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  1. Maybe because the "surrounded by talent" meme was wrong to boldly state by the fanbase to begin with. The entire offense hinged on relying on 2 rookies and an overpaid sack of crap Kalil.
  2. Big Vern... Where are you?

    I have no dog in the Hurney vs Gettleman debate, but the exact same can be said for Gettleman inheriting Cam Newton, Luke, Prime TD, etc. (Gettleman actually stated this as well)
  3. Big Vern... Where are you?

    LMFAO. Hurney's bad, Gettleman was bad. End of story.
  4. lol Colin has straight up blown this poo up to unseen proportions never seen. Someone here compared him to Ali, I'd say it's pretty apt.
  5. I'll never watch another NFL game or support its product again. I will be buying CK's book though.
  6. Video of Cam's entire press conference

    Your post starts off fine, then drags into a venting session and is topped off with a lazy MLK comparison. I don't blame @TheRed for not following it. No offense.
  7. Video of Cam's entire press conference

    I call them bigots and liars, you've likened Cam to a Womanizer in one of your previous posts which is an outright lie, but then cry "race card" when someone questions your objectivity on the subject matter. I mean, you're lying right fuging now about me calling people racists. In my entirety of posting on the huddle I've never insinuated someone's cultural or ethnic backgrounds through debate. You on the other hand...well, your short lived rant yesterday told me just about what I needed to know regarding the whole Cam Newton PC issue from your POV. You simply don't like the man. Whether it be due to his ethnicity, money, etc. You don't like Cam Newton the Person.
  8. Video of Cam's entire press conference

    Probably hates him? Do you mothercuckers live under a rock? Tennessee Mom? Fake Smile? Person dry-snitching about Cam's concussion protocol? Etc???
  9. Video of Cam's entire press conference

    "Man up" This fanbase is horrid.
  10. Video of Cam's entire press conference

    Reporters trotting in late IS a bad look. Panthers FO need to clean house if it's current beat team. Seriously. The most unprofessional lot I've ever seen.
  11. Ohhhh he acted like a Womanizer. That makes your lie 0.002% less full of crap. Dishonest. Just like those who have more of a disdain for Cam Newton the PERSON, instead of the player.
  12. You just called Cam a Womanizer. With absolutely no basis. Cam probably deals with sensationalizing bitch made liars like yourself every PC. I don't mind him walking out one bit.