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  1. Aaron Rodgers may not play after all

    dont fall for that, he's def playing
  2. I highly doubt we will be able to. We already have the 2 Kaili's with hefty contracts and we just gave Trai Turner a massive deal. Taylor Moton is ready to replace Norwell next year and we must think about extending our very solid RT Daryl Williams. I simply can't afford to tie up so much cap space on one position. The smarter play would be re-signing Star long term.
  3. Of course Aaron Rodgers is playing Sunday

    No doubt about it. We still have to feel very confident about winning this game. A-ron hasn't played in 9 weeks and we should be able to move the ball consistently on their porous defense.
  4. Seriously. But imagine what kind of poo the attractive females like Kay Adams, Lindsey Rhodes, Amber Theoharis have to deal with at NFLN.
  5. Boy, all these sexual harassment allegations are crazy. I mean, who's next, Jeremy Igo ?!?
  6. I like that Wolf of Wallstreet reference there.
  7. Somewhere Brett Favre is dusting off his resume
  8. First Brett Favre sending pictures of his massive juicy cock to Jenn Sterger and now this?! terrible
  9. Baldy Breaks down panthers

    Interesting that we replaced Shaq with Colin Jones and Jarius Byrd.
  10. Props to Bersin

    I also work at McDonald's and am attracted to 12-year-olds. So what? stop judging me.