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  1. Captroop

    OIG Report

    When you're considering a statement like that, you really need to pay attention to the source. Who is this man? What is this organization? And why do you think their opinion matters? This is not a reputable source. Just because he issued a statement doesn't mean it's newsworthy. I'll demonstrate: In light of the OIG's report, Captroop has issued the following statement. It's available on his web site, and we urge all networks and media outlets to report on this highly important message. It's a statement. So I guess that's newsworthy now.
  2. Captroop

    Trump Jong Un

    I love this rationalization. If you're consistently drawing comparisons to various dictators with your actions and rhetoric, that's a bad thing. Trump starts forcibly relocating people to work on farms. TNPanther: "Oh, last week he was Stalin, I guess this week he's Pol Pot, huh?" Trump dismantles the Democratic party, creates a one-party system, and implements a police state. TNPanther: "Oh, I suppose now Trump's 'literally Mussolini.' Jeez. Get your story straight, libtard."
  3. What do you think he did last night? What do you do knowing it's the last night you're ever going to spend outside of a prison cell?
  4. Captroop

    Freedom of the Press

    The press cannot ask. And provisions to prevent influence or conflict of interest are not restricted to the FBI, or even law enforcement agents either. No Federal employee can accept a gift received due to their position. That even includes having meals paid for. Technically they're not even supposed to have alcoholic drinks, even if there's an open bar because that's not considered a "modest beverage" under the exception that would allow them to have coffee or a muffin at a private sector seminar.
  5. Captroop

    OIG Report

    You all heard that right? You all totally had to have heard him just say that, right? He said, "millions of my followers." Not "millions of Americans," not "millions who voted for me." He straight up out his stupid orange face hole said, "millions of my followers." Followers. I know you all want to stick it to libs. You think he frustrates us, and for some reason you find that hilarious. But I seriously hope, in my heart and soul, for the good of our country, that you realize what this man is before it's too late.
  6. Captroop

    Freedom of the Press

    Wow. I guess a broken clock can be right twice a day. I'm with the Freedom Caucus on this one *shudder*. It makes me wonder what horrible caveat they're building into it, or ulterior motive they have. But in this case they're 100% correct. Journalistic sources must be protected at all cost. In a world where a source with information damaging to the government has to worry about his or her identity becoming known to the government, you're looking at a gateway to a dictatorship. Because who would ever come forward?
  7. I was going to restate this quote in a more comically authoritarian way, but this really doesn't even need embellishment: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/392430-trump-i-want-americans-to-listen-to-me-like-north-koreans-listen-to I mean he's openly saying he wants people to regard him in the same light as a dictator. There's...there's really no way around that. Un's people sit up at attention because they fear him! He blew his uncle apart with an anti-aricraft gun. Trump wants to be respected like a guy who does that? Serious time now. Be really honest with yourself. Would Fox News let this slide if Obama said it? The New York Post? The Washington Times or Wall Street Journal. If Obama straight up said, "I want my people to respect me the way North Koreans respect Kim Jong Un," do you in your heart of hearts think everyone on the right would say those were the words of a dangerous authoritarian?
  8. For your daily dose of poo Republicans put up with from Trump that would be execution-worthy if Obama did it. Today's edition:
  9. Captroop

    Mom Carjacked and Killed in Front of 3 Kids

    What basis is there for that in the second amendment? None! It's unconstitutional! Everyone should be able to have all the guns, regardless of circumstances or even basic common sense!
  10. Captroop

    Mom Carjacked and Killed in Front of 3 Kids

    You fugging liberal cuck. Enjoy blowing Obama some more. There's not conditions like that in the Constitution. It's right there. Clear as day! Under no circumstance should that man be prevented from arming himself. Did they say anything about spousal abuse in the Constitution? Arson? Mental illness even? NO! So there's no other way to interpret it! So I guess you hate the Constitution. I GUESS YOU HATE THE TROOPS. You anthem-kneeling, BLM, Shumer-Warren shill! Fug you! #MAGA
  11. Captroop

    OIG Report

    So Republicans are obfuscating the findings by suggesting without evidence that some "people" obfuscated the findings.
  12. Captroop

    Mom Carjacked and Killed in Front of 3 Kids

    Yeah if we are gonna start threads every time something like this happens its going to take up the entire forum. People are horribly murdered every day. Best we save this space for stories about dangerous minorities. Those murders are much more newsworthy.
  13. What's the source of his guess? Him, I suppose.
  14. Captroop

    I’m totally voting Hillary in 2016

    Yup. That's what we're going with now.