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  1. Return of the 2 TE set please
  2. Mist projections I've seen for Frank is Shaun Livingston with more range and D to the freaking Glove (G.Payton) himself. Both which would be gladly welcomed. But at this point im hoping one of the Collins sneak into the top 10 and Monk or Fox falls. Cause we really need a back-up PG BAD. Or pack MKG or Batum and our pick to NY for Melo and pick #7
  3. Don't blame him, next year he could easily be a top 3 pick.
  4. Now thats a Ginn replacement. Would love to see us draft him.
  5. Bridges and Thomas Bryant. That would be the Hornets' best draft in years, easy.
  6. I wanted Brogdon too, dude was playing at a ROTY level pre all star
  7. would be gettles best offensive signing to date because of that, he won't do it.
  8. Should've tanked, thanks Jordan.
  9. Morrison wasnt the same after the acl tear
  10. O.J's position is clear and defined.. he's a TE. McCaff's isn't, I mean the most creative play I've ever seen in Shula's Era here is the patented Ted Ginn reverse sweep. He would be a gigantic waste imho with this staff.
  11. My original point is that he's overrated and not effective as he once was at this point and that he's always been turnover prone in the playoffs or key games. In Minn's best W/L year (2015) he had 7 fumbles and a potential game winning scoring drive fumble against Seattle in that year's playoffs. Hes not clutch. Productive and a HOFer but not clutch.
  12. 39 career fumbles no matter how you spin it is baaaad