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  1. I'm down for seeing these plenty of plays. You of all people should know that a lot of Oline play is chemistry and technique. Chemistry knowing a RB, TE, or Guard would help or not and how they help with a block or chip, how far your QB steps back or steps up. Again you can't make sweeping allegations that he's bad based on 2 plays in 2 games. If you show me more go for it.
  2. The second one is on McCaffrey. He ran through a hole with zero chip or help. Once he vacated that hole it's a strait shot to the QB. The first is exactly the one play I saw him get beat one on one. It happens. Him getting pushed in the run game wasn't him getting beat but bad form. The dude went low and Khalil wasn't set low enough to match his push. Khalil needs to work on his technique more but again two plays out of 2 games doesn't make him a bust. The true test will be if he fixes this issue before our next game. I have faith in Matsco and the Oline coaches to correct this. If not other teams will test him over and over till he proves he can stop it.
  3. Show me the play you mean exactly please. There's a thread with all the sacks is it one if those? If you think there's more than one play he got beat solely on 1v1 then show me. Because one play from 2 games does not a bust make.
  4. In this league no. Your at market value. Tackles are the hardest to get unless you draft one. And speaking of him being beat. 2 games where he's good in one and bad in another does not mean he's a bust. Let's not even take into account having a new center who's calling protections out of the blue. A very good front 4. And losing a TE who was very good at chipping or blocking for the linemen. Not to mention a rookie RB who doesn't do that we'll. I think we need to chill on hanging him just yet.
  5. Armah promoted to the team

    Someone's trying to temper thier excitement. Come on Jeremy let the fullback love flow through you.
  6. Armah promoted to the team

    I hope so. But I doubt he will be catching much since he's a rookie that's very raw. I think though he can block in this league. Being a TE/DE should definitely help him in that department. If he can get to the second level and tie up linebackers to spring our running backs would be something I want him to be used to do. Let's see if we do that though.
  7. Armah promoted to the team

    He's a rookie but honestly we have needed a fullback for our run game for a while now. I just hope we use him. Alot of runs being sniffed and stopped by LB in the buff game. A fullback woulda helped that greatly. Losing Greg forcing Ed to stop doing the FB thing really hurt us.
  8. Armah promoted to the team

  9. Two points. Cam has been having trouble throwing receivers open. If they are open he seems ok with those. But his anticipation and timing to know when to throw to his receivers is off. Mostly bc he hasn't had time to develope that feel to know where the receiver will be. If you notice we don't get lined up till the playclock is almost at zero. You can't audible if your about to run out of time.
  10. WP - Power Ranking

    GB didn't have either starting tackles that game. That's ludicrous to think if any team lost both tackles they could win that game. GB D was playing behind the entire game which makes it very difficult. Plus they arnt a very good D this year.
  11. Shula failed us

    No but it is on Cam and Shula exclusivly. They both share that responsibility and it needs to stop. No one else is to blame but them. One or both of them should fix this issue.
  12. In 2015 we relied on Cam to have a MVP season. That's very rare. We also lost the Superbowl so 15-1 was basically a wash if you can't adjust and get out coached in the big game. You keep getting green dog blitzed but refuse to change your game plan? That's just bad coaching. How to explain us bringing in talent over and over and over again yet nothing's changed.
  13. Idk of it's a logic question but more we disagree on what points we failed at. Jordan hasn't been following this team since its beginning and this is her first year here. Anyone would think how she did if they didn't follow the team since we hired Shula. I think the problem with the O is Shula and I've thought that since seeing his first year as OC. To me he is exactly the same coach as he was then and he's not good. The main point is we disagree why our offense looks like crap. You blame the players, I blame Shula. Until we win a super bowl or fire Shula I will keep thinking the issues are on him.
  14. Shula failed us

    There isn't? I'm pretty sure that's not the case.