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  1. It is Jerry's grandson....check out this article from a few years ago. http://www.panthers.com/news/article-2/Rivera-Richardson-cited-by-Fritz-Pollard-Alliance/a3cd9020-cc75-4a6a-bc00-977988eb02d6
  2. I think we've had 800 threads proposing this trade offer since 2013. I thought that surely after he's been out of the league for almost three years that this would be the end of them, but lo and behold the guy is able to play in 2 consecutive games and catches 7 whole passes before the idea circles back again.
  3. Brown was drafted in 2009, but we used our 2010 first round pick to trade up for him. Dez and Demaryius were both drafted in the 2010 first round and would have been available at our draft slot. We don’t trade up for Edwards if we would have gotten either of those two.
  4. Time for some consistency.

    It would be 4 in 5 years..
  5. Cam Posts on Instagram

    It’s kind of like how DA is the best qb in new Browns history, and 2nd best out of all the wasteland of crap QBs was probably Tim couch.
  6. How did that work out in the saints game where Benjamin got hurt in the first quarter and was out the rest of the game? What about trading Benjamin turns matt kalil into a decent tackle, helps Tyler Larsen stay off roller skates or turns Russell Shepard/Curtis Samuel into Ted Ginn?
  7. Cam Posts on Instagram

    The best WR in 10 years that he drafted was Brandon Lafell. And it’s not even close....you could argue that the second best was keary Colbert.
  8. So we just get rid of Benjamin and our offense instantly goes back to 2015 with no other improvements?
  9. Beating an Atlanta team that scored 7 points on an awful patriots defense and squeaked by the jets and a dolphins team that is even worse than us on offense does not mean that this trade helps us. Bigger concern is what happens when we play against a team in the playoffs like the eagles where we will surely have to score more than 10 points to win.
  10. Cam Posts on Instagram

    Not that I don’t agree with a lot of what you are saying but luck probably got fuged over moreso than Cam did with his teams strategy of investing so heavily on skill positions and neglecting just about everything else. There’s a reason he hasn’t even been healthy enough to play a down this season.
  11. Are you really saying Star was a “whiff” of a first round pick for DG?
  12. Post your Fantasy Team

    My main league (round they were drafted in) QB Drew Brees (3) WR Amari Cooper (2) WR Tyreek Hill (4) WR Desean Jackson (8) RB Le'Veon Bell (1) RB Doug Martin (7) TE Jimmy Graham (6) RB/WR Johnathan Stewart (9) K Dustin Hopkins (16) DEF Pittsburgh (14) Bench Jacquizz Rodgers (10) (starts until Martin's suspension ends) Bench Corey Davis (11) Bench Jamal Williams (12) Bench Eli Manning (13) Bench Josh Doctson (15) You'll notice there's no 5th rounder, that's because my pick was Allen Robinson who is already on IR. I dropped him and Josh Doctson to pick up Allen Hurns and Marquise Lee. Also dropped Eli to add Chris Johnson just in case he wins the AZ starting job. I used the Steelers D in week one, but will stream defenses for most of the rest of the season.
  13. Well its kind of obvious what my choice is....will give honorable mention to the pats and saints home games in 13, Bears playoff win in 05, cowboys beatdown in 03.
  14. Back to the topic at hand, the what if game seems paralyzing to me. If we took Watt at #1 we still have no 2nd round pick...i dont think hurney would have gone into 2011 with clausen as the starter, but wouldnt have had a selection until the 3rd round so that could be yet another trade of a 2012 first rounder for a kaepernick or dalton. If thats the case i would rather have cam and luke.