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  1. A bust in my eyes is someone who rarely sees the field or is extremely unproductive with opportunities that they get. Kelvin had over 2000 yards his first two healthy years and 16 TDs. He could be maddening with some of his lapses and his weight issues, but "bust" isn't a fair label to put on him. We traded him because we had another receiver who played the same position for cheaper and didn't want to give him top dollar (understandably so). But to call him a bust puts him in a category of a Carlos Rogers, Mike Williams, or a Dwayne Jarrett. If he were a bust, we wouldn't have been able to get a 3rd round pick for him.
  2. Well other people have in this thread, including the OP and that's what the topic is about. Perhaps this thread was another thinly veiled excuse to get into another pissing match about Hurney vs. Gettleman, but if it wasn't, you decided to turn it into that. Last time I checked, Gettleman didn't win executive of the year in either of the last 2 years, so I'm not seeing the relevance to this topic. Is it his worst draft of his tenure? More than likely. Is it the worst in team history? Not even close.
  3. The rule that the threadmaker has is 2013, presumably to look at drafts that Gettleman presided over. Even though I generally don't think of 4th round players as "busts", Kugbilla was the worst pick during that timeframe. I don't remember him doing anything other than riding the exercise bike at training camp. I think the OP is pointing at Vernon Butler. I disagree since we only have 2 seasons to evaluate. Many people said the same thing about Thomas Davis after the 2006 season.
  4. My apologies for actually discussing the topic at hand. The thread title and discussion is suggesting that the 2016 draft just became the worst draft in Panthers history because of Worley's arrest this weekend. If you disagree with my assertion that there are at least two worse drafts, then tell me why I'm wrong and tone down the hyperbole.
  5. Yeah that one was bad too. At least we got Deon Grant and Jeno James out of it.
  6. 2009 and 1998 were worse, I don't see how this is a debate. 2009 2 Everette Brown (traded a first in 2010) 2 Sherrod Martin 3 Corvey Irvin 4 Mike Goodson 4 Tony Fiametta 5 Duke Robinson 7 Captain Munnerlyn 1998 1 Jason Peter 2 Chuck Wiley 3 Mitch Marrow 4 Donald Hayes 5 Jerry Jensen 6 Damien Richardson 7 Villami Maumau 7 Jim Turner
  7. He sure does draft well in the first round
  8. 2017 AP All Pro Xavier Rhodes (25) 2017 AP All Pro Jalen Ramsey (5) Patrick Peterson (5) Marcus Peters (18) Marshon Lattimore (11) Aqib Talib (20) - screw him, by the way
  9. I doubt his financial advisor told him that spending 8 million dollars on a ring was a good idea
  10. If this works, do I get to sue the guy who ran the baseball card shop in the 90s for convincing me that my Jose Canseco Rookies would put me through college?
  11. Before anyone else replies, please read this post
  12. Does that mean that Case Keenum, Alex Smith, and Josh McCown are all more accurate throwers of the football than Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers? Do Tom and Aaron need to work more on their mechanics to become elite like Case, Alex, and Josh?
  13. What exactly is this list of completion percentage supposed to prove?
  14. Cotchery play changed the entire game. Tolberts lost fumble didn’t help either. Shula got Buster Douglas’ed by Wade Phillips. That’s it.