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  1. Now here's something worth taking a knee over.
  2. Didnt show in the stat line but Hurst made a really nice contested catch on a slant pattern. Think it got called back for a WR illegal formation near the line of scrimmage. He was out wide 1on1 with a corner.
  3. SCMunnerlyn1

    If you weren't a Panthers fan....

    Bengals. Favorite uniforms in the league and typically team has a ton of personality cause they sign everybody with an attitude problem.
  4. SCMunnerlyn1

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Meh people can be upset with me if they want. I try to be fair to every server. I'm just not gonna drop a stack just to drop stack.
  5. SCMunnerlyn1

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Meaning bartenders working a section while bartending or if im getting alcohol? For the 1st one they automatically start at 4 because I know that's hard. I dont drink so I can't really answer the 2nd.
  6. SCMunnerlyn1

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    I dont percent tip tbh. I tip 1-5 dollars per guest based off the service. So if it's just 2 people no matter how much i spend the best they'll get is 10 bucks. % tipping is stupid. If I order a steak or a piece of toast the amount of work the server did is the same..so they shouldn't be punished or rewarded any extra for it.
  7. Didn't beason get him pretty good a couple times too? I vaguely remember him saying something along the lines of "Oh don't worry we'll just wait all day for you to get lined up"
  8. SCMunnerlyn1

    The Case against Munnerlyn

    Would obviously break my heart but if it must be done hopefully he doesn't go out like a punk. Think he looked great in the nickel blitzing last year. But he's got to make those slot guys work harder and be more physical vs the pass.
  9. Of all those options Mallet would be the worst. If heaven forbid Cam went down he has no mobility what so ever if plays break down.
  10. They have combo coverages as well man with safetys or linebackers in Zone. It's a chess match. The key for this team I feel will be how we play 0 coverage. We can't keep playing so far off when we blitz and get raped by slants and comebacks.
  11. SCMunnerlyn1

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Round 1

    Tonight is going amazing. Don't have to play against Hurst now either.
  12. SCMunnerlyn1

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Round 1

    fuging YAAAAAAS DADDY.
  13. SCMunnerlyn1

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Round 1

    I hope it's Jackson. He's so bad.
  14. SCMunnerlyn1

    If it is Hurst in the First, I will....

    Depends on where. If we traded back to the 30s to pick up an extra 3rd or something I'll celebrate but if not I'll be like welp least it's a gamecock and hope it works out.