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  1. "As long as we continue to protect him" kneegrow wat?
  2. Shula failed us

    I fuging called the inevitable 1st Quarter 0:00 play clock T.O cheese that Shula and Ron is known for. Ron said he goes down with Shula on record, it's looking very likely so. But we all know Jrich won't go outside of status quo when it comes to subservient HC's with no balls or intelligence.
  3. Goodnight Greg olsen

    All I know is that with Shula and Rivera, CMC will be one wasted individual. Really wished we got O.J
  4. 6 Quarters, 3 Points Allowed

    @panthers55 gitcho ass in here boi and explain this.
  5. The Historian is a fuging husk of his former self at this point. I wouldn't bother.
  6. Olsen gone, there goes 50% of the play calling. Wonder how O.J is doing.
  7. This Offense is so held back by Rivera and Shula. It's saddening as fug.
  8. Marty Hurney Vent Thread

    2013 was a success because the front 7 played at a legendary level. In fact, Hardy, Johnson, TD, Luke, Star, Short made Melvin fuging White a starting CB for crying out loud. Saying rookie Star and Short are the reasons is about the dumbest poo I've ever seen.
  9. Marty Hurney Vent Thread

    Can't lie, that guy's post was cringy af.
  10. Marty Hurney Vent Thread

    Yeah, no. Gettleman literally lucked up into getting an in-prime Cam and a one season removed DROY in Luke to begin his legacy. You're so full of poo, Scot.
  11. 7-8-1 - 2014 - poo Season, 3rd string QB in the 1st rnd of the play-offs, but yeah let's chalk that up as one of Gettleman's gold stars over Hurney. Give it up, Scot.
  12. Yeah, as it's been mentioned Gettleman's track record isn't a shining endorsement either, especially considering the comparative level of talent when it comes to win losses. 2016 was absolutely heinous. Just like 2004. 2014 was absolutely heinous, much akin to Hurney. It comes down to bias at the end if the day. And to be honest, Lord Historian, it's clear your biased as holy fug regarding the subject matter.
  13. I factor in talent acquisitions as well. Which rounds him out imho. Hurney set Gettleman up nicely as far as top level talent goes. Denying such is subjective.
  14. Because we all are bearing witness to the fruits of Gettleman's superior WR acquisitions right? Look, Hurney for all extents and purposes has been average his tenure here; however, to look past that and say Gettleman is this franchise's saving grace (which is WRONG) are SEVERELY downplaying Gettleman's inheritance of a Cam entering his prime and a DROY in Luke greatly propelled his ability to succeed. I would love to see Hurney handed a Cam Newton type transcendent not already hit +900 times and etc. All this coming from a guy that personally hopes that Hurney is given a due process and actually has to earn his job over qualifications and not being handed the position because he's the Owner's weekend golf bud.