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  1. I've never been so enlightened, man. Thank you #basedspeckler
  2. I get it now. Thank you, Carl.
  3. We weren't 8th seed last year
  4. Enlighten me. No trolling, but im curious where this has been stated or referenced.
  5. Yet hes compared to Olsen?? Hell, even Olsen's combine 40 was better that Njoku's I don't get it.
  6. Last time Cam had 2 TEs he shattered records.
  7. Some reaaaal autism right there. ^^^ TCF level post.
  8. Thanks Diddy, im at ease, still don't understand the concept in dragging his ass out there for those meaningLESS games, though.
  9. Sure hope so, but apparently this organization thinks it's fine dragging out oft-injured vets who are in 2 1/2 Month concussion protocols. Competency and Panthers Medical Staff don't exactly go hand in hand.
  10. Considering this team will continue scrapping for the 8th SWEEP might have to temper that expectation. Miles is projected between 8-11. But I do like his game, would be grand to replace him with MKG in the starting rotation.
  11. A.I effect, won't realize what we have until he's gone.
  12. Yet, we're expecting him to be ready to roll by the regular season? This fuging organization,man.
  13. Don't agree with the notion, but Ron's "I woulda' hit him" comments are damning as hell. Still are to this day.. Just bizarre.
  14. You'd have to be a stupid motherfuger to agree with the notion that Cam should've played those meaningLESS games while injured. Point blank.