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  1. Scandaloussss
  2. Ruthlesssss
  4. One of the headlines from Charlotte in the early days of the offseason program related to the size of the body of Panthers receiver Kelvin Benjamin. Now that Benjamin apparently is in shape, Panthers G.M. Dave Gettleman has a few things to say about the reaction to Benjamin’s bloat. “This is what frustrates me with the media today,” Gettleman said recently, via Bill Voth of the website the Panthers own and operate. “They go to DEFCON 5 on everything. . . . Kelvin Benjamin being overweight was not a big deal. It was April 17. Can we all get a grip?” For starters, the media doesn’t go to “DEFCON 5 on everything.” The media showcases the stories that the audience is expected to be interested in, at every given phase of the calendar. The media companies that do that the best way thrive; those that fail to write and talk about things of interest to the audience fail.
  5. He has really nice eyes.
  6. I'm joking of course, good for you.
  7. And by terrific I mean awful.
  8. You look terrific.
  9. hahaha oh yeah, that's right. That's me. I'm the stud, the stallion, the king of 'em all y'all
  10. I'm developing a very unhealthy and potentially dangerous crush on Jourdan.
  11. exactly
  12. no