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  1. AmeriGEDDON!!!!

    Eh, that's not fair. It has an audience, and it's giving them exactly what they want to see. So it can't be the worst film conceived. It's just basically in the same category as porn. You can't look at a porno and say, "This plot is preposterous!" It's porn. And this is porn for preppers. What's funny is knowing there's such a large segment of the population that demands this kind of porn. "Let me live my fantasy of shooting all the commie liberals and scary foreigners, while having everyone effusively praise me for being right to be suspicious of the government and hording guns for so long" porn.
  2. AmeriGEDDON!!!!

    This is amazing: Those are UN soldiers invading America.
  3. AmeriGEDDON!!!!

    Jose Esparza BELIEVE IT OR NOT....ALL THE SIGNS ARE THERE...OBAMA & THE DEMO-RATS HAVE BEEN PLANNING THE DESTRUCTION AND TAKE OVER OF AMERICA.........OBAMA HAS UN TROOPS HERE....BRINGING IN MUSLIM ISLAMIC TERRORIST AND HAS ORGANIZED THE BLM & BLACK PANTHERS GROUPS AND OTHERS........THIS IS A REAL THREAT AMERICA....... Adam Gilbert Not only the democrats. The Republican are just as much involved. It's part of a much bigger picture. The merge us into a One World Government. This conspiracy is much bigger than Obama. He's only the puppet of the New World Order. Just like Both Bush's were. Fabricio Mariotto That's why they are trying to stop trump at all costs. Because he's not part of the nwo. He's not a puppet. You know what, I'd sleep a lot better at night knowing I lived next to a family of Muslims than any of these nuts.
  4. Cant stop watching

    And block the doors from the outside. I will fugging Triangle Shirtwaist them, and I'm not even kidding.
  5. Cant stop watching

    I don't know who Super Deluxe is, I don't know what they stand for, I don't even care if I agree with them. But if one more of their bizarre, avant-garde, Salvador-Dali-edited short films shows up as an ad on YouTube in the middle of a video I'm watching, I will find their headquarters, and burn it to the ground.
  6. I was wrong...

    Merriam-Webster: I feel like your source is a community of people who actually think they are witches.
  7. I was wrong...

    Yes. A male witch is a warlock. Although I suppose a warlock could choose to express as a witch. I don't know how gender binary the occult community is.
  8. Current projection: Hillary to win NY

    I think this is the death knell for Sanders, as much as it pains me to say. He'll limp along for the rest of the primaries, but I said he needed to win New York outright to have any chance of winning the nomination, and I stand by that. Not only to take a big chunk out of Hillary's delegate lead, but also to show Dems on the fence in other states who haven't voted yet that he has what it takes to win. Every big loss is just convincing more potential Sanders voters that he's just a curiosity and not a real contender. A lot of people had their intention to vote for Hillary affirmed last night. I want Bernie to stay in it til the end, because I want more people to hear his message. We need more vocal representatives of the far left to keep the political spectrum balanced. Right now, the Dems are moving closer to center, and the Republicans are moving further and further right. If Hillary wins, it basically sets the political mid-point somewhere in the meaty part of the conservative range.
  9. Riddle me this, liberals

    What the fug are you even talking about? WHERE IS WEDDING CAKE IN THE BIBLE!? ON WHAT GROUNDS TO YOU STAND TO SAY THAT MAKING A WEDDING CAKE IS TAKING PART IN A RELIGIOUS CEREMONY? You are the one who said forcing someone to bake a wedding cake is forcing them to take part in a "religious ceremony" that they don't want to take part in. So where is the proof that eating cake is a religious ceremony? It's a fugging cake! And until you can prove that eating cake is a religious rite, then your whole argument that it's forcing someone to jeopardize their religious principles is fugging bogus. They don't want to serve gay people because they don't like gays! Period. The end. Stop hiding behind a book and just own up to your hate.
  10. Riddle me this, liberals

    Show me in the bible where they talk about the wedding reception and the wedding cake. Show me one verse. And I'll drop if forever. I'll admit the wedding cake is a sacred Christian rite. I'll admit the wedding reception is a treasured religious ceremony. You will have won. Christians have every right to claim it as a religious ceremony that would offend their religious sensibilities to participate in. One verse. One parable. Even something that rhymes with "wedding cake" from the Bible, and you win. If you can't then it's Just. A. fuging. Cake.
  11. Riddle me this, liberals

    ...are you seriously suggesting homosexuals aren't beaten and killed in the US. Do they not have Google News where you live?
  12. Riddle me this, liberals

    Are you suggesting that the Wedding Cake is sacred? You've said several times that bakers can refuse this on religious grounds because it's part of the ceremony. And you're saying here that they could provide other cakes, just not wedding cakes for a gay marriage because it's part of the ceremony. I clearly missed the part of the Bible where they talk about the cake. Do the words "Wedding Cake" appear in the bible? "The sacred bond of matrimony once joined, shall be commemorated with the consumption of the wedding cake. The wedding cake will be provided by a pious baker of faith, and the cake shall be white. If the cake is other than white, the baker shall be stoned for this is unforgivable. His blood shall be on his hands. At the reception of the wedding, the bridegroom and wife shall smear the wedding cake on the face of the other, for this shows humility in the eyes of the Lord. If the bride should eat any of the icing off the wedding cake before the smearing of the cake, she shall be burned on the altar of the Lord. Her husband shall then be free to eat the cake and marry the bridesmaid of most bountiful endowment." The wedding cake is not part of the marriage. It's a fugging cake. There's no difference between one cake and the other. You don't sprinkle holy water on it. You don't bless it. Where the people are going to eat it has nothing to do with it. A baker has exactly as much to do with the wedding as a cook at Papa Johns has to do with the sex the couple he's making the pizza has when they can "Netflix and Chill." What? THAT WAS A BACON CRUST PIZZA! Bacon crust pizza is only supposed to be consumed while watching a sports event with your bros! And you besmirch my sacred pizza by watching a romantic comedy and dry humping! SIN! SIN! This whole religious persecution angle is just the last, laziest excuse Christian bigots have to safely persecute a group of people and get away with it.
  13. So much of his story sounds like the elaborations of a bad liar. "I couldn't turn my head because of my disability, so I got up out of my seat so I could communicate to him on a human-to-human level and pray for him." Not saying that didn't happen, just saying that's his story, which seems to leave a lot of room for other interpretations.
  14. Hillary’s Inevitability Lie

    It's kind of like the Arab Spring, in that social media, and the availability of information from all over the world on the Internet made the ouster of oppressive regimes possible. Similarly, in any other era, Bernie's campaign would have never been possible. A grass roots effort like his would never have spread the way it has by word of mouth alone. Social media made is possible. Otherwise the corporate controlled media (the equivalent of government propaganda in our corporate oligarchy) would have convinced us that the presumptive candidate was the only candidate. Hillary would be a lock today, and Bernie would have been long forgotten after getting 2-3% of the voter per state and dropping out mid-march. The only thing that's concerning, is that to extend that allegory out, if Trump loses, we can pretty much expect an American equivalent of ISIS. The far right have seen they have the numbers, power, influence, and firepower to have a "traditional values" sharia enforced in several states.