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  1. SCMunnerlyn1

    The Case against Munnerlyn

    Would obviously break my heart but if it must be done hopefully he doesn't go out like a punk. Think he looked great in the nickel blitzing last year. But he's got to make those slot guys work harder and be more physical vs the pass.
  2. Of all those options Mallet would be the worst. If heaven forbid Cam went down he has no mobility what so ever if plays break down.
  3. They have combo coverages as well man with safetys or linebackers in Zone. It's a chess match. The key for this team I feel will be how we play 0 coverage. We can't keep playing so far off when we blitz and get raped by slants and comebacks.
  4. SCMunnerlyn1

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Round 1

    Tonight is going amazing. Don't have to play against Hurst now either.
  5. SCMunnerlyn1

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Round 1

    fuging YAAAAAAS DADDY.
  6. SCMunnerlyn1

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Round 1

    I hope it's Jackson. He's so bad.
  7. SCMunnerlyn1

    If it is Hurst in the First, I will....

    Depends on where. If we traded back to the 30s to pick up an extra 3rd or something I'll celebrate but if not I'll be like welp least it's a gamecock and hope it works out.
  8. I want Hurst too but in that scenario it'd be a head scratcher. If Ridley is there you have to do it. But I'm for trading back in a draft full of 2nd-4th round talent.
  9. SCMunnerlyn1

    Goodbye, Color Rush Uniforms

    Taking them away is a bad idea. Making them an option for teams would be a better plan for those that have good ones like us and the Jets and what not.
  10. Considering we just took a DE higher last year and and an H-back I'd say we're smoking crack if we don't go S,CB,TE,OLB, or OL as the first 3.
  11. SCMunnerlyn1

    Viewer discretion advised

    They have to wait for him to actually die first before it can be a murder or manslaughter charge as well.
  12. SCMunnerlyn1

    Which is dumber: The bench press or the Wonderlic?

    Idk about worst but can we agree that the 3 cone is arguably the most effective for skill positions?
  13. I read that as nobody is getting BS offers so let's throw out some BS offers to see who's desperate?