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  1. Captroop added a post in a topic Virginia TV reporter, photographer shot to death during live interview this morning   

    I think Republicans should go around shooting other people with guns. Because how can you be sure they aren't crazy, or might go crazy later and go on a shooting spree.
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  2. Captroop added a post in a topic Virginia TV reporter, photographer shot to death during live interview this morning   

    Because it's fugging disingenuous to act shocked and saddened by this, then do NOTHING, and then act shocked and saddened again and again.
    You want their legacy to not be tarnished? Then how about you actually do something to prevent senseless murder and exploitation from happening again?
    Just whining that people are making this a gun issue while the blood is still wet is only enabling gun violence. It's saying, "Oh, let's just chill out with the politics until people's emotions are worn off, then we can placate the masses with statistics about automobile crash statistics, alcohol and rope."
    You think you're somehow morally superior? No, it's exactly this attitude of , "well let's talk about it later," that ensures that nothing ever changes.
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  3. Captroop added a post in a topic Virginia TV reporter, photographer shot to death during live interview this morning   

    You know, it's really quite clever on the part of the NRA to say, "don't politicize the gun issue in the wake of this tragedy."
    I mean, they happen so frequently, there's really no right time to address the gun issue.
    This is a whole new degree of fugged up.  I never would have believed that we got to the point where someone would film themselves committing a murder and sharing it online. But here we are. The day has come. We legitimately have reached the low point. It's just the perfect storm:
    Guns everywhere with no accountabilityMental illness everywhere and no infrastructure to handle itA generation who believes in immediate gratification. Give me it now! I deserve it.A culture of victimization, self-pity, and entitlement that leads people to immediately quit and blame others the moment they experience any adversity.The era of the selfie. It's all about me, me, me. Look at me! "Reaction videos" so people can see what you looked like while you watched the new Force Awakens trailer. Then the Ice Bucket challenge, "I'll do something that feeds my ego while pretending I'm doing it because I care about ALS." Well , that's brought us here. 
    This present day American society is incredibly fugged. And I'm truly starting to think it's beyond help. I don't get like this from these stories often, because as I said, they happen so often, and to date, I've lived through the mass murder of elementary school children, universities, movie theaters, and at this point I thought I'd be numbed. But I'm literally shaking with anger and frustration and grief.
    But mainly disappointment. It's all futile anyway.
    You know, people worry so much about this horrible nightmare scenario of an oppressive Orwellian government. But this situation is much worse. Knowing that I can just be out on the street, or in the theater, or in the store, or anywhere really, and some nut can just blow my brains out before I can even think it react. And unless I lock myself in my house, it's a very real possibility that I'll get gunned down by someone who was mad at me from a previous job, or angry about traffic, or for no real reason at all. Yet in some inconceivable act of cognitive dissonance, I just have to shrug my shoulders and say, "Oh well. There's no way you could have prevented that shooting, or this shooting. I mean, guns really aren't the issue." You want to talk about the thought police? I'm trapped in a real life time and place that's a hundred times scarier than 1984.
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  4. Captroop added a post in a topic Rapsheet - Torn ACL for Kelvin Benjamin   

    Oh, I do the streaming service through the PS3. I can't get DirecTV in my apartment building because that zone doesn't permit dishes. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to shell out the money just so I have the chance to get Sunday Ticket in the comfort off my home without having to subscribe to cable or satellite.
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  5. Captroop added a post in a topic Rapsheet - Torn ACL for Kelvin Benjamin   

    Not just our WRs. Also our OL.
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  6. Captroop added a post in a topic Rapsheet - Torn ACL for Kelvin Benjamin   

    Forget the black cat superstition, I knew we were in trouble when we dubbed them the Twin Towers or the Two Towers. In either case, it's not a comparison you want to invite.
    I'm not giving up yet (not least of all because I just DROPPED $260 FRIGGIN BUCKS ON SUNDAY TICKET THIS MORNING!!!) but because I truly believe one of your young guys will step up and make the most of this opportunity. I got faith!
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  7. Captroop added a post in a topic Kelvin Benjamin carted off at practice   

    Welp, start getting Funchess some reps with the ones. His great debut in preseason week 1 is so much more important now.
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  8. Captroop added a post in a topic What happens when your rights are taken away   

