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  1. @The Pieyed Piper
  2. rico6


  3. rico6

    The Richardson Rule

    Bruh. It's fuging bizarro world in the Main Forum.
  4. Being a xenophobic POS is one of those reason?
  5. rico6

    WTF have we become

    Madden sucks and so do you.
  6. Something I wish he and his lowest denominator Trump buds would get through their thick skulls.
  7. rico6

    For those who said slavery ended in 1865

  8. Lol. The fact you pigeon hole Combs' wealth to rapping or being a rapper shows how you don't know wtf you are spouting about. Dude is a household name.
  9. An autistic Cop. You scare me, Quest. For real.
  10. Oh the typical, bent out of shape snowflakes looking for a tinder to burn. No matter how petty or stupid it may be.
  11. Oh @ARSEN you're so witty with your trolling you sure got me
  12. The mainboard is toxic. It's seriously fallen off a fuging cliff.
  13. You poor, demented scared little snowflakes.