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  1. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

      You should have gotten an email about a new league.  The rosters will be the same, but you'll be able to set daily lineups. 
  2. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

    Yeah, don't post emails.  I meant is there anyway to know people's Huddle names. 
  3. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

      Is there any way to know who the five are?
  4. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

    There won't be another draft in the second league.  Same rosters, just rule changes.
  5. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

    I said it on the league page, but I'll say it here too:   Setting weekly lineups in fantasy basketball is the equivalent of having to set monthly lineups in fantasy football.  Why would anyone prefer that?  If you have Peyton Manning on a bye week, why would you not want to be able to sub someone else in for him?   You can set a weeks worth of daily lineups in the same amount of time it takes to set your weekly lineup, so time isn't an issue.     As far as "people who have more time have an advantage with daily lineups", if you can't find 45 seconds a couple times a week to make adjustments if you need to, then maybe a free fantasy league is a little too much responsibility for you.     I'll still set weekly lineups if that's what we're stuck with, because I won't screw up the league for everyone, but there is absolutely zero advantage to weekly lineups.  If someone wants to list some of the pros of weekly lineups, be my guest. 
  6. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

    Joined the redo.
  7. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

      That works.
  8. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

    Auction redraft?
  9. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

    That can't be changed?  That seems silly. 
  10. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

    You'll just have empty spots.  Everybody will.  No big deal.
  11. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

      I've never played in a league that locked weekly.  
  12. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

    I can't edit beyond Tuesday.  Is that a setting?  I'd like to be able to set a week's worth of lineups at a time if possible. 
  13. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

    Pretty happy with my squad.   Rondo Joe Johnson Teague Melo Noah Howard Peko Amare (a bit of a panic pick) Crawford  Chalmers Burks Brewer (a bit of a panic pick) Barnes
  14. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

      Free throws and field goals should be percentages.   Three pointers should be shots made. 
  15. Huddle Fantasy Basketball

    6th.  poo.