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  1. Arian Foster?

    Agreed but also remember when we insult said people that we spell the insult correctly. We still love you though and wish this kid would stop.
  2. CPAT!!!!

    Rivera called him the "best nickel he's seen."
  3. CPAT!!!!

    Be gone demon.
  4. CPAT!!!!

    I read save Captain Munnerlyn from Minnesota.. i'm going to say yes to that and lalalala anything in retort .. good day gentleman.
  5. Proehl talks about Damiere Byrd

    Well what I mean is he kind of just makes a bee line for the sideline. You know those opportunities where you could dip inside and get a few more yards before giving yourself up,he doesn't really do that too much.
  6. Proehl talks about Damiere Byrd

    His open field running hurts him in the return department. Very weak in space in college and normally avoids the contact. Though maybe he has made gains.
  7. Got a relationship question...

    But how about this privately traded stock that never trends down though? Hit me up in PM and we can talk about it.
  8. Got a relationship question...

    This. A million times this.
  9. Got a relationship question...

    I would assume the latter because you have your head on straight and shes still a child. This coming from someone who is her age. People my age don't think about the big picture I find myself fortunate for doing so with forcing myself to become debt free and the like. That's the worst thing about all this search for a woman who already has a career or has taken the steps already and maybe just isn't having as much luck as she would like. You will likely have the best luck with a sophisticated woman and though this one may be beautiful I would suggest investing in some of your favorite scents for lotions and creams because everyone looks the same with the lights off.
  10. Got a relationship question...

    Well based off the things you can afford to get this woman it sounds like you've already won at life. Feel fortunate that all you lost in this scenario is a little bit of time and get back on the grind and a word of advice.. don't let on how much $ you have until later. Make em like you for you first and foremost. You should never strive to be in a relationship where you feel obligated to take care of somebody. She's a big girl.
  11. Got a relationship question...

    If you think this is gonna get any better i've got some oceanfront property in Kansas to sell you. But on the real it sounds like you've lost a considerable chunk of change.. you wanna Invest in Publix stock and make it back? Dead serious.
  12. 6 WR/TE numbers left

    2NE1 <3
  13. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    Butler in shorts imo you won't see a lot from him. Definitely can see some stuff from corners in shorts though so probably a heavy dose of them and the skinny on Sandlands hands and route running.
  14. Players cut after the draft (might we have interest?)

    I love culliver but I dont think we'll do it :(

    Brandon wilds if he wasnt picked. I fell asleep in round 7 and woke up right as we were about to pick