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  1. Cam apologizes

    Alright, how many people want Cowher to coach here now?
  2. Voted. No way I'm putting my real e-mail address in there though
  3. Post your Fantasy Team

    My main league (round they were drafted in) QB Drew Brees (3) WR Amari Cooper (2) WR Tyreek Hill (4) WR Desean Jackson (8) RB Le'Veon Bell (1) RB Doug Martin (7) TE Jimmy Graham (6) RB/WR Johnathan Stewart (9) K Dustin Hopkins (16) DEF Pittsburgh (14) Bench Jacquizz Rodgers (10) (starts until Martin's suspension ends) Bench Corey Davis (11) Bench Jamal Williams (12) Bench Eli Manning (13) Bench Josh Doctson (15) You'll notice there's no 5th rounder, that's because my pick was Allen Robinson who is already on IR. I dropped him and Josh Doctson to pick up Allen Hurns and Marquise Lee. Also dropped Eli to add Chris Johnson just in case he wins the AZ starting job. I used the Steelers D in week one, but will stream defenses for most of the rest of the season.
  4. This. There are tons of Buffalo transplants around Charlotte. If they give you any crap, just remind them that they have had more dildos thrown on their field in the last 16 years than playoff games that they have played in.
  5. Lurkers make Jimmy Sad

    Believe it or not, we knocked both of them out of the game. Welcome to the huddle.
  6. Public display of discontent

    Yeah let me just stop buying tickets and lose the thousands of dollars that I have invested in PSLs. That will make me a real fan yo!
  7. Public display of discontent

    Just a reminder that In the past we were urged by message board guys to protest what was wrong with the team: 1) it was suggested that everyone bring signs and banners to training camp that said "Remember arizona" after the Jake turnover game. 2) it was suggested that we picket the stadium because we needed a franchise QB and management was not showing interest in trading for Jay Cutler when he was available. Just sayin'
  8. Not sure Luck would have made it through here without serious injury too, especially during the Byron bell/Nate chandler days.
  9. hobby lobby is in the news again

    They changed policy early this year.... http://couponsinthenews.com/2017/03/28/your-paper-chick-fil-a-coupons-have-become-worthless/
  10. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    And the 40th pick
  11. So long, folks

    You and BWood, leaving on the same day? Hmmmm.. All jokes aside - sorry to hear about your brother, and I appreciate your contributions to the board. Best of luck in your future endeavors.
  12. For those that are saying that Kaepernick's ability to play QB is why he is unemployed...do you mean to tell me that there isn't a single employed back up QB that he is not better than? I can buy the argument that some backups are rookies or 2nd year guys who are being groomed as future starters, so fine, let's throw those guys out. I'l also throw out the Jets and the Browns QBs because they are actively trying to lose. But I'd love to hear why these guys belong on an NFL roster based upon their quarterbacking skills and Kaep doesn't. Colt McCoy Chad Henne Geno Smith Drew Stanton Chase Daniel Nick Foles Ryan Mallet Case Keenum Austin Davis Matt Cassel Kellen Clemens Matt Schaub Kellen Moore Scott Tolzien Sean Mannion Ryan Fitzpatrick
  13. Well its kind of obvious what my choice is....will give honorable mention to the pats and saints home games in 13, Bears playoff win in 05, cowboys beatdown in 03.
  14. Back to the topic at hand, the what if game seems paralyzing to me. If we took Watt at #1 we still have no 2nd round pick...i dont think hurney would have gone into 2011 with clausen as the starter, but wouldnt have had a selection until the 3rd round so that could be yet another trade of a 2012 first rounder for a kaepernick or dalton. If thats the case i would rather have cam and luke.