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  1. CarolinaSamurai

    Luke comes in at #..

    My favorite part was (idk who) was the Sam linebacker and ran into Luke and after the play he's like. Look I told you the play listen to me I was telling you what to do. I think it was mayo
  2. CarolinaSamurai

    Panthers Let Senior Executive Scout Don Gregory Go

    What scouting did he F up?
  3. CarolinaSamurai

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    Off-season + Cam + possible bad pr= media field day. I bet Cowheard creamed his pants
  4. Yeah that's new and interesting. I like it!
  5. No NFL draft, practices, games, nothing just blank space. At least Tepper will become owner soon. Hopefully he has press conferences and breaks up the dulldrums these next few weeks.
  6. CarolinaSamurai

    Funchess and Bersin Defending Luke on IG

    Yeah they try to compare them but the second you realize thier numbers are similar while Luke has missed a ton of games they aren't even close.
  7. CarolinaSamurai

    NFL Top 100

    Cut to players saying how great Cam is, show a few highlights. Then show an entire minute of his fing wardrobe.
  8. CarolinaSamurai

    NFL Top 100

    I told ya he was on the list. It's even sweeter he's higher than Matt Ryan
  9. Roaring Riot doing a DC trip.
  10. CarolinaSamurai

    NFL Top 100

    Not surprised really. I'm guessing Luke and Cam are still left to reveal. Cam because he was on the list last year when we had a bad year. KK should be on the list I don't think he is though.
  11. The right tackle is becoming more and more important in the league with big name DEs lining up there more and more
  12. CarolinaSamurai

    Matt Kalil article by Bill Voth

    Which is why teams got such good LTs causing the best DE to go to the right against the worse tackle. Blind or not unless your Cam or Russel your not escaping an elite DE against the usually weaker RT. But it's not a drop off, which is a positive.
  13. CarolinaSamurai

    Matt Kalil article by Bill Voth

    Cj Anderson being literally the best blocking RB in the league will probably help too. One thing though if anyone's notices but the big name DE and LBs are moving to the right side these days. I worry this forum worries too much about the left when it's really more the right these days you need to be paying attention to. Granted ideally you want all 5 linemen to be all pros but that's a big ask in this salary cap league.
  14. I know we like ragging on him but like Voth said he's our LT and let's hope he's good this year. Some hope in a time everyone is terrified of our left side.