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  1. Yeah that was cringe
  2. You're wrong, man, the Panthers D ranked solidly middle of the pack and Bradberry has Luke Friggin Keuchly as the QB of his Defense led by other all pros, again, name me a Redskins defender worth a poo. Josh wasn't exposed, 3 ints 19 PDs, 2 FF (one of those being a game winner) are not "Exposed" stats.
  3. Im not taking PFF rankings seriously, dude made game changing plays all year and plays on one of the WORST defenses in the league. Seriously, name a Redskin defender off the top.
  4. These quotes make me feel the opposite. Dude bleeds football. Wish him the best.
  5. Trade MKG, our Pick and a salary dump to move up for Monk. Trade one of Marvin or Lamb for Cap Relief (Plumlee ain't going anywhere unless Kemba is packaged with him) sign or draft a backup PG. Go hard at Reddick. All I got.
  6. A shame Collins didn't exist back when Cody was drafted, he's essentially the combination of Cody and Frank which by all accounts should be a decent NBA starter. If said player is there at 11 you take him everytime.
  7. Beal playing off-ball with Kemba at the point.. all the while we got Batum the glue to facilitate? Easily Top 3 in the East year in and out. Called it a poo pick then (really, check out the thread when he was drafted) he's still a poo pick for what we needed then and STILL need now. He's like an offensively inept Draymond Green. Which translates to Role Player.
  8. No. '13 '08 imho were better, by a decent margin.
  9. Would love to grab Mario on a flyer 6'7 300 pounders don't grown on trees. Maybe a rejuvenation project.
  10. Frank over Devin Booker should've made the Hornets' board oust Jordan as majority owner imho. What a horrible decision.
  11. If Frank Ntilikina, Zach Collins or Justin Jackson go higher than projected we'll have a shot a Monk, Isaac or Dennis Smith. Odds are against us, but still possible.
  12. I Remember when Beason punched some drunk douchebag in the face and the case was damn near open and shut, I wonder why in this case it's actually going this far with court proceedings. Anyways, innocent or not this is the LAST thing Oher needs on his plate. I don't see him with the team in the coming weeks.
  13. Lebron plays in the East for a reason. His legacy would look a hell of a lot different if he had to dog it out with the Rockets, Spurs, Warriors year in and out. Dude is definitely top 5, but Jordan is undefeated in the finals. 'Bron was the MAIN reason that 2011 Heat team is ringless. To his credit, Shawn Marion is like one of the GOAT Wing Defenders of his time and shut Bron down, but still..
  14. Jordan lacing them Cigars with that good good
  15. He has a poor attitude and poo work ethic thats why it takes his head coach 2 off seasons to publicly address said work ethic.