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  1. I love you motherfuggers

    Yeah, he literally lost the game for his team in embarrassing fashion--blowing a play that even a high schooler could make. I do feel a bit bad for him. I feel worse for you though, because you have to live with the fact that you are a fan of the Saints.
  2. I love you motherfuggers

    Given the context of today, that picture looks like they are celebrating being swept 2-0 by the vikes, lol. Anyways, tough luck but props to you for being a good sport about everything and being a good poster here. You're a better fan than most that post here.
  3. Congratulations to the Saints for winning one more game than the Panthers this season. You truly earned that opportunity to lose on a Hail Mary by Case freaking Keenum.
  4. GUYz!!! He's still following his teammates and the Panthers on Twitter though! What does it all mean!?!?! (Why are we reading into this?)
  5. Norv would be good for Cam.

    you can check out Norv Turner teams offensive performance here. Notice the rankings for his recent stops. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/coaches/TurnNo0.htm
  6. Norv would be good for Cam.

    Norv Turner is not going to make this offense great. The guy seems to have a reputation built on name alone and his teams have always seemed to under achieve
  7. I didn't interpret his comments that way at all really. Sure he seemed a little inappropriately pleased with almost knocking him out of the game, but overall I don't think it was a malicious comment. Jordan has been very complimentary of Newton's game before and after the last two games, I think there is genuine respect there. Most of us probably just hate him because no one on our line can do anything to stop him half the time.
  8. Huddle Melt Down?

    Nope, just ordinary Huddle.