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  1. Captroop

    Proof DEW's are being used in the cali fires

    You cracked the case. You're so smart. We're all so lucky that we have someone like you on this board who's got his finger on the pulse of all the news the mainstream (((media))) won't cover. Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for bringing this shocking story to our attention. This changes everything. Wow. You're so incredibly smart. And talented. Really talented and very smart. Smarter than all the sheeple that believe "mainstream" news. You know where to find the truth, and we're so lucky to have you on this board. I mean, it's so easy to take what is reported (or not reported) in the news, at face value. But it takes a really special person, someone smarter than 99% of Americans to bring the truth to light. You're so very, very intelligent. Thanks for sharing this vital wisdom with us. My only regret is we're so feeble minded we can't comprehend the world the way you do. So you'll have to continue. You'll have to hold our hands and try to convey to us simpletons what's so clear to you. But I know, someone with your courage and intellect is up to the challenge. Jesus. I just can't even with your smartness. I respect you. I'm awed by you. Dare I say...I love you. I hope this post is everything you ever wanted to read, and more!
  2. Oh sweet Jesus. The Day the Clown Cried. Patton Oswalt and a bunch of comedians used to do live readings of the script in the mid nineties. He tells an amazing story about it: http://www.vulture.com/2014/12/patton-oswalt-the-day-the-clown-didnt-cry-jerry-lewis.html
  3. Do multiple people run your account? It took three attempts to get that lame ass comeback out.
  4. You couldn't beat a toddler in a dick measuring contest.
  5. OH MY FUGGING GAWD! STOP ENGAGING WITH THIS BRAINLESS TROLL! Seriously, every thread has absolutely no content of value because Numbnuts spams it with bogus memes and youtube videos, and you idiots keep engaging him! Fugging hell! Never mud wrestle with a brain dead, limp-dicked pig on his 10th alt. You'll both get dirty and the brainless, limp-dicked pig on his 10th alt likes it.
  6. Wow! Great finish. Could he play guard? I'll be watching this guy with great interest during the preseason. Would be nice to have a guy who's hungry for his shot providing depth on the roster.
  7. Captroop

    Trump knew about Trump Tower meeting

    Hmm. Something seems noticeably absent from this thread. Guess I'll fill in until they arrive: "This is actually good for Trump. Really, this proves that Trump is totally off the hook." "Who cares? My 401k is looking great. The GDP is growing. The jobs numbers are good. If Trump had to commit a little light treason, who cares? Whatever it took to win." "Oh great, they found out some stuff about the Trump meeting. Now I suppose they'll have time to start looking into all the criminal activity Hillary and the DNC were perpetrating." "But where is the evidence? This still proves NO COLLUSION! They were just talking about adoption, libtard!" Actually that's giving our usual crowd too much credit. There's complete sentences and everything... Let me just spam this thread with memes:
  8. I've said it before. I do give credit to Trump for one thing; he really raised the bar for what constitutes a Presidential "Scandal." I mean, they were giving Obama poo for misspelling "Respect." Does anyone even remember that two days ago Trump threatened to go to war with Iran over Twitter?
  9. Captroop

    Michael Cohen has audio tapes

    I think it's something else. I think this is a shot across Trump's bow. It's a warning from Cohen to secure a pardon. He's teasing these tapes publicly to get Trump to buckle and swear his allegiance to Cohen. It's a very Trumpian move. So unfortunately, I think we can't celebrate Cohen being the white night state's evidence here. He's trying to save his own neck.
  10. Holy poo, this entire article hinges on two words There's literally two words in the entire article attributable to Fusion GPS. The rest is all conjecture. They even say as much in the very next sentence! "In other words." Did Glenn Simpson say that Millan was a lying gossip? No. That's conjecture of the author. There's no mention of Simpson or Fusion GPS anywhere else in the article! Yet somehow, the Daily Caller took the words "Big Talker" and completely pulled this conclusion out of their asses: This is a good teachable moment for you. I'm not being a snark or a jerk. I literally want you to absorb this as a lesson. Americans, by and large, and Trump supporters especially, are completely incompetent when it comes to determining the veracity of news. This example, provided here, it is a real life example of Fake News. I know that term has been twisted so much, that now it basically just means, "news that's critical of the President or Republicans." But there IS such a thing as fake news. And I want to help you and others learn to identify it. There is no information provided in this report that substantiates the headline. It's patently fake news that's been authored to influence your opinions. News is supposed to be the unbiased reporting of facts. What was actually, provably said, or provably happened. Not take two words and try to use that completely discredit the Mueller investigation. Check your sources. Look for attribution. When in doubt try to find a second source. (warning: this will weed out a lot of blogs) When you find a second source, find a third reputable source (in your case, the "Fake News Media") and see how it's being reported there. Anonymous sources are your friend. (there's lots of reasons why people don't want their identity revealed when they're being critical of billionaires and politicians.) Incomplete quotes are your enemy. (Quotes out of context are saying what someone else wants them to say, not what the person who said them said.) America is going to be better when we stop referring to the news media as the "enemy of the American people" and when we know how to suss out the real news from the fake news.
  11. Captroop

    All Things Conservative - Thread

    That's right! No one wants to go to war! Let's not let the media, the real enemy of the American people, get us into any stupid conflicts with their explosive rhetoric! Huh.
  12. Captroop

    This just pissed me off today

    In general, the problem with this society is there's no disincentive to be an asshole. I'll stop myself going on a long screed about how assholes drive in traffic and trolls behave in anonymity, and how it's all connected. Suffice it to say, in my utopian vision of the world, "GET IN THE HOLE!" at golf tournaments would have been dead 20 years ago, because you wouldn't make it past "IN" before some good Samaritan gave you a right cross in the teeth.
  13. The GOP when white supremacists keep "slipping through":
  14. Captroop

    Michael Cohen has audio tapes

    Not directly related, no. Just in a general "if Republicans could keep their peckers in their pants they'd have a lot fewer problems" sort of way.