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  1. fug You, Washington.

    I turned that game off when it was "over" that's pathetic.
  2. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    So with a skins win we control our own destiny.
  3. He's hurt his pride with how bad he is.
  4. I hope Alonso wasn't hungry because Mccaffrey just ate his lunch.
  5. Cam getting bailed out on the review.
  6. I think it started dying back when they moved the window to press coverage from 10yds to 5.
  7. During Season, Early Mock Drafts Thread

    Keep a serious eye out for Hayden Hurst in that 3rd round area as well at TE guys a baller.
  8. Shouldve went to those OTAs amirite?
  9. We lit a fire under shulas ass with that banner i see.