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  1. Is Kalil 100%?

    Very few starters are 100% this time of year.
  2. Johnson and Hardy

    Brothers that go to war with each other...
  3. The only team that is gonna have anything to say about the subject, is Arizona. Going to be a bell of an NFC Championship Game.
  4. Props to Oher

    Knew his signing was perfect.  It's nice ro see him getting some respect.  No doubt, our oline coach deserves some too, for putting his neck out there and asking Rivera and Gettleman to sign him.
  5. We are not "legit"

    How else is Vegas going to get people to bet against the Panthers?
  6. Ron Rivera "We're leaning towards starting CJ and Allen."

    It's a great thing for Ealy. It frees him up to play all along the line more. Gets me excited just thinking about it, especially against a good oline like the Cowboys have.
  7. Ron Rivera "We're leaning towards starting CJ and Allen."

    I read real good.    I understand you got hurt by someone was posting a broad statement. Pretty silly really, but don't let that, or me, stop from throwing your rocks.
  8. Ron Rivera "We're leaning towards starting CJ and Allen."

    It's  amazing the negative view points in this thread.  Folks, this is an EMBARRASSMENT OF RICHES!! Who starts, is only in title. We have a HEAVY rotation along the line, so our guys don't get gassed, like they were in the Greenbay game. Ealy has been performing very well & he'll continue to wreck havec on opposing offenses.  This is an amazing problem to have. 
  9. Ron Rivera "We're leaning towards starting CJ and Allen."

    Says the one that called another, "stupid"   Careful throwing thise rocks.
  10. Ron Rivera "We're leaning towards starting CJ and Allen."

    You do understand they play different sides? One plays left, and the other plays right.  Yes, they could play either, but when you have two vets as good as these guys, you let them start at their natural position.
  11. Week 12 Power Rankings

    I understand homerism.  I understand the hate for the Patriots. They are the Defending Superbowl Champs that are undefeated.  They are number one. As they should be, until they get knocked off.
  12. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Stupidity at it's finest.   Thank You Frank, for never being anything but a tease.    
  13. CJ, Allen, Ealy: Who starts and does it matter?

    I think if you're going to name starters, it'll be the two vets. I'm not disagreeing about ealy, but once again, does it matter whom is named the starters?