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  1. Fore head kisses and track disses I sit down for my pisses Pink flaps and blunt wraps Still don't help my poo raps.
  2. Feel like he blitzed well when called upon but struggled in coverage at times. We just need to cover better across the board, bottom line.
  3. I mean yeah but after the pink flaps and first rap song roast he had to know it was coming right?
  4. I got carrots on my fingers I got cabbage on my wrists So when I ball up my hand I've got a salad on my fist amirite?
  5. Scott Turner: No need to change Cam

    Most of his issues stem from forcing the ball and not setting his feet. Clean that up and it's all good.
  6. Lack of physicality has caused me to lose interest. Anything remotely resembling a violent play is a penalty it's just a snooze fest.
  7. XFL (Fans Above All)

    Bring back 10 yard press. 50/50 ball goes to defense instead of offense. Eliminate defensless player/targeting penalty. Tuck rule is a fumble. Move kickoff back to the 30 to make kickoff important. Keep the xp as a longer fg try. Make a 50 yd xp try worth 2.
  8. His lack of stats some games had a lot to do with him being forced to stay in to block due to some OL injuries. His only knock is his age. Everything you want in a TE.
  9. Senior Bowl Players (Defensive) to watch

    In football maybe. It's also the only thing bama is good at. SC and Fl are good at several other sports. Vandy a baseball powerhouse. Relate Bama to Uconn women's basketball and it's the same thing. But at the end of the day the South produces the best high school talent and most of them choose the SEC. Not a hard concept to grasp. Honestly the only reason I hope for fellow conference teams to do well is because the entire conference takes an even split of bowl money. If it weren't for that id cheer for a meteor to hit Jacksonville during Fla/Ga every year.
  10. Senior Bowl Players (Defensive) to watch

    And yet the natty stays in the South East and the SEC also churns out the most NFL players currently an entire roster more of them than the next closest conference.
  11. Senior Bowl Players (Defensive) to watch

    In a league that is tops in NCAA football whether you like it or not. He consistently lead his team in tackles all 4 years and owns the school INT record at a school that has churned out DB talent throughout the 00s. It's ok to be wrong but being a dick and being wrong doesn't work.
  12. Senior Bowl Players (Defensive) to watch

    Or.. so we can have a replacement for TD that was a model of consistent excellence in the SEC but sure yeah let's go with that.
  13. Senior Bowl Players (Defensive) to watch

    Give me Skai Moore idc how.
  14. Shall we see that trademark Everette Brown style trade from Hurney?