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  1. There’s actually a defense team for Kazee’s hit on Cam. You can not make this poo up anymore.
  2. rico6

    Tepper's take on Trump-Anthem-Perspective

    They’re the same poster at this point. You can’t convince me of anything different.
  3. rico6

    Tepper's take on Trump-Anthem-Perspective

    @Montsta you need to be swayed to NOT vote for Trump? Yikes.
  4. rico6

    Tepper's take on Trump-Anthem-Perspective

    Harbingers, please don’t question anyone’s intelligence. It’s seriously one of the more cringe-worthy things to see.
  5. Im almost positive you pulled 6 teeth out just typing the word republicant to appear bipartisan in regards to politics and football.
  6. Then you have bullshit like this. My god is this heinous.
  7. You think it’s okay for mister to say racially charged comments to his staff. So fug off with this keep politics out mah football crap. Off this dickhead tho, it’s funny how almost every poster in a main board thread regarding Trump never outright says they voted for the guy, but will pull out any angle to defend him and his white supremacists base. wish you conservative cucks would grow and sack and say what you mean, like @MM122181 he doesn’t give 2 flying fugs about claiming how racists he is. Main Board posters should man up and do the same.
  8. You and E Cat have a lot more in common than you know. Starting to think you’re the alt at this point.
  9. Derek Wolfe might be the next Trumper to speak out. So you might get your wish.
  10. Thank God he just signed that contract. Because Wisconsin is probably in a war zone about this tweet right now.
  11. He said she said? DPD has controlled the narrative from the very start. I didn’t even know the guy a fuging Red Rug at his doorstep until earlier today.
  12. rico6

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Isn’t the illustrator Australian too? The same place that outright hunted the Aboriginal Populace until the 70s. Wouldn’t expect any less from those colonizers.