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  1. Who is in your playoff

    I think UNC will be 10th at best on Tuesday, behind 2 loss Stanford, FSU and ND. MSU/Iowa is in, OU if ranked 3rd in, if Bama wins in, if Clemson loses it opens up a spot for 1 team and if Stanford wins they're in or it comes down to defending champ OSU and UNC. Now if you look at the top 10 and see 4 Big10 teams OSU gets that spot. We need Iowa to win, which in turn hurts OSU, BAMA to lose and Stanford to lose. If we lose, we will play UGA in the Belk Bowl because FSU and ND would be ranked ahead of us. If we win, I think the best we get is the Peach.
  2. Who is in your playoff

    Latest USA Today poll: USA Today WEEK 14 RK TEAM W-L PTS 1 CLEMSON (52) 12-0 1558 2 ALABAMA (8) 11-1 1508 3 IOWA (1) 12-0 1412 4 OKLAHOMA (2) 11-1 1408 5 MICHIGAN STATE 11-1 1350 6 OHIO STATE 11-1 1252 7 STANFORD 10-2 1155 8 NORTH CAROLINA 11-1 1107 9 FLORIDA STATE 10-2 1054 10 NOTRE DAME 10-2 994 11 TCU 10-2 931 12 BAYLOR 9-2 836 13 NORTHWESTERN 10-2 768 14 OKLAHOMA STATE 10-2 688 15 FLORIDA 10-2 655 16 OREGON 9-3 634 17 OLE MISS 9-3 595 18 HOUSTON 11-1 526 19 MICHIGAN 9-3 515 20 UTAH 9-3 287 21 TEMPLE 10-2 276 22 NAVY 9-2 223 23 LSU 8-3 207 24 USC 8-4 164 25 WISCONSIN 9-3 148 Others receiving votes: Georgia 82, W Kentucky 22, UCLA 20, San Diego State 14, Memphis 14, BYU 13, Washington St 13, Miss St 9, Tennessee 8, West Virginia 8, Arkansas State 7, Toledo 6, Appalachian St 5, Texas A&M 2, Bowling Green 1
  3. Who is in your playoff

    Well remember the last time UNC won 11 games, Mack Brown left for Texas. 
  4. Who is in your playoff

    14 FBS job openings... UGA, both USC's, Mizzou, UVA to name a few. 
  5. Who is in your playoff

  6. Who is in your playoff

    ESPN reporting UGA has fired HC Mark Richt.
  7. Who is in your playoff

    If it plays out like last year, should't OK drop like TCU? If Iowa wins out, that knocks MSU out, if USC wins that knocks the PAC 12 out, UF beats Alabama that knocks the SEC OK and Ohio St don't play again and if UNC beats Clemson... What would the committee do then? Iowa up to #1, OK up to #2, Ohio St up to #3 and UNC #4? It's still very possible, but it's gonna depend on where they rank them this week, the media polls will probably have them around #7. Could still be a crazy finish.
  8. How About Them Heels?

    Lol!!!, down by 4 TD's they're running the ball. 
  9. How About Them Heels?

    35-7... Hmm payback is a bitch
  10. Who to pull for Sunday

    Just winning takes care of business, besides ya think rooting for a team will change fate? 
  11. How About Them Heels?

    Clemson's D being exposed up the middle, I swear if they lose this game...
  12. How About Them Heels?

    Wouldn't surprise me if Miles ends up at So. Cal. if indeed LSU is dumb enough to buy out his contract. 
  13. How About Them Heels?

    I had a timeshare at Orange Lake CC, but had to sell when the economy crashed. The traffic around there is awful, takes a half hour to drive 2 miles.  But back to Chizik... That dude can coach up some D, UNC is allowing 20 less points per game, that's almost 3 TD's less. Simply an astonhing turn a round.
  14. How About Them Heels?

    Gene Chizak reportedly interested in the UCF job and UNC OC Seth Littrell is a finalist for the N. Texas opening. Kinda knew this would happen. 
  15. How About Them Heels?

    Iowa is not a top 4 team, even if they beat Nebraska.