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  1. Chicago Bears observations ....

    Was that the throw where he threw on the run, without his feet planted?
  2. Game etiquette

    Pretty sure the elderly gentleman is a PSL owner.
  3. Game etiquette

    I went to a Chiefs MNF game back in the early 90’s, try standing the whole game at Arrowhead Stadium and you’d probably be carried out. I mean really... do these folks stand at home in front of their recliner?
  4. Game etiquette

    In your circumstance I agree, but standing the whole game is a little over the top...imo.
  5. Game etiquette

    I’m sorry, but I don’t get the standing the entire game thing.
  6. If he had a damn hole to run through and make it to the second level, who knows? Not to mention lack of creativity on play calls and the lack of push from the OL.
  7. Do they ever turn BoA lights off?

    The lights are on and no one is home, sound familiar?
  8. Stopping KC's West Coast offense

    I don’t think so, PUS is bipolar and lives in the moment. This cat is just bat sh1t crazy!
  9. 2nd round pick redo

    Come on man, if he was told to do that why not just fair catch it? I think something was said to him about taking it out of the end zone earlier and maybe it was a rookie blunder.
  10. Game ball, who gets it?!

    Samual for kneeling during a game, take that JR!
  11. We won but Ron Rivera is a LOSER

    We’re 4-1, stop whining about another win, jeez this place.
  12. The constitution says otherwise.
  13. We make fun of them all week and can't take an ass whooping, ok.
  14. Gameday Menu

    Only Igor would "troll" a game day menu thread and have it end up in Smack... a huddle first?