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  1. Remarkable. You just knew the Browns were gonna fug it up. This will be the biggest draft mistake since the Lions took Joey Harrington over Julius Peppers in '02
  2. Happy Birthday man. god bless
  3. Exactly. It's very well researched and well thought out.
  4. I'm giving you gold here and this is the thanks I get? It's fine tho, I love you all
  5. Gman gonna trade our 1st, 2 2's, 3rd and next years 2 to move up for Garrett.
  6. Round 1, Pick 8: Leonard Fournette (RB, LSU)/Christian McCaffery (RB, Stanford) - As I said earlier, I'd be absolutely shocked if we don't pick one of the two here. If Fournette's off the board, we take McCaffery. I don't see a trade up happening with the amount of love we've showered on CMC. Round 2, Pick 40: Cam Robinson (OT, Alabama), David Njoku (TE, Miami), Obi Melifonwu (SS, UCONN), Jordan Willis (DE, Kansas), Garett Bolles (OT, Utah) Josh Jones (SS, NC State) Tarrell Bashman (DE, Ohio) - Don't be a bit surprised if we're taking our second selection in the back half of the first round. A tradeup for any of the first three prospects I list here would not be shocking in the least. That said, I think we hold pat. There are enough prospects that we're high on here that one of them should fall to us. That would free us up to pursue one of our other targets in the back half of the round.
  7. Corner isn’t a priority: Gettleman made it very clear last year that he was drafting the secondary of the future, and he seems to mean it because we have shown practically zero interest in the cornerback position. Despite a lot of (uninformed) people arguing that corner is the weakest spot on our roster, and Carolina Huddle’s weird insistence that Gareon Conley is at the top of our board (we didn’t so much as attend his pro day), the only CB we’ve used a private visit on or worked out more than once is Teez Tabor. With the way his stock is tumbling, don’t be surprised if Teez ends up with us, but I’m not seeing a high pick on corner this year. We’re interested in WR, but not with a high pick: All totaled we’ve shopped about 16 WRs. Most of those are pro day glances, and only two of them we’ve held private visits with are top prospects (Curtis Samuel and Zay Jones). It’s a need I expect us to address, but not until day 3. We want a safety but we’re not interested in a late rounder: Of all the positions in this draft, Safety is the most intriguing. There are three trends to note here with the players we’re interested in: we’ve worked them out very extensively, they’re all top rated prospects and they’re all strong safeties. There are no two players we’ve shown more interest in than Jamal Adams and Obi Melifonwu, who we’ve met with 3 and 4 times respectively. And we’ve also done considerable work with Josh Jones. Outside of that? We’ve done practically nothing to scout the position. We want one of those three guys, and we want them bad. If Melfonwu is there at 40, I’m convinced he’s the pick. Otherwise, expect Josh Jones at some point. Edge rush is going to get at least one and possibly two picks: Apart from WR, no position has been vetted as thoroughly as DE. We’ve worked out 15 prospects at the position, and 6 of our 30 private visits fall squarely in the DE category. And unlike safety, we’re not just working out the top prospects. We’ve done extensive scouting of players projected as early as the first and as late as 4th round, with a concentration on guys projected for round 2. I would keep a particularly close eye on Jordan Willis, Tanoh Kpassagnon and Demarcus Walker as players we could see donning the Carolina hats by the end of day 2. I would not be at all surprised to see DE as our back to back picks either in round 2, or our late 2nd rounder and comp pick. If for some reason neither McCaffery or Fournette are available at 8, I think Solomon Thomas or Barnett becomes our first rounder. Tight End is more luxury than priority: Upgrading the offense is important to the FO in this draft, and TE is one of the top places they aim to do it. But ultimately, I don’t think this is as high a priority as many draft experts seem to believe. Howard has gotten some cursory work, but wasn’t one of our 30 visits and only had a single private workout with us. I don’t see him being in the cards for us. We did a lot of tire kicking on David Njoku, and I’m sure he’s in the mix for us at 40 if he’s available, but he almost certainly won’t be. Evan Ingram is definitely on our radar, but I think defensive players and OL (more on that in a minute) are higher priorities. Offensive Tackle is very much a target: We have worked out a ton of offensive tackles, and I believe the thinking of our FO is that A) the position needs an upgrade and B) day 2 is the time to do it. We’ve worked out a handful of borderline 1st/2nd round guys. Cam Robinson is very much in the mix for us at 40, and I would consider Dion Dawkins as a favorite for pick 64, depending on who we choose with 40. Other names to watch are David Sharpe from Florida and my personal favorite UDFA signing, Mason Zandi.