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  1. As everyone predicted.......
  2. Man the Steelers draft so well
  3. To me you have to judge CMC based on the talent drafted after him and how they are doing. I'll take out QBs bc they go high good or bad. I'll mark who I think would be of been a better pick than CMC with a * Christian McCaffrey RB Marshon Lattimore CB* Haason Reddick LB Derek Barnett DE* Malik Hooker S* Marlon Humphrey CB Jonathan Allen DT Adoree' Jackson CB O. J. Howard TE* Garett Bolles OT So 4/10. So I'd say he's about a decent pick. Not great but not terrible. In my opinion.
  4. I tell ya, whoever wins in our game is going to the NFC championship and probably Superbowl.
  5. DG in retrospect

    Funny enough you mention that. He only drafted in the 6th/7th rounds 3 times not counting this year. And 2 this year (Armah/Butker). So the list doesn't change much.
  6. General Gameday thread...

    Brady touched it and it healed overnight. He is the unageing football jesus
  7. General Gameday thread...

    Go home NFL your drunk
  8. I swear with the way ATL and NO played this week. If we come out slow and bad again I'm going to flip out
  9. General Gameday thread...

  10. Saints turn around is a strong case of why drafting well is so important. CB, OT, RB all playing incredible for them.
  11. General Gameday thread...

    They drafted really well. They got a top corner, a great olineman, a incredible RB. Which is doubly sad since we picked before them and thier picks are just being incredible.
  12. General Gameday thread...

    Can tyrod try to throw to anyone else but shady geeze
  13. General Gameday thread...

    Bills D needs work for sure. Let them convert a 4th down. Terrible
  14. DG in retrospect

    Again. You pick a future pick in the first round. A type of pick that's suppose to help you immediately for the future? Sure if you don't need a lot more help in other areas immediately. I would argue a first round safety, DE, or Tackle would have immediately helped our team in the super bowl and years after more than Shaq has. Still a great player no doubt just I don't like the pick.
  15. DG in retrospect

    I know I know, I like Shaq. But I don't like the pick. We had LBer strength and there was no need to get him over the needs I pointed out.