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  1. Cam MUST be protected from Hardy....

    I'm sure he'll play like a Madman, aside his spat with the Special Teams Guy in Dallas, he's never displayed such behavior in Charlotte. I'm sure he'll high-five most of the Defense and even Cam before the game, so no worries.
  2. Atlanta Falcons.... RISE UP

    I can totally see both happening.
  3. For the media hacks...

    Caught that too, I honestly don't get it. For a Team that has put the NFL above its own property, on several occasions it still feels the rest of the World is out to get us. I remember the Patriots' run being treated like a Modern Day Fairytale, but for us it's still the same ole' Underdog Story.   fug the media, and even the transplants that sold their tickets to the Redskin Fans that were ALL  OVER that bottom seat level. its us against them baby.
  4. Hey look at that, Charles Davis is a bum announcer, while Gman's a league wide appreciated GM.   funny how the ball rolls.
  5. Let it go, Redsins suck balls.
  6. Well deserved laugh, Norman. fug Williams.
  7. Williams channeling his inner Bell here.
  8. Awwwwwww the announcer guy wants Cam to make history too, I share the pain.
  9. can this be cam's career best day?

    Typing drunk on the iPhone sucks btw
  10. can this be cam's career best day?

    My god, what is it, 7 to beat the record????
  11. Even being held, straight up nasty!!!
  12. Couldn't have been the only one to see that BLATANT  HOLD