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  1. Wow..that was a piss poor effort from Moore.
  2. Forgot Swearinger played for them. Love that guy.
  3. Guy just makes something out of nothing.
  4. AYYYYYYYYYYYYY take his sack and he'll take the pick!
  5. I never said I did. But you can clearly see the lack of effort on D which is what is depressing.
  6. Good thing i actually like the Bengals or this would be depressing :/
  7. Way to keep contain from mayo!
  8. His blocker quite literally stopped and waited. Get downfield and give him a seam boy.
  9. SCMunnerlyn1

    NFL Cuts and Trades

    Rams seem to be doing what Washington did during the lockout year. Throwing a stupid amount out there. Washington fell flat on their face. Gonna be fun to watch it play out.
  10. SCMunnerlyn1

    OFFICIAL: Panthers Trade For OT Corey Robinson

    From what i remember of him in college we lined him up at LT. He gets raped by the speed rush but mauls in the run game. Guy is enormous.