senator for the state of Maryland. I'm going to need more of a reason to support her than, "why not her?" I think electing politicians as a reaction to what the opposition has done just leads us a down a dark path. That's what the Republican's did. They were horrified by Barack Obama, and, to continue the Batman analogy, " Democrats crossed the line first. We squeezed them, we hammered them to the point of desperation. And in their desperation, they turned to a man they didn't fully understand." And we ended up with Trump. Trump is a nightmare. The Trump administration is a nightmare. The Republican Party under Trump is a nightmare. But in the face of that, we can't say, "Abandon everything we thought we knew! We need something radically different." Because if we start thinking like that, we're going to find ourselves responsible for electing some people who just want to watch the world burn.
  3. 100% cooperation

    I know we have a lot of proponents of Stop and Frisk on this board, who must be VERY concerned about Trump right now. When it was black youths with a gram in their pocket, they shrugged and said, "If you've done nothing wrong, stop and frisk should be nothing to worry about." I'm sure those exact same people are looking at this situation and thinking, "If Trump has nothing to hide, he shouldn't need to invoke broad executive privilege." Right? If you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to hide, right? So where are they now? Aren't they mortified by what might be in Trump's proverbial pocket? I mean they couldn't have possibly reversed their thinking on an issue they had such vehement opinions about, right? Why would they do that now? What possible reason?
  4. Chelsea Manning Confirms US Senate Run

    So you're saying Manning is the Senator democrats need right now, but not the one it deserves? So if she's our Batman in this example, who's our Harvey Dent? I want him or her instead.
  5. Chelsea Manning Confirms US Senate Run

    That's not legislative experience. Legislation is not merely drafting a bill; it's whipping supporting, reaching across the aisle, finding compromises while still holding onto the intent of the bill, analyzing how the proposed changes to your bill may have unintended consequences, or seeing how the opposition is building loopholes into your bill. I can study and write a bill. Doesn't mean I'm qualified to see it through to enactment into law. I have much more serious concerns along the lines of her pattern of attention-seeking behavior. I want a shrewd legislator to contend with the Republican firebrands, not someone who's out for screentime. I agree the current democratic senator is less than ideal, but "anything is better than what we have now" is the kind of thinking that got us Trump. We should be learning from the mistakes of the past, nor doubling down on them.
  6. Chelsea Manning Confirms US Senate Run

    I can tell you in DC I really don't get much in the way of campaign mail. But then I've never donated. They don't care about your affiliation, but once you give them money, they'll get their claws in you sure and fast.
  7. Chelsea Manning Confirms US Senate Run

    Stunt politician with no legislative experience hoping to get by on name recognition rather than policy. She'll probably win in a landslide.
  8. A friend of mine had a meeting with (for the sake of anonymity I'll use pseudonyms) Ball Bryan and Prick Pulvaney, and according to xer, using Pulvaney's own math, Medicare and Social Security funding would run out in 18 year.
  9. I love this rationalization. It's literally the ONLY thing they can say positive about the Trump administration. Yessir, our international reputation's in the dumpster, we're closer to nuclear war than we've been since the Soviet Union was around, and even had a nuclear scare this weekend (but thank goodness Trump was on the golf course so Hair-Trigger, (or maybe "comb-over trigger") Trump couldn't respond, Russia is meddling in our elections and we've taken no measures to prevent it happening again because we're denying it even happened, we passed a tax plan that's going to ensure all middle and lower class entitlements vanish in the next 20 years so fortune 500 CEOs can get a tax cut today, we've accepted and normalized Nazism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, and xenophobia from the White House, we're gonna deport hundreds of thousand of families who have been living in the U.S. for decades, millions more will lose their life-saving healthcare and will either die or go bankrupt from medical bills, we're a third world country when it comes to climate change research and counter-action, the jobs that Trump promised to save during his campaign are still being laid off or shipped to Mexico (Sam's Club and Carrier), and as the cherry on this turd cake, we've completely compromised our morals and values to appoint a serial cheater, liar, sex abuser, and lecher who had to pay off hookers to keep quiet during his presidential bid. But I'm enjoying a short-term, moderate, and solely financial benefit. Yup. Everything's workin' out pretty good for me!
  10. How big corporations responded to Trump tax

    You keep moving the goal posts. Trump was about "Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!" You can't twist that around to, "Jobs! Unless you're in an underperforming area, then no job. But if you're in a place where you're making the CEOs money, then you get a bonus! Because that's making America great again." I seriously think Trump could hold open your mouth and vomit down your throat, and then you'd swallow it and tell us why you thought that was actually a good thing he did.
  11. Right. We're the ones pretending. But if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, duck experts say it's a duck, every reputable media outlet reports it's a duck, world leaders seriously worry themselves over the fact it's a duck, a guy who's been working in it's office for a year writes a book with attributed quotes and recordings about it being a duck, it used to say on Howard Stern it was a duck, it was recorded on Access Hollywood talking about being a duck, everyone who gets fired by it admit it's a duck, people who still work with it every day tell their friends it's a duck, but the duck says it's a chicken... Republicans will believe the duck is a chicken.
  12. Fusion GPS testimony released

    Giggity. Why do you think so many are jumping ship now and not seeking re-election? I said yesterday that it's one of 3 reasons: They're fleeing the shipwreck the Republican Party has become. They're afraid of being implicated as the Mueller probe intensifies. They know they're certain to lose. Honestly, I'd love to believe it's 1 or 2. But in my mind I know it's more party over country BS. They got their tax scam passed; mission accomplished. But they know that, their association with Trump, and the other crap they're bound to ram through between now and election season will make them completely unelectable. BUT they want to save those seats for the Republicans. They know their NAMES are tainted, but not the party. They'll retire, collect fat lobbying checks, and endorse another Republican firebrand who will come in and win their seat in an election, because no one who voted for Trump will have learned a damn thing about the Republican party. Go in, deliver minor short term benefit for working class, screw poo up royally, deliver HUGE long term benefit for top 1%, quit and pave the way for the next Republican. Repeat. Got to hand it to them, they've got a foolproof system. Or a system for fools. Either way, it's working like gangbusters now because to their voters, being a Democrat is literally worse than being a rapist or pedo.
  13. Trump administration Ok s work for Medicaire

    I wonder how many self-professed Christians are cheering this decision because "I'm healthy. My money shouldn't be paying for people who are sick and disabled and not working." You know. Just like Jesus would say.
  14. Maybe I'm wrong, but I like position coaches to be a former player, preferably a pro. I don't care if they were a winner or not, but when it comes to managing the physical mechanics and mentality of a player, I don't see how anyone who hasn't "been there" can do that job. I'd rather see a Testaverde, or even a Ken Dorsey do that job than a quality control guy who maybe understands offense holistically, but not the position specifically.