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  1. Captain

    This place is spiraling out of control...
  2. Who made the decision?

    Depends on your definition of prevent, they only had an extra CB and were rushing 4.
  3. 57 yards passing.

    Because Shula specifically instructed Cam to overthrow CMC by just a hair, which if was completed, would’ve been a first down... Damn these coaches and their 9-4 record!
  4. Yep, Romo sounds like a drunk Kenny Wallace after smoking a carton of Pall Malls. He kept pointing out the dropped pass and 2 face mask penalties, were the difference in the game. Also, his “Keys to The Game” Panthers have to score on defense or ST to win, neither happened and we all know the outcome. I'd rather hear the Englishman from years ago than listen to this has never been.
  5. Shots of VO and a couple Rebel IPA’s at 11:20 pm after I get home from work. Then finish off the 5th before logging on to “The Huddle” and laugh at idiots bitching about a win.
  6. all black unis

    Wondered how long it would take.
  7. "Still feeling our way around"

    I don’t get it either, in the back to back loses to the Eagles and Bears we turned the ball over 6 times! Since they’ve reeled off 2 divisional wins and still we get the same old blame the coaches game. Hell they’re still turning the ball over and winning, to me that’s like”Feeling our way around.”
  8. Can we lose to Jay Cutler?

    If someone else started this dumbass thread, they’d be crucified.
  9. Huddle rules, facts are only admissible if they support their argument.
  10. Gettlemagic?

    Shula magic?
  11. Really, please do tell Mr. Expert... 6-3 despite constantly turning the ball over.
  12. Huddle propaganda, fire everyone win or lose!!
  13. FG makes it a 2 possession game, which is ultimately what they settled for. This place is becoming unbearable, 2 straight division wins and some of you guys find some damn scandal. Jeez lighten up and stop looking for a conspiracy!