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  1. Hey, @Jeremy Igo actually I got a question about something I noticed last night during the broadcast. After the CAP touchdown, Cam came up to him and told him to hand the ball off to a kid in the crowd, and just reading body language, CAP looked really bummed. He wanted to hold onto his first TD ball of the season, it looked like. Did you see that at all, or were you able to hear what was said between them?
  2. Honestly, no joking, I knew that had to be the case last night. When we were up by 2 scores, and were still scoring points? I was left with 2 possibilities, the coaching staff had finally learned their lesson and didn't take their foot off the gas and kept the pressure on while we held onto a tenuous lead (ridiculous I know), or the Dolphins D was so atrocious, that even our pussyfoot, play-not-to-lose play-calling was still against all odds managing to put points on the board. It didn't take much to discern which situation was more probable.
  3. I'm just so baffled by this offensive explosion. I mean, a week ago, in this very forum, I was assured we would have the worst offense in team history. We traded away our #1 WR for peanuts and the rest of our offense was garbage. So I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around one of the most dominant offensive outputs I've ever seen the Panthers author. Okay, enough of being a snide prick. I was so excited to see Funch settle into the #1 spot, and deliver a great performance that shows he's absolutely ready to be our game-changer at the wide receiver position. And for a big guy, that sprint to the endzone showed me an aspect of his game I didn't even know he had. I doubt KB wins that foot race. There was a lot of complaining last week that the trade left our WR corps depleted, and I'll gladly counter and say we've got a WR corps that doesn't have a lot of name recognition, but lots of potential, and we don't even know what the ceiling on some of these guys is yet. I'm especially interested in seeing what Shepard can do with a more expanded role on offense.
  4. Panthers sign Brenton Bersin

    I'm just here for the meltdown
  5. I may be in the minority here, but I'm glad we shipped off KB and got something for him in return. I've been saying for weeks that he should be demoted in favor of a more reliable receiver. A lot of people in here are saying that we have the makings of the franchise's worst offense ever now. And my rebuttal to that is, if Kelvin Benjamin was the one thing keeping us from our worst offense ever, then we already had our worst offense ever. He was nothing more than serviceable, and was never even in the running to be a game-changing WR, which is was we need for our #1 seed. For as long as I've been watching him play I've observed 2 things; 1) he can't make the difficult catches; the ones you have to leap for, dive for, fight for. KB only reels in the "catchable" balls, and I wouldn't say he's a sure thing to catch those either. And 2) he doesn't rise to the occasion. He drops passes at critical times, or doesn't get both feet in bounds on game-changing plays. When the team needs its #1 to make a play, he still bungles it. When the game is on the line, he's not the guy you trust to make what Cam calls the "Big Boy Catches," which Cam has routinely targeted Funchess for. Kelvin didn't have the talent to be our #1. Let's see what we've got on the roster already. Let's see how Funch performs as our #1. And lets be glad that at least we got something out of KB instead of letting him walk.
  6. Unfortunately, Corker and Flake then voted in lock step with the party last night to strip Americans of our ability to file class action lawsuits against banks and financial institutions like Equifax. So did McCain as a matter of fact. I can't for the life of me figure these Republicans out. Even when they're on their way out the door, and making a big show of it, with a perfect opportunity to rattle the party by torpedoing a vote that is completely in the interest of the big banks, they slink back to McConnell and are like, "JK, you know we're BFF's right?" It's almost like their decision to leave has nothing to do with principles, and they don't want to piss off the hedge funds and lobbying firms they're going to start consulting for, and millions of dollars with as soon as their terms end.
  7. Something ugly happened in Niger

    Just like yesterday when you were trying to convince me I didn't know what a "comparison" was. If you're frequently finding people don't understand you, or everyone seems to understand the definition of a word differently than you do, it's time to start facing the fact that maybe you're the one with the comprehension problem.
  8. The Iraq War was worse than anything Donald Trump has done (so far).

    I think you are slightly underselling the importance of normalization. Yes politicians are dishonest, bought, two-faced, conniving; I get it. They earned their reputation. But a facade, even though it's only a facade, is still something that kept the worse demons of our political system hidden. Trump is the normalization, nay, the ENDORSEMENT of corruption. You're saying he's no different in his corruption, and I agree, but he's the one who made it acceptable, folksy, even. He's the one who made it okay to take off the hood, so to speak. And yes, white supremacy is an inescapable part of America's history. But at least prior to Trump it was shameful. The whole point of my post was, Trump is just a trial balloon. And the wrong kind of people are very happy about the way the winds are blowing.
  9. The Iraq War was worse than anything Donald Trump has done (so far).

