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  1. CarolinaSamurai added a post in a topic "Amazon Prime Day" will have better deals then Black Friday - July 15th   

    No body wanted the 50% off tub of Lube? 
    Come on it was the best sale ever! Cheap practical items no one wants and big deals that sell out in 2 sec.  Today was a success! 
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  2. CarolinaSamurai added a post in a topic Hardy sentence reduced, we're getting a comp pick   

    fug yeah he did not deserve to be thrown under the bus like he was. Hope he playes great,  except against us. 
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  3. CarolinaSamurai added a post in a topic Recasting Game of Thrones... with Panthers players...   

    I hate the offseason,  I wish I liked baseball...... I like hockey,  basketball, and of course football........ Why is it all over right now!!!! 
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  4. CarolinaSamurai added a post in a topic Luke cracking the top 10 this year?   

    So two weeks ago they said there were 2 linebackers left,  last week they did one.  They only have one line backer left and we all know that's luke.  Tonight if he's not on the show we know for sure he's top 10. Too bad I'm sure no more panthers will be on the list except Luke,   so far it's only Olsen and Cam in the top 100. 
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  5. CarolinaSamurai added a post in a topic Panthers Training Camp Coverage Poll   

    I chose all but the gifs only cause I prefer vine and video in that area,  I am a podcast addict and your one of the few panthers podcasts out there! You should market them like Chris Hardwick does,  it's just a conversation not a radio interview.  It should be fun and we just want to showcase you as a player and person. 
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