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  1. CarolinaSamurai

    CMAC Moves the chains.

    The fact it's saints, Panthers, falcons at 1 2 and 3 is just ridiculous.
  2. I will reiterate trades, and signings won't occur till after the big 90man cuts. Unless there's a injury and even that's super rare.
  3. CarolinaSamurai

    Observations from camp today.....

    No one does though. You either have a Vet starter with a developmental backup or a Rookie starter with a vet backup. Unless you have the Cap from having a rookie QB so you can afford a high priced backup(ala Eagles) or your developmental QB is way better than you expected(ala Tom Brady) then you screwed and so is every other team in the league.
  4. CarolinaSamurai

    Observations from camp today.....

    Stop it with these horrible takes. Not you specifically but everyone who thinks we need a backup that's a "veteran". Every single team with seasoned QBs as thier starters have rookies and young guys as thier backups. Cam isn't a rookie anymore he doesn't need a seasoned Vet as a backup!!
  5. Exactly, no coach is going to say "Hey our guys suck so bad let's just hope things turn out ok."
  6. CarolinaSamurai

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    The big reason people are expecting it is the tease from the social media team members.
  7. CarolinaSamurai

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    I'll be there rain or shine
  8. CarolinaSamurai

    Back to back winning seasons

    Yep does everyone forget we will be cutting down and so do every other team. There is bound to be some talent we can snatch up after those cuts.
  9. Seasoned QB don't need a veteran QB to back them up. You get a rookie or young guy so you can Develope him and have trade capital. Steelers, Patriots, Chargers, and any team does that. Cam DOESN'T need a vet QB anymore! He's not a damn rookie anymore!
  10. CarolinaSamurai

    REPORT: TE Chris Manhertz has severe injury

    Armah would make 3. He's not a bad TE option at least untill after training camp when more guys are available to sign.
  11. CarolinaSamurai

    REPORT: TE Chris Manhertz has severe injury

    I was thinking the exact same thing
  12. CarolinaSamurai

    Turner wants Newton to be more consistent

    The actual interview shows him getting asked the question. He never says oh cams inconsistent it's mostly him having to stand up for Cam by pointing out how good he is.
  13. I love my quarterback StorySaver_cameron1newton_37041812_493060074470103_46492801271597213_n.mp4
  14. CarolinaSamurai

    Offseason Thread: Has enough time passed..?

    That's the Crux. Money grab? Real incident? Somewhere in between? There are many on both sides but we will never really know cause once she got the cash she bounced.
  15. CarolinaSamurai

    Tepper Presser Takeaways

    Mine too