    On his orange face, Trump is not the worst president of the 21st century so far. Not by a long shot. He's not the worst "President" (yet). But the real damage being done by the Trump presidency isn't a result of any official action he's taken in office. The real damage Trump is causing owes to what he represents, and an era he's ushering in. And we haven't begun to feel the full ramifications of that damage yet. And that to me is the greatest heartbreak of the 2016 election. I want Trump's ouster from the White House (and I'm pretty sure it will happen before the end of his first term) just so I can feel like there is some semblance of cosmic justice; that you can't be a repugnant, unabashed lying, cheating festering orange turd without getting your comeuppance. But once he's out, the system, and the epoch that made a Trump presidency possible will still remain, and those tendrils will remain ingrained deep in the American fabric for decades. Has Trump gotten us in a war (yet)? No. Has Trump caused a complete economic collapse (yet)? No. Has Trump completely ostracized us from our allies and the international community (yet)? No. Trump's affect is much less measurable, but also very observable. Trump represents the beginning of a dark, dark age in American politics. And Trump will only be the beginning. Trump is laying the groundwork for something much worst. Trump is a cheeto-dusted buffoon, and if he had half a non-dementia-stricken brain, we'd be fugged. But someone who comes after him will be able to exploit the current political environment. Because here is the real damage caused by Donald Trump: Trump is ushering in an era of hypernationalism. I cannot begin to comprehend the shift if nationalistic gatekeeping I've seen since the beginning of the Trump Campaign. I mean, the Bush era had it's nationalism. "If'n you're not a country-music-lovin', truck-drivin, troop-supportin' Bush voter, you're not a real American!" But nothing like this. Trump and his zealots have seized ownership of what it means to be an American. Not a "Real American," but an "American." If you're a Muslim, you should be kept out. If you're anti-gun, you should get out. If you support socialized medicine, you should move to Canada. If you don't think a Nazi should be able to speak at a college campus, then you're ANTIFA commie scum! It's not hard to see what this is accomplishing; this is creating a very distinct "us vs. them" mentality between liberals and conservatives. We aren't Americans with differences of opinions. We're sworn enemies. Trump has fomented the political divide. In a way that I thought was impossible. For the last several presidential elections, I've observed a political atmosphere that could best be described as a metronome ticking back and forth, Democrat to Republican, but slowly, surely losing inertia and trending towards the center. Then Trump and his followers showed up and broke the arm off and threw the metronome out the window. Because that's what he represents. Not a step towards compromise. But utter domination. A desire to win, no matter the cost. Trump is the first president I can think of who won purely out of spite. There's no other explanation for it. Because literally every accusation that's been hurled at Hillary, Trump has been guilty of ten-fold, and his supporters still support him. Private email server? Trump did it. And in fact is still doing it. Drain the swamp? Trump directly appointed his family members to advisory positions, and they have roundly lied on their sworn documentation to receive security clearances, and they still maintain them! Not to mention his cabinet is a bunch of billionaires and Goldman Sachs execs who sure like taking first class flights on the taxpayer dime. Hillary is a hawk who will get us in a war with Russia? Trump sure likes pissing of a nuclear power on Twitter. Clinton foundation? Trump's still using your donated campaign funds and charity dollars to pay his legal bills. Benghazi! Erm, Niger? Literally every single thing that you heard Republicans chirping made Hillary unfit to lead, Trump has done exactly that thing. And those same people still support him. What does that mean? It means none of those things really mattered in the first place. They just wanted to vote for "Their Guy." Because you can't say the warning signs on Trump weren't there. Republicans just didn't care. He literally could have shot someone on 5th Avenue and gotten elected. Because all that mattered, is that Trump was the Republican Candidate. And for enough voters in this country, that's what mattered. Voting for the Republican so the Democrat wouldn't win. Policy? Experience? Transparency? Ethics? Morals? Legality? Fug all that! Let's gooooo Republicans! Play the fight song! Trump has lowered the bar for what it takes to be a politician. This is perhaps the logical next step after years of being told that being a "Washington Outsider" was a good thing. Being born outside the country makes you ineligible to be President, but having literally no political experience and a dubious tax record shouldn't be a bar. The fact that Arnold, who's been a Governor of a state cannot serve the highest office in the land, but a reality TV star can be president and Kid Rock stands a very real chance of being a Senator says a lot about the era of politics that's ahead of us. The races for our congress and the White House will increasingly become popularity contests. In the current climate, who stands a better chance of getting elected. A "Washington Insider" with an unblemished record of political deal-making, reaching across the aisle to make compromises, and forwarding dozens of successful pieces of legislature, or SickBurn McKenzie with his 130 million Twitter followers, weekly TV show, and podium demeanor that seems like a Dean Martin roast of his competitors. "Whoo America! Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! Vote for me!" Trump has eliminated the expectation of honesty. A combination of the political divide and the onset of "politics as entertainment," is we've forgotten that politicians are supposed to be honest with us. And snarky buttholes can say, "Politicians have always been dishonest. Trump is nothing new." No, he's an outlier in two regards. 1) In the frequency and patently false nature of his claims. 1,300 provably false or misleading statements in office. That's an incredible rate of lying. And 2) Trump has succeeded in getting people to dismiss the significance of the fact that he is lying to us. I can't tell you how many times I've talked to a Trump supporter, many of them in my own family, and confronted them with an outright lie of Trump't only to have them say, "It doesn't matter." What? Why? Why do you think it's okay? He does it so often and without consequence, that we've given him carte blanche to lie to our faces. And as a result we've surrendered the ability to scrutinize any action or statement of Trump, or any politician who comes after him. "It doesn't matter if he's dishonest. As long as he gets results." That mentality is gonna come back to bite us in a big way. Trump has eroded the public's faith in the media. This is perhaps the most egrigious and unforgivable. And will hurt us the most in the long run, especially in combination with the last point. Trump has completely cloven the media in two. The dissenting liberal media, and the conservative state television. And no one trusts the opposition party. Trump has trained the Republicans to come to him for the "truth." Everyone else is a liar. Only Trump and Fox and Friends tell the real news. So what have we got? We've got a nation completely split down party lines. Voters who will dismiss any shortcoming of their party's candidate with a single-minded purpose of electing "their guy." Either side chalking up the rhetoric of the opposition party as lies. People only think the "truth" comes from their party's media outlet. And an obedient state media will report the spoken lies of the president as fact, and the factual rebuttal will be dismissed as "fake news." On top of that we've set the precedent for electing grossly unqualified populist candidates with the most name recognition and deepest pockets. It really doesn't take a genius to see how this turns out.
  10. Here's a comparison for you, I never voted for a sex offender to be president.
  11. I'm coming to this late, so I'll just ignore all the other bullsh!t that's gone on up until now. If you're really going to politicize this: When Harvey Weinstein's actions became public knowledge and a scandal, his career was destroyed, and Hollywood liberals ousted him from his own company. When Donald Trump's actions became public knowledge and a scandal, conservatives coined the term "locker room talk" and then elected him president. You literally have no moral high ground to stand on in this issue. And before you bring up Bill Clinton (which I know you will), I'll say that he was already president when his actions became public knowledge and a scandal. So let me repeat: When Donald Trump's actions became public knowledge and a scandal, Conservatives coined the term "locker room talk" and then elected him president.
  12. Value of the Dollar vs. Euro. Notice a trend starting, oh, right around the start of the Trump Admin? Decreased dollar value means foreign companies can acquire more American goods at a relatively lower price, and thus Wall Street is confident because of the prospect of selling more. Rising stocks aren't necessarily good for you or me. They mean that the top 1% like what it means for them.
  13. And you attribute that to Trump because...
  14. We have Stewart, who is a North/South steamroller taking tosses to the outside, and we have McCaffrey, who's made to break ankles at the second level but can't get past the line of scrimmage. The problem is the same it's been for years; we can't win the battle in the trenches because we still have never addressed the offensive line.
  15. Mass shooting in Las Vegas

    An unsung element of this entire saga, Jesus Campos, the unarmed guard who first confronted Paddock, took a bullet in the thigh, was shot at 200 more times, and still managed to call the police and personally lead them to his room and help them clear them before accepting medical attention. And the distraction probably saved dozens of lives. And considering Paddock took the time to fire 200 bullets at him, that's not an understatement. Certified BAMF: http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/05/us/security-guard-las-vegas-hotel/index.html And, our glorious leader even managed to spit out some garbled praise about him. ...Jesus slow down with all those accolades, Trump. "A good job." "The right thing." "Try to do it himself." You wouldn't want it to go to his head! Why do I get the sneaking suspicion if the guy's name was "Jesse Carpenter" we'd have heard a few more "tremendous, amazing, incredible, the best, like you've never seen believe me" out of the old windbag.