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  1. Positions we need to upgrade

    I think the reason we never tried to get Daryl Williams at RT this year is the age of why change what's working so well. Overall the constant winning prevented us from changing this which was our ultimate down fall. Remmers just had to be historically bad on the biggest stage sigh.
  2. Plus we all knew Remmers struggled with fast pass rushers. It was most prevalent against Vic Beasly. Its weird for me because in a game this season they actually changed to quick slant passes because Cam had no time and it really helped open up the feild. I don't remember what game but I do remember cotch, funchess had big games because of it that day. I'm surprised we didn't adjust at all. I just wish I knew how much Cam audibled vs shulas calls in some of those boneheaded long dev plays trying to hit it big and force a big play. 
  3. Broncos LB Said Carolina Didnt Switch Anything Up

    Fixed it for you 
  4. Hate to say it but.......

    Exactly! That play changed the entire complexion of the game. It deflated us and we never could dug our way out of it. Right after Remmers gives up that strip sack touchdown and just sunk that kids confidence. Cams too. 
  5. We dominated in every phase of the game

    Yep. A catch that magically isn't a catch and the very next play is the strip sack touchdown. A Tolbert fumble in the red zone. The special teams NOT tackling a guy you got TWO guys already on. 
  6. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    I agree. Lay off the dude we wouldn't even be here without him 
  7. Broncos LB Said Carolina Didnt Switch Anything Up

    For real. Our OC, Oline, Recievers, and Cam all regressed this game. I couldn't believe how vanilla the O played and never once changed anything. Pathetic. 
  8. Im with Sean Payton's Vicodin.. Just ban me also

    Yay! It was all worth it for this moment
  9. Bye Bye fairweather fans

    Have fun cheering for all the other teams. At least maybe the Huddle will be able to lose all this horrible crap we've had to endure this year. See y'all again next year when we get to the playoffs again!
  10. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Cam needs to settle down and stop over throwing. Our Oline needs to attack the rush and get this run game going. I hope we come out hungry because our offense looks pedestrian
  11. SB50 trailer independence day w/actual actor

    Something something.... Sincerest form of flattery... Something something 
  12. SB50 trailer independence day w/actual actor

    I know right! But they got the real actor to do it 
  13. SNL does Cam and Peyton

    Loved it!