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  1. Right up there with a cross-eyed person as far as people I'd really rather not handle a gun around me.
  2. Along the Sidelines - Redskins at Panthers

    Gah-damn! Those first two of Cam look like a Michael Bay movie poster. Beautiful as always!
  3. Airport Workers Across the U.S. Go on Strike

    I'd just like to point out that even Arsen, who's famously haphazard with his grammar and spelling, manages to use lose/loose correctly. What the hell excuse to the native English speakers on the Huddle, Facebook and Twitter have?
  4. Syrian refugees

    Good god, that's glorious!
  5. Airport Workers Across the U.S. Go on Strike

    I have a great idea! We've got all these Syrian refugees who are going to need work. Why don't we but them work as baggage handlers? I mean, what could possible go wrong?
  6. Syrian refugees

    Yes, because if we threaten to vote out a politician whose being backed by corporations who profit from turmoil overseas, he'll be replaced by a politician who has the backing of corporations who profit from turmoil overseas. That's assuming that politicians care more about the opinions of their constituents than the lobbying dollars from the corporations who profit from turmoil overseas.
  7. Syrian refugees

    It's a bad situation all around. If you let the Syrians in, there's a chance one or more of them is an ISIS sleeper. And this isn't just a possibility. ISIS has said their plan is to sneak terrorists in to the country with the refugees. BUT ISIS' ultimate goal is to drive a wedge between Islam and the West. And what better way to do that, than to have us fear ALL Muslims, reject ALL refugees, paint the West as Islamophobic, and drive more Muslims back to ISIS controlled countries to add to their ranks? BUT aren't the states in their right mind to be skeptical? After all, a refugee was among the perpetrators of the Paris attack. So it's a very real threat that a refugee might be a suicide bomber. BUT should all the decent Muslims who are just trying to flee ISIS have to suffer because of that? Worse still, should they have to suffer because some politician is trying to rally up some conservative base votes during an election year? BUT are we only assuming it's politicizing because the Social Justice Warriors are taking shots at the Right? Is the Left is taking this opportunity to demonize the Right as Xenophobic for their own political ends? Should we discredit the very real threat of an ISIS insurgent in sheep's clothing out of blind political correctness? One thing on which we can all agree, pretty much whatever happens, the Syrian refugees are the losers.     Also, just a quick aside, a lot of you know, I live in D.C. And if Paris showed us anything, it's that ISIS doesn't make a lot of symbolic gestures in their attacks. They aren't going for monuments and politicians and government buildings. They're going for max body count at soft targets. The kind of places we go every day and will have a hard time avoiding. They're going for the citizens. So I don't know if the ISIS threat against DC today is credible, or if it's just ISIS mind games. In either case, keep your fingers crossed for us.
  8. What have we wrought?

    We need some adversity in this country. Not, "the gas prices are slightly higher" adversity or, "I'm under water on my mortgage" adversity. Real adversity. People have it way too good right now if we're so far down on Maslow's hierarchy of needs that "Halloween Costume Sensitivity" is our top priority, or even a priority of a portion of the population.   Can we get an alien invasion or a robot revolt or something? All the Roombas and Hoverboards switch to "Massacre" mode? Because we need a hard reboot of society.
  9. Need your help naming a beer

    Sour Loser
  10. What Titans Fans Are Saying

    I like Mariota a lot, and I will enjoy getting to see him play. It's just lucky we are playing him his rookie year, and not year 2. I foresee him having a great game against us statistically, but he's inexperienced and cocky enough to throw in Norman's direction, and ultimately a costly turnover will seal their fate. Won't be a blowout, but winning the turnover battle will get us to 9-0.
  11. Along the Sidelines - Packers at Panthers

    Great shots. I actually really like the glamour shots of Rodgers in the mix. He's a great player, and it was a pleasure to watch him operate yesterday. Even in defeat, I'm glad not every picture of him was just scrambling for his life, or crumpled in a fetal position post-sack. He's a player who has earned respect, and I think the shot composition really shows that. Great work as always!
  12. Trans-gendered boys in girls locker rooms

    What exactly is this situation that might come up? And how is it something that's not equally probable to happen now vs. with transsexuals in the bathroom? And no, everyone seems to be talking about looking at naked dicks. I'll prove my point: Someone who looks like a man walks into a man's locker room, gets undressed, and takes a shower. How do you, another man in the locker room, discover this person was someone who was born a woman?
  13. Trans-gendered boys in girls locker rooms

    Because who is going to enforce it? Are you gonna have cock patrol in the bathroom to make sure the person has the appropriate equipment to enter? If you know what the naked person in the locker room's junk looks like, then I submit that YOU are the problem. Don't look at the other person's pecker, or lack thereof, and everyone will be happy.
  14. Mike Dobs... the sign guy... oh my

    You know a good place for it? Good because I also have this spare pineapple I need to store somewhere. Maybe they can stuff it in the same place.
  15. Trans-gendered boys in girls locker rooms

    Wait... Wait, I...   What? Wait... So you're saying that transgender people should be forced to user certain bathrooms and locker you can continue to leer at an uncontaminated lineup of naked male genitalia as nature intended?