    Yeah. You make a pretty compelling case. Why stop there? Abortions until age 3, amiright?
    Again, how about you leave it up to the mother? Case by case basis. If she can live with terminating a pregnancy when the kid's basically fully formed, that's on her. Not me. Not you. Her. Stop trying to come up with all these bizarre, arbitrary caveats when it is or isn't okay. Personal freedom versus government mandate. That's what Republicans stand for isn't it?
    It's a fertilized ovum. Not a person. It's a potential for life. I don't consider it a life until it can survive outside the womb, independent of relying on physical attachment to the mother's body for survival. So yeah, it's pretty much a part of her body. Her body keeps it alive, and her body goes through a whole battery of changes to support the fetus. And comes at a tremendous physical, psychological, and financial cost to her. So yeah, it's demonstrably her body.
    You personally think that it's a life, and equal to any other. Good for you. Don't have an abortion then. That's your right. But stop trying to force your beliefs on others.
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  9. Captroop added a post in a topic What happens when your rights are taken away   

    Maybe instead of trying to make it illegal and then arguing over semantics and exceptions, abortion should just be legal and every case should be determined on a case-by-case basis so each individual can make a choice based on their individual beliefs and circumstances.
    That way you don't have to justify, "an 11-year-old rape victim just gave birth because she was refused an abortion" by saying idiotic things like, "Well how often does that happen, really?" It doesn't matter that it doesn't happen often, what matters is it fuggin happened. That outcome, which should be a nightmarish hypothetical, is in fact within the scope of reality because of backwards, outdated laws.
    People are gonna fug. They're frequently gonna do it without protection. And they're gonna get pregnant. It's just a fact of life. We've got 7 billion people clamoring for space on this rock and eating up its resources. Maybe we can stop pretending like if enough people believe in the sky man, we can curb the same biological urges that enabled us to get to a 7 billion world population and live in the real world. And give women the unilateral option to decide whether or not they wanna whelp a child when they inevitably get pregnant, rather than letting a bunch of old men who believe in the sky man mandate what she can or can't do with her body.
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  10. Captroop added a post in a topic Texas Police Welcome Heavily Armed Protesters With Open Arms   

    You're welcome to take a break, I guess I just am in the minority when I don't think either of those groups represent a population as a whole, and think both are equally objectionable.
    That said, you do seem more wound up than usual. It's probably for the best football season is starting soon. Love you, buddy!
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  11. Captroop added a post in a topic Texas Police Welcome Heavily Armed Protesters With Open Arms   

    I don't think anyone here...Actually I take that back even before I finish my thought. I was gonna say I don't think anyone here doesn't recognize the need for police reform, or the unfair treatment of Blacks, Latinos and (especially, if you've done the research) Native Americans. But, you know, Tinderbox and all...
    Anyway, this is not an example you can hold up and point to it as an example of unequal treatment. These groups, regardless of what they say they stand for in their monthly newsletter, behaved completely differently at the events in question. Guys meandering the streets with guns, vs people with guns calling for people to take up arms and kill cops. MUCHO MUCHO DIFFERENTE (not sure that's Spanish. Just giibberish; so don't bother correcting me)
    You know I'm willing to listen to, and consider, contrary opinions, but there's really no debate here. I'm sure this was done by the NBP movement expressly with the purpose of attempting to draw comparisons with how the Oath Keepers and the Second Amendment Wal Mart idiots get treated. But any examination of the cases in question shows the only similarity is that both groups have guns. Do please don't get suckered in to that fallacious argument, in this case.
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  12. Captroop added a post in a topic Texas Police Welcome Heavily Armed Protesters With Open Arms   

    Red, you gonna know you're reaching here. There is, in fact a material difference between a bunch of militia, idiots who jack off to Red Dawn, and a group of people lined up outside a police department with assault rifles and questionable trigger discipline chanting to kill the police.
    It's not a matter of perception. One armed group was chanting "take up arms and kill the police" to the police, the other was just kinda standing around, desperately looking for any opportunity to dress up like Navy SEALs in public.
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  13. Captroop added a post in a topic Marco Rubio   

  14. Captroop added a post in a topic The next big Scorsese-Leo Project   

    Great, Scorsese is going to ask Leo to do another terrible accent, and Leo is going to be overdo it trying to grab for an Oscar. I love these two individually, but I think it's time they start seeing other people. Scorsese is passing up a lot of emerging talent in the biz we could do wonders with, and Leo needs to take some more fun roles like Django Unchained, which will do more for his public perception and Oscar chances in the long run.
    What I am going to look forward to with this film is the humanization of the monstrous H.H. Holmes character. Scorsese always does a great job not just taking the easy road and making despicable real-life characters seem irredeemably despicable. It's always much more dramatic when the villain is identifiable; even sympathetic.
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