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  1. Durant finished 2nd that year in MVP voting, averaged 30 and 7 a game. He was only 21, but that was his third year in the league.
  2. What league MVP was on the 2016 Cavs roster? Furthermore, what league MVP was on the Heats two championship teams?
  3. First off, what does Cleveland’s mismanagement before and after LeBron came there have to do with “not being able to build a championship with him”? You just said yourself that cleveland fell apart after he left. They were bad enough that they ended up with the #1 overall pick in three drafts and netted two more top 5 picks. They used one of the #1s to trade wiggins for Love, but managed to take a bust like Anthony Bennett in between. As far as Kevin Garnett being on the downside of his career, he was 31, and played for 9 more seasons after the trade to Boston. Allen coming in for a trade is no different than the Cavs trading one of the #1s for Love. As for the finals record, what team that Jordan beat in the finals is as good as the Warriors or Spurs? All LBJ is guilty of is losing to dynasties in the finals instead of early in th east (see Jordan against the Celtics and Pistons) I believe Jordan is the better player, but the mental gymnastics, goal post moving, and trying to rewrite history to make Jordan a completely untouchable deity and make LeBron a bum is comical.
  4. You couldn’t care less but have been posting non-stop for weeks about how bad LeBron is for reasons that you couldn’t care less about.
  5. That’s quite the opposite of what actually happened in this thread. it’s not surprising that you are enamored with a poster that talks about male genitalia and sex acts with them...as I mentioned in the other thread you need to discuss this with a therapist.
  6. If you think this is bad, go to the playoff thread in the Hornets forum and read the diarrhea he poo all over that thread. Makes his posts here look like a Mensa member.
  7. X-Clown

    Playoff Thread

    You despise him so much that you chose a username that references him and chose his picture as your avatar. By the way, if you're really an adult you should consider therapy. I've never seen someone that's an adult get so triggered by a basketball player that he can't stop using caps and resorting to 4Chan style insults and slang.
  8. X-Clown

    Playoff Thread

    Tell me more about this, "Guy who is glorifying Jake Delhomme"
  9. Even though he has said he is staying involved with the station, the observer is reporting that he will be leaving the mid day show. I figured this was coming since they started bringing Jason Goff (who moved from Chicago) to co-host last week. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nba/charlotte-hornets/article211562574.html
  10. X-Clown

    Playoff Thread

    Well you notice they have to REALLLLY nitpick him now. Can't say he didn't play well in the 4th quarter, can't say that he "passed the ball too much" or that he "took too many jump shots". Best they've got is that he stayed on the ground too long after getting poked in the eye bad enough that it looked like he had a blood vessel pop in it, LMAO. But I'm with you, the series may already be over after last night. All of the stars were aligned with them being able to survive the 3rd quarter, Durant having an off night, no Igoudala, etc....and it's looking like Thompson and maybe even Love will be suspended for Game 2. He may have to score 50 a game the rest of the way.
  11. X-Clown

    Playoff Thread

    Let that hate out bro
  12. X-Clown

    Josh Dobbs for a 7th

    I would do it in a heartbeat
  13. X-Clown

    The secret Twitter story

    He is Retired College Coach
  14. X-Clown

    Playoff Thread

    Then they will immediately mention Jordan, and start arguing that Jeff Green is better than Scottie Pippen, lol. Yup, here it comes.
  15. X-Clown

    Playoff Thread

    You gotta love the LeBron haters. Had he put up 35-15-9 in this game and the Cavs lost, his legacy is “ruined”. Instead he does that and the narrative is gonna be “oh but the Celtics suck, they were missing their two best players.” Then they will immediately mention Jordan, and start arguing that Jeff Green is better than Scottie Pippen, lol.