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  1. Steve Wilks Is Dining With The Cardinals

    Wilks wasn't terrible I think he just over used something that made the D #1 early. Problem is Dline gets tired, blitzing wears out secondary. Plus doing it 2nd most was bound to start hurting us. He should of adjusted but he loved blitzing too much
  2. Dorsey interviewing for Falcons QB Coach

    And yet MIKE FING SHULA can't get an interview to save his life. People who said he was good how do you feel now? No one wants him so I'd say y'all were full of it.
  3. The guy who coached The Legion of Boom...

    Well when your fielding Gramps and Gramps Jr at safety then the corner have to do more or try too. Alot of times Worly and Bradberry were on a island bc their help was way off.
  4. I think keeping Stew is highly dependent on our draft. If we get a strong downhill RB we very well could part ways.
  5. Cornerback

    We have good CBs. We have terrible safety's that make good CBs look bad. If we had one great safety just one it would change the CBs to very good in my opinion
  6. So in other words it's not a done deal. Is this the longest hire of ONE guy with mutual interest? Like what's taking so long
  7. Can we get a "I literally have no idea if it's bad or good but will hope for the best "option
  8. Remember everyone we get a new owner. It's sad if Ron wastes another season of Cam and Luke's Careers. However if next season sucks expect the new owner to cut bait and start over. So we either do well and it's great or we do bad and the problem is removed for us. It's literally win win
  9. Panthers will interview Norv Turner

    I'd take a scarecrow dressed in panther gear over Mike fing Shula
  10. Panthers will interview Norv Turner

    This team is going backwards since last off-season. This new owner better get poo in order fast
  11. Rap Sheet says it's Norv

    Yeah Ron is going full hail Mary to work with friends. He's going to get himself fired if he does get out of the 80s
  12. Norv would be good for Cam.

    If it was 1865 we'd be in a good spot. But now? No that's terrible if he's the guy then Ron just signed his own pink slip to the new owner
  13. Teams do this alot actually. They say if your injured at certain spots to stay down even if you can get up. They'd rather give time to get ready the backup and it's safer for a player to get down even if he doesn't think it's bad. This is normal
  14. I'm sorry but your flat out wrong. Luke kept the deadliest RB duo in the league to barely any yards. He mad a ton of calls that stopped the run. He missed a few tackles but to say he had a bad game is absurd. Outside of having to cover WRs ON THE OUTSIDE OR DEEP IN THE FEILD he did very well. Guess what? Safety's and CB are suppose to cover deep throws and outside throws. They didnt. If anyone was bad it was the secondary.