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  1. Hurney is doing pretty good job of addressing needs at a reasonable rate. The moves might not be monumental by any means but, it gives him more flexibility in the first 2 days of the draft.
  2. There’s no cap space to take on two veteran contracts, if that’s what you mean. As for trading down for picks, Gettlleman could’ve done that the past four years and still got the guy he wanted. I’d take the OP’s scenario in a heartbeat, grab a CB, S, TE, OL/DE or WR/RB in no particular order. Just my opinion...
  3. I’m with you, to hell with the 5th year option, we need quality players at multiple positions. Not to mention depth, there’s none at all.

    I’m in, will fill mine out after work tonight.
  5. While we are at it.. Mike Mitchell?

    Gettleman signed Mitchell, what’s your point?
  6. 3rd round pick for Norman

    Yeah, OP obviously didn’t take that into consideration.
  7. Hell just come out 5 wideouts with some guys pulled off the street. Tell Cam not to run because Sacca has data that will prove his effort meaningless, sounds like Chip Kelly bullsh1t.
  8. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    What if Cleveland would include Gordon?
  9. NFL Network sucks so they’re having to simulcast anything of importance to them on broadcast tv.
  10. It would be dumb to... A) Pay any center 10 million per year. B) Pay an aging and injury prone player at any position 10 million per. C) Let your Pro Bowl LG walk because some other guy deserves his big payday. D) Keep players for any reason other than performance and worth. This may indeed be his last year, but it won’t be in Carolina.
  11. The past year

    I concur with the OP that the front office was a circus, but how does Cam shoulder tie in to the cluster fug? Maybe it was Cams choice to delay surgery and shut it down, pretty sure surgery is a decision made by the individual with input by the medical stafff. JR should’ve given up operations to a coherent person years ago. Both Hurney and Gettleman were pretty bad in business relations and both sucked at drafting. There’s some tough choices to be made, hopefully it’s for the best of the team and is based on performance. Sick of this team having a Jekyll and Hyde approach with handling FA contracts. Is it asking to much for someone to make sensible decisions for the best of the organization?
  12. Ryan Kalil won’t be here in 2018 at his cap hit. Cut him and sign Norwell or at least tag him.
  13. Where does this one rank?

    Shitty troll job.
  14. Without Brady, the Pats wouldn’t have won any Superbowls and they damn sure wouldn’t be playing Sunday. I can’t stand the guy but he makes ordinary players and coaches look better than they are.