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  1. Gettleman's awkward press conferences and general inability to supporting his MVP QB is enough "tangible" evidence for me.
  2. Gettleman wouldn't have drafted Cam for the same reason it took him until year 4 of his tenure to FINALLY have an offense dedicated to upgrading the damn offense. He simply doesn't value the offensive side of the as much as he does with defense. Or maybe his inability to gather offensive talent is one of his weaker traits as a GM.
  3. Gettleman would've never drafted Cam. Even the nuttiest GMAN nuthugger would agree with that.
  4. fuging embarrassing in my unbiased opinion.
  5. ATL fired their record breaking OC after the SB. Why should this franchise be impervious to making bold moves to make a statement?
  6. For timing reasons, no. He should've been canned around this time last year if anything.
  7. I mean for an interim signing it's not bad, but yeah anything past this season and I'll be on the JRich usurping bandwagon too.
  8. It's getting somewhat unbearable honestly. Im not in whole agreement with the timing of JR's choice, but the chicken littles saying to forfeit the season are hilarious. They'll be here when this team is rolling over fools.
  9. If we're abruptly firing GMs for questionable poo, yes, but don't let me interrupt your venting.
  10. Yeah, the timing and corporate takeover feel definitely doesn't sit right with me as a fan. If you were too fire or reprimand Gettles it definitely would've been the Norman debacle and essentially forfeiting the 2016 offseason. Always thought Richardson as an owner should've relegated such duties to someone else long ago.
  11. I doubt TD and Olsen would be the types to set this franchise back for a few mil. It's deeper than money imho
  12. The same mediocre team we've been when gettleman arrived up to his firing.