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  1. Watching first take (skip Bayless)

    AND the Panthers did it in Dallas.   Luke/Cam should have had some turkey on the star.
  2. Sports Illustrated's Doug Farrar Get's It/The Panthers

    Kudos to the Skins for stopping Cam from running in a score.     He threw 5 on you instead...
  3. Congrats to Montsta

    Not me. Lighting up a cigar when that was happening. Fug you Buffalo Wild Wings for trying to kick me out.
  4. Congrats to Montsta

    ​Fug yes. My baby sister is coming up from school for it.    I'm sick if my work asks.. Parade, then fireworks at A's game.   It's gonna be a good day
  5. Congrats to Montsta

    ​Pumped they're doing the parade in Oakland!   Fug SF!!!   Can't wait for the parade, I fugging cried like a baby last night, no shame (it may have been beer tears, but fuggit). Haven't seen a team win a championship since I was 7 (1989 A's).