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  1. weyco2000

    Report Mobile Redirects Here

    I only get them when I use my IPhone(running either Safari or Chrome) and only on this site. I've tried going into airplane mode, then clearing history on Safari and using an ad blocker... No luck with either and I'm about annoyed to the point of going Huddle free.
  2. weyco2000

    If our offence played our defence tomorrow...

    I’m on the fence
  3. weyco2000

    The secret Twitter story

    Charlotte panther king
  4. I thought standing was prohibited at BOA... no?
  5. weyco2000

    Random musings, specifically WR and S.

    Hood could be the answer on short yardage situations, the guy has tremendous leg strength, blocks well, has good hands and plays special teams. Thats what teams look for in a 3rd RB, a lower level roster spot that can contribute in various ways. With that said, realistically his only competition is CAP, who was basically JSTEWS stunt double last year or was on the inactive list. Pretty sure they’re not going to carry four RB’s this year with the departure of STEW. That and the signing of CJ Anderson and acquiring Barber and Hood leaves me to believe that CAP’s days are numbered.
  6. melodramatic [mel-uh-druh-mat-ik] adjective of, like, or befitting melodrama. exaggerated and emotional or sentimental; sensational or sensationalized; overdramatic.
  7. The guy who tweeted this is a Cardinals fan, pretty sure if this was DJ Moore he wouldn’t give a sh1t.
  8. weyco2000

    Mike Rucker

    Craft is explaining how to eat a 20 lb burger?
  9. Ozzie Osborne has my vote! My god these freaking threads...
  10. Why would you consider the term; well spoken an insult? In his presser he came across as a smart well spoken young man, did he not?
  11. You should’ve highlighted “smart” in your reply, that was his point.
  12. weyco2000

    Best 3 receiver set?

    I see a circled receiver wide open off a classic bunch formation rub route and Cam running for his life, while the Center is blocking air. Cam looks off S and turns, sets to throw easy completion, but circle looks back to late.
  13. weyco2000

    DJ Moore - Judge For Yourself

    He knows more than you.