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  1. The field conditions have been terrible
  2. Fun Fun has been wide open a couple of times. Better play calling? Hes also dropped some key footballs. Mixed bag today for me.
  3. If we come away at the half only down 3, I’ll be surprised
  4. Bench Stewart. Fire Shula. Clean house. Start over.
  5. Me too. I’m done watching Stewart fumble the ball.
  6. Any word on the fire Shula banner over the stadium?
  7. This feels like the Chicago game
  8. I see more of the same for the offense...
  9. Man is it too much to ask for other teams to miss 50 yarders?
  10. This makes sense if...

    What makes us look dumb is trading a first round pick mid season for a 3rd and 7th round pick...
  11. CMC (first round talent) moves to slot WR and CAP is moved up to be a third down back behind JStew. We keep first round talent in the WR corps and give a real RB who’s showed flashes this year a chance... Look, I don’t like it any more than the rest of you. Just trying to make a really strong, alcoholic lemonade out of some super sour lemons today.
  12. Panthers sign Brenton Bersin

    At this point, that wouldn’t surprise me.