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  1. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    Nice job not answering the question. Sounds to me like your making excuses too. You want a discussion? Then add to it instead of stepping around it. 
  2. New Punter

        Bye bye Brad?
  3. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    Answer me this. How many calls did the Broncos get in the 2nd half? OK now how many call did Carolina get? Now how about the entire game?  OK from there lets say it was fair you would expect about  50/50 calls for both sides. At least close to it.  OK now tell me which team had the most penalties all year, and which had the least out of both teams. You would expect that to also carry over into the game since you rarely see a team get penalized less or more than they usually do all season.  Can you then make any correlations from these numbers? Please research this and show me the data. 
  4. You need to read this

    Are you deaf? Blind? Sirius including moving the chains have all called it a catch. What are you listening too?
  5. You need to read this

    Thanks @Skydivingcows for pointing this out.  From a officiating website. This is just mind blowing. If you have any dobt we were railroaded read thid.    PART 1 Here is my analysis of the major calls in the game. I give the crew a C grade at best. Too many mistakes for a game of this level. First, consider the source of the commentary which starts this section. He comments “Fans of both teams will quickly point out and claim a horribly officiated game, but they are wrong. The game was hard-hitting and the officials called what needed to be called.“ This is an inaccurate statement. The commentator is a high school official and has never worked in the upper echelon of this sport. Nor has he evaluated upper level football officials. So take his comments for what they are. In essence, commentary by a fan of the game who happens to have a little bit of knowledge of officiating, but not the in-depth knowledge, training and experience that is necessary to effectively comment on the calls made or not made in this game. In my expert opinion, this crew cannot be satisfied with the effort put forth in this game. As a crew, if they are critical (show me an official who is not his own worst critic and I will show you a horrible official) of themselves, they will learn from their mistakes, and strive to improve. At this level, however, they should not be making these type of basic mistakes. With the current hiring process, mistakes such as these are not unexpected. Just examine the nepotism tree on this crew and you will understand. The NFL does not hire the best officials available. Everyone on this site, if they are being fair, should realize this. I won’t cover all the mistakes in this game, but will touch on a few that stand out. If you don’t believe me, rewind your DVRs to the plays commented upon, sit back, and perhaps learn a few things. Let’s start out with the dropped/caught pass at 7.16 in the first. The receiver who made the catch/drop was initially keyed by the LJ, who came running in with a strong incomplete signal. That is his key; he has to make a call. He sold what he thought he saw. The only problem is the back judge had the best look at this play. The back judge, at the time the ball went up, had to switch off his key and go to ball and he needed to see and rule a catch, or not. It was right in front of him and he had the best look at it. (The opposite deep wing could have helped out on this also) Kudos to the LJ for selling it, but no way the LJ can see the result from his position. The problem is the BJ hung his LJ out to dry. The BJ had to see this, and had to come in and make a call as far as the catch was concerned. He did not, so the LJ gets praise for at least making a call, albeit late and incorrect, because the BJ froze. The BJ forced the LJ’s hand. I don’t blame the LJ he did what he had to do and sold it strong. Replay should have bailed him out. I blame the BJ completely, here. Terrible piece of officiating by the BJ. If you look at the BJ’s face as he came in late, he had a look of bewilderment on his face, a deer in the headlights look. The BJ had absolutely no idea what occurred, when that was his responsibility. Take a look at the play and take a look at the BJ’s face. He was completely lost when he had to rule on this play. He was desperately looking for help, when it was he who should have ruled catch. Perhaps the back judge’s huge gut, indicative of being out of shape, slowed his reaction time down. Nevertheless, he needs to see this and help out his wing official. I laughed when I read Item 4 in the commentary above, that the BJ was coming in to spot the ball. No he was not. He was lost in space. In the NFL, this spot has to come from the short wings, who get all the spots up until the 2 yard line. As for the LJ, he couldn’t possibly see this catch. He guessed, because that’s all he could do with the BJ hanging him out to dry. As far as replay goes, that is a tough one. We all know Carey was not one of the better R’s which is one reason he “retired” to the booth, and if you were a betting man this past season and bet against what Carey ruled this season, you would have ended up a winner by the end of the season. This play, however, I believe Carey was correct. This was a catch. From every CBS camera angle I reviewed, even though the ball was bobbled, it never touched the ground when the receiver rolled up with it. Even if you argue it did touch the ground, this alone does not make it incomplete as the