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  1. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    The gettleman DC in this thread.. Haha
  2. I normally rag Saca, but if you're questioning the legitimacy of Star ever getting several TFLs or breaching a backfield, then lol.
  3. Gettleman was such an overrated mother fuger on this board. Dude made some shitastic moves during his tenure.
  4. But you'd rather hear every sports media outlet blowing off Bitch Boy Brady at every moment of the day, right?
  5. Go Eagles. OP needs to smoking PCP.
  6. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Yep. The South has been taking an immeasurable amount of L's since Trump's presidency. It should be categorized as a fetish at this point for how certain whites just get off on being as inhumanely racist as possible.
  7. Yeah, thought it should be more attributed to individual standouts to point to ST success than whoever this chump was.
  8. ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Good God. And this is the supposed superior race?
  9. mlk day

    Learned alot today. Thanks @GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER I legit teared up reading that FBI transcript. MLK is a legend that I intend to teach to my children some day.
  10. The Cam Conundrum

    Im Puerto Rican and can attest that "puto" is a word ive only heard like 5x max. Cut the poo.
  11. The Cam Conundrum

    Considering the Panthers have trotted out some terrible Black QBs in the past that were involved in very little dialogue regarding their race I think you're full of crap. Cam is the best QB this franchise ever had, and instead of creating a weekly thread of "when the hell are we going to sign some offensive talent" the weekly thread is someone's wetdream of drafting the next lunch pail hero with killer accuracy.