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  1. Gameday Menu

  2. Gameday Menu

    I marinated a turkey breast section in cranberry brine fixing to throw it on the pit, along with a pork tenderloin roast, I'd post pics but it takes me a few cups of coffee to function and I worked 12 hours last night. Happy Thanksgiving to all and KEEP POUNDING!!!
  3. How About Them Heels?

    Common opponent and UNC beat them in Atlanta, that was the OP.
  4. Who is in your playoff

    WSU is 20th and they lost at home to Portland State by a TD, so losing to an FCS opponent in the first game of the season is forgiven? Yet UNC is ranked only 6 spots higher for beating 2 FCS teams and losing their opener against what used to be a rival... It's biased as hell
  5. Who is in your playoff

    I don't understand why Pitt isn't ranked, they lost to the #4, #5 and #14 teams. That's a better resume than any 3 loss team, hell its better than any 2 loss team. 
  6. How About Them Heels?

    They should be in the top ten, why the hell are they behind FSU? They lost to GT... That committee is gonna guarantee a rep from the Big 10, SEC and Pac 12, it's all about the money.
  7. The REAL reason why the Skins lost today

    Every penalty called was warranted. Except the call on Jacobs, hell there could've been more.
  8. Local paper hating on Cam

    He looks drunk as fug.
  9. How About Them Heels?

    Yep, on champagne... UNC Coastal Division Champions! 
  10. Youngins at the games.

    Great post! You treat your kids like human beings by exposing them to real world experiences. 
  11. Youngins at the games.

    Some of you guys bitch about the fan base or lack there of, yet you don't want future fans exposed to the excitement of attending a game... what next kids barred from church? Lord knows, someone may be offended if they make a noise. 
  12. How About Them Heels?

    I read this article on Tarheel Times, which was a link to Athlon Sports and the writer obviously is clueless.http://athlonsports.com/college-football/north-carolina-tar-heels-vs-virginia-tech-preview-and-prediction-2015 He lost me at #2 Can VT win the time of possession? Well yes every opponent we've played has done so, the Heels rank 124th out of 127 FBS teams in this category. Then he throws in the stat about being near the bottom in  rushing defense, which is true, but it's not why we lost to SC. The 3 picks Williams threw cost us that game and there's nobody who actually watched that game would argue otherwise.   
  13. How About Them Heels?

    Yeah, it's probably better that they're ranked 17th. They can keep that "us against the world" mentality for 2 tough upcoming games. The SC loss was bad and they've played 2 FCS teams (only because they had to replace a cancelled FBS game) but being unranked by the media polls until 3 weeks ago is the main determining factor. Even if they  win out and win the ACC, I think a top 6  bowl game is as high as they get.   
  14. How About Them Heels?

    If we're not at least 15th in the CFP, I'm gonna lose it!