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  1. Captroop

    The token *****

    Saha ITT:
  2. Captroop

    The token *****

    This is the correct answer.
  3. Chill on Gano. The field in Landover is horse poo. 1xp isn't gonna make or break us now.
  4. That's right! Let's get back in this game.
  5. Lol! Kenny Albert, "this time he holds onto the football"
  6. I saw it coming because DJ Moore had the ball.
  7. This tweet didn't age well. I've never seen a player work so hard to lose a game as DJ Moore is today.
  8. Captroop

    Male feminist karate kicks a woman at abortion rally

    Here's a thought. How about "journalists" stop with these pointless man-on-the-street interviews? Both sides. Just stop it. Because let's be honest, they're not looking for intellectual debate. They're looking to embarrass people. It's really the lowest form of reporting, and the most biased. And gets us absolutely nowhere. A ditz with a loaded question ambushes a rando on the street. If the interviewee is stumped, the reporter puts the video online to make them and their side look bad. If the interviewee is smart and eloquent and actually stumps the interviewer, the clip never sees the light of day. So what's the point except to try find one psychopath you're actually smarter than? Now, most just cut out the middle man. They're actively searching for the craziest and dumbest looking people who are going to say or do something stupid. That's how we pick GOP candidates, not conduct interviews.
  9. Captroop

    "I'm Tired of Being a Victim"

    ...said a white man who shot at a black teenager who came to his house asking for directions. I can't think of one single story that more embodies Trump's American than this. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2018/10/11/teen-missed-school-bus-when-he-knocked-door-directions-man-shot-him/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.96ff5550ffae
  10. Captroop

    Male feminist karate kicks a woman at abortion rally

    Man would I love for you to spend the rest of your life telling people you were mortally afraid of a gay man in purple sweat pants. FYI, if someone kicks you and you shoot them, YOU'RE the pussy.
  11. If there's one thing I really wish we could import from Mexico, it would be their enthusiastic play-by-play broadcasters.
  12. Good even-handed analysis. Key take-away: Kavanaugh is an obfuscating turd. But the Democrats did themselves no favors by not knowing how to handle an obfuscating turd and allowing said turd to successfully draw them into pithy arguments that just wasted their time.
  13. Captroop

    Male feminist karate kicks a woman at abortion rally

    Careful now: