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  1. I can't predict crap till after the draft.
  2. I never understood why they don't do one bye for all teams in the middle of the season
  3. tickets wanted

    To many scalpers and ads were jumping into that forum sadly.
  4. I'm not surprised by only two primetime games. Let's all be honest our team is the most inconsistent in the league by a large margin. Probably will be getting flexed if we do well.
  5. Our safety's waiting to go into the game
  6. Ownership bidders back down to three

    Psls are here to stay. Most all teams do them now
  7. SOME 2017 STATS

    Safety eh? You really wanting to trot out 29yo Searcy, 37yo Adams, 30yo Colin Jones and some UDFAs? And that's it? Really?
  8. Ownership bidders back down to three

    I just want to echo this guy's statement. All pro knows who my source is.
  9. The Safety Market...

    We can if we wait to do it!
  10. The Safety Market...

    Sign Eric Reid. That is all
  11. A polished route runner mostly because McCaffrey is the only one we have that can run crisp routes
  12. Oh crap I forgot about aging. Man what was I thinking.... Oh wait there's a difference between aging and being considered injury prone. The way some of you talk it's like he broke his arms and tore his ACL during his career. He broke a small bone in his foot. Once. Like I said Huddle gonna huddle.
  13. Every single player in the NFL has little nagging injuries or gets them during the season. So don't give me that BS as a reason he's all of a sudden injury prone.
  14. And a fluke foot injury isn't a blown acl, broken arm, leg, torn achellies and the like. It's not a hard injury to fix and after work all it is then is pain management and trusting it. Give me a break it's not the same thing at all.
  15. So after 10 years of near perfect health he has one fluke injury and now you think he's a injury risk? The huddle gonna huddle I guess.....