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  1. Agree but we're not cutting Young. We are either keeping Young AND Armah as our H-back/fullback role or cutting Manhertz and using Armah as our 3rd TE.
  2. A lot depends on Vern Butler's' health status. If he's not ready by week one, we go with Kyle Love and Eric Crume as backup DT's. If he is ready to go, we go with him and Eric Crume . I think Crume beats out Kyle Love.
  3. With Vernon Butler and Kyle Love being injured most of training camp, your boy 330 pound NT Eric Crum will make the 53.
  4. - KB - Funchess - Shepard - Samuel - Byrd We go with 5 WR's this year. McCaffrey is basically another WR so he will serve as our 6th wideout. We're gonna keep Austin Duke and Fred Ross on our practice squad.
  5. Tuesday practice news and tweets

    What happened to McCray? he needs to get his ass out there and beat out Southward. Bersin probably wont play Thursday, big opportunity for Kaelin Clay to move ahead of him for #6 WR spot.
  6. Let me tell you something about Joe Person. Joe Person is mentally handicapped
  7. Would you trade Funchess straight up to Colts for Philip Dorsett ?
  8. Elder making slow but steady progress
  9. Roman Harper round 2?

    Interesting thought. And by interesting I mean terrible.
  10. Joe P's Roster Projection

    This projection makes a lot more sense. Although I believe we will put Can Elder on IR and keep Cole Luke over Zack Sanchez.
  11. Panthers VS Titans Preseason Game Review

    Enjoyed reading this. Hope you do another one after Thursdays game.
  12. Joe P's Roster Projection

    Even a 7th rounder would be nice for a player we're going to cut in 2 weeks. A team like Arizona could be an option. They have Leone and Wile who have not impressed so far.