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  1. How the News Subtly Brainwashes You

    It's the season of the football. I emerged bleary-eyed from my cave and wanted to catch up on various Pantherisms. And also read the news. Seems like some poo has been going on since I was on here last.
  2. In an uncharacteristically masochistic move, I happened to be reading a Fox News article this morning, and something jumped out at me. Here, for reference is the article: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/09/13/espn-scolds-jemele-hill-for-calling-trump-white-supremacist.html Now on it's face, this seems to be an actual news article. But then something stuck out to me that others might not even pick up on, but for the journalist in me it went off like an alarm bell. This sentence: "She has yet to delete the tweets." This might seem innocuous enough, but in actuality, this is a great example of the subtle, deeply partisan, and extremely pervasive brainwashing that the news, and Fox News in particular perpetrate on us every day. Because that statement isn't actually news. It's a call to action. It's "inceptioning" a point of view into your mind. Shaping your belief system. And you're probably not even aware of it. "She has yet to delete the tweets." What does that mean? She has yet to. So the implication is that she should, isn't it? It's an inevitability. It's something that should take place. It just hasn't happened yet. But why? Did her employer ask her to delete the tweets? No. There's no indication of that anywhere. Did Jemele indicate she intended to delete the tweets? No, she seems to be firmly standing by her statements. Is it generally accepted practice that people delete Tweets, that while offensive to some are not hate speech? I wouldn't say so. People tweet out ignorant crap all the time, and don't typically delete them. So if it's not a mandate to Jemele, it's not an expressed intention of Jemele, and it's not a generally accepted practice, then it's not an inevitability. If no one is expecting her to delete the tweets, THEN IT'S NOT NEWS if she hasn't deleted them "yet." So what does "She has yet to delete the tweets," mean? Very simply, " She has yet to delete the tweets," roughly translates to "You think she should delete the tweets." It's a subtle, nefarious, and horribly effective way of passing off opinion as news. Because Fox News can't come out and say, "Jemele should delete the tweets" in a "news" article. That's opinion. Not fact. But the news media, and Fox News in particular has found effective ways to masquerade opinion as news, and shape the opinions of millions of Americans by tricking them into thinking they are watching news while in actuality taking active and partisan action to shape their worldview. This is one example, out of countless many. But if you see this, and start to recognize it, you'll be able to figure out which news outlets are reporting FACTS, and which are reporting OPINIONS.
  3. In recognition of Gano's field goal off a bad snap, I present him with my gap wedge, which was also good for digging a ball out of the grass, and adding 3 points to your score. Some assembly may be required.
  4. Just want this captured for posterity.
  5. funny that people keep assuming we're immediately going back to Hurney-esque contracts and that we're going to be in the cellar of the division because we fired the GM the week before camp. Just increase your chill and lets see what the underlying reasons for this were.
  6. Yes, there couldn't possibly be any middle ground between massive contracts and completely torpedoing locker room morale in the name of business.
  7. You fugers are gonna spend $50 bucks on shitty beer watching the game tomorrow. Don't tell me you can't throw in a couple bucks to support one of our own and prove that the denizens of the Huddle aren't all colossal fug-ups.
  8. This is my favorite from the album. I love the random, disconnected foot in the air. It's like a scene from a Leslie Nielsen movie.
  9. Been a fan from afar since the franchise's inception. Seen every game since the start of the 2003 season. Been to several Baltimore vs. Carolina games proudly rocking Panthers colors. Coming to Charlotte for the first time to meet some Huddlers and do an honest Panthers tailgate, and I sure wouldn't mind making it a memorable trip by getting to actually see the game in person!
  10. Cam's Clear Case for MVP

    But but but! Did you know he only ranks 11th in DYAR? For you baboons who don't understand statistics, DYAR is Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement. It means controlling for the defenses he faced, how many yards did Cam get versus what a replacement level player would have gotten in the same situation. It's basically a mathematically justifiable "but who did they play really?" argument, which I wouldn't expect you IDIOTS to understand! Dating back to 1989, every QB who was named MVP finished in the top 5 of DYAR. It's an ABSOLUTELY IRREFUTABLE means of determining who the MVP is! I mean, based on that metric alone, one can CLEARLY see that even Matt Stafford is a better candidate for the MVP! And Cam? Ha! Cam has never even finished in the top 10 of this foolproof metric* [*which is an EXCLUSIVE, innovative metric brought to you by the statistical wunderkinds at Sports Outsiders, and is reserved exclusively for use by their audience, and are not meant, under any circumstance to be viewed my mouth-breathers who cannot fathom the algorithms working behind the scenes to bring you such dynamic analysis] So unless this statistic somehow doesn't take into account how Cam Newton plays the position differently from the statuesque QBs who routinely finish in the top 5 DYAR (evidenced by him being the first QB ever with 35 passing TD and 10 rushing TD in a single season) then I think we can all agree that on this basis alone, Cam Newton should NOT be the MVP. No, sorry! Clearly Carson Palmer is the MVP, with his glisteny, shimmery #1 rating in DYAR. I feel sorry for you dullards who actually WATCHED the games! I've got a stat sheet, a TI-83+, and a statistical justification from Sports Outsiders (aka the SMARTEST PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD). If you had come to me first, I could have saved you the time, and just told you who MATH (the language of [email protected]!) says the MVP should be. No go sit in the corner in your little dunce cap and let the REAL FANS (the ones who not only know what sabermetrics are, but have taken the time to point out the obvious flaws in their methodology) talk about what everyone else should REALLY know about football.
  11. Mass shooting in San Bernardino

    Boom! Nazi allusion! We have a winner! Yeah, it's a good thing it's not just the Nazi Hitler cops who have guns. That way if I ever find myself bleeding in the street in the midst of a mass shooting, I can console myself by saying, "Well at least it wasn't government oppression that did me in! I'm much better off this way. God bless the NRA and their fight to keep the government from taking over for some reason, at the expense of the thousands of people who die at the hand of this country's citizens!"
  12. Mass shooting in San Bernardino

    I don't understand this target at all. Can someone explain to me why three masked gunmen would target a social services center and/or disability rehab center?
  13. Mass shooting in San Bernardino

    Yeah, you're right. This is hardly newsworthy.
  14. Gah-damn! Those first two of Cam look like a Michael Bay movie poster. Beautiful as always!
  15. Syrian refugees

    Good god, that's glorious!