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  1. Name me a Franchise where a Coach (LET ALONE A COORDINATOR OF ALL PEOPLE) publicly lay blame on any other particular group, ESPECIALLY THE FRANCHISE QB. I'll be at work ALL DAY, so I'll wait.
  2. Kony Ealy

    idk, I remember him almost fumbling it though, so my pick 6 aspirations were rightfully shot down.
  3. Positions we need to upgrade

    Tackle positions need to be addressed, ST needs to be gutted and rehauled - AGAIN, CB depth would be nice too.
  4. Cam was let down by his offense

    Agreed, but the 'blitz' isn't some unguardable attack, otherwise every team in NFL history would abuse it, it has its flaws and exploits. Shula/playcalling/players didn't choose to exploit the rather OBVIOUS blitze packages Phillips was showing.
  5. Kony Ealy

    This team needed a Pick 6 BADLY, Ealy would've turned that MVP into MVGOD had he done that.
  6. Cam MADE Shula, I've never seen it more clearer than Sunday.
  7. Cam was let down by his offense

    That by extension means Shula/Rivera/play-calling was at fault though.
  8. Cam was let down by his offense

    Yup. From playcalling to execution, it was a complete Offensive failure. The Defense on the otherhand, was damn near legendary. What were the Broncos like 1/14 on 3rd down conversions?
  9. Logged in just to say fug Shula. Hopefully he takes an OC position elsewhere because that's the only way this testicle-less Management Group will cut-off the deadweight. Man, if only Shula were Steve Smith or Greg Hardy, his Ass would be gone in a week.
  10. Ron = 59 Luke = 59   Guess I'm late to this party.
  11. TD goes after Rodney Harrison

    I'd give an arm to see Rodney suit-up against this team one last time.
  12. What position did you play?

    Played the MIKE at Myers Park quite a while ago (10-years) moved down to FB when I played College Ball at WSSU.   - GO RAMS BEYOTCH
  13. Let's get him a Ring while we're at it

    Definitely deserves one, if any Bear from that 05-06 Squad deserves a ring it's Tillman. It's almost unbelievable a Team can get to the Big Dance with fuging Grossman at the helm.