receiver controlled it at this junction. It was only bobbled when he rolled up, when he could (and did) still possess it because after this, it never touched the ground. This was a catch. If this isn’t clear evidence of a catch, I don’t know what is. Blandino is once again sticking up for his guy in the face of convincing evidence otherwise. Another game changing mistake, not from the on field official, but from replay. Why have replay when it isn’t used properly? Just get rid of it. This was a game changing mistake by replay. Two plays later, Denver sacks Newton and recovers the fumble in the EZ for a TD. Wow. I recall many years ago, I had a receiver on a short out have a ball thrown to him, down low. As I was moving downfield per mechanics, I was straight-lined and didn’t see whether he made a catch, or it hit the ground, as the player had his back to me and it was as short out pattern with the pass low to the ground. I had to make a decision so I ruled catch because I had to make the call. It was a 3 yard gain. My deep wing from all the way across the field, came running across the field and said “Are you sure you had a catch?” Note to rookie officials – notice how my deep wing did not accuse me of missing the call. He said “Are you sure you had a catch?” I replied I guessed at it as I did not see it. My crew mate from way across the field said he saw it hit the ground. I replied “Are you sure?” He said he was sure. The R was over with us and I told him its’s incomplete. No fuss, no muss, second and ten and the TV announcers simply commented on how one official may have a different look, they got in and talked about it and they got it right. We did. I ruled complete and was called off it by my deep wing who had a great look that I did not have. That is what should have happened in the foregoing play, but the BJ (as shown by his deer in the headlights look) had no clue and offered no help. He needed to see this catch but he did not. He was a deer caught in the headlights. The “lost” look on his face when you review the play is priceless. NFL officiating at its best.   Crusty Retired Vet February 9, 2016 at 8:29 pm PART 2 At 11.29 in the 2d, there was an interesting play worth commenting upon. Carolina challenged whether Manning was down on a sack, as the officials did not blow it dead even though it was clear Manning was down. In any event, Denver 79 pushed the defensive end of Carolina clearly in the back as the defender swatted at Manning in an attempt to bring him down. Normally, this foul simultaneous with the “sack” would not result in a foul. But here? The crew did not blow him down; the block in the back was crystal clear and pushed the defender away from Manning prohibiting him from making the sack. If Manning was not down (as the crew ruled) we would want a flag here for an illegal block in the back. No flag was thrown, and the play was allowed to continue. The covering officials can’t have it both ways. Either the U or R should have blown Manning down, or had a flag for the illegal block in the back. Neither occurred and Carolina was forced to challenge that Manning was in fact down. Another mistake by the crew, and now? Carolina, even though they won the challenge, was now out of challenges for the game. This is a problem, caused by the crew not seeing that Manning was down. There should have been a flag for illegal block in the back because they did not rule Manning down. Or, rule Manning down and pass on the illegal block. Later in the 2d quarter at 9.16, we had “interference with the opportunity to catch a kick.” See Rule 10.1.1. Item 1. Whether or not a fair catch signal was given is of no significance, as “members of the kicking team are prohibited from interfering with any receiver making an attempt to catch the airborne kick, or from obstructing or hindering his path to the airborne kick, and regardless of whether any signal was given.” Here, the K player brushed the receiver as the ball arrived which is a foul that must be called. The fact that the kick was returned for a huge gain and the penalty would be declined is of no significance. What happens if the returner fumbled, and K recovered, and we had no flag? Big problem. That is why in this case, we needed a flag even though it would be declined. A huge missed call. As an evaluator, I am questioning what the heck the deep guys were looking at. Of course, the high school official above commented in another post that this was “good work by deep officials” ruling that R did not make a fair catch signal. Lack of a fair catch signal has nothing to do with anything. The announcers even commented on this, but it was not relevant as no fair catch signal was made. No matter, the receiver has the unfettered right to make the catch, untouched by K. An elementary rule, an easy call to see and make, yet the crew missed it. One of the biggest misses of the game was the DOF in the 3rd quarter which was not called on Gano’s missed field goal. This has to be called as the defensive end (Denver 21) gains a huge advantage with this early start, albeit only a split second. With the camera parallax, it was tough to see whether he was or was not, but it does not matter. Per the NFL philosophy on this type of action by a defender in a three point stance, this was DOF and must be called in this situation. I quote from the 2010 NFL Officiating Philosophy Book “If a defensive player is in a 3 point stance and is “crowding” the neutral zone and then moves forward toward the neutral zone, this will be penalized as an automatic DOF.” This philosophy was spelled out in 2007 Training tapes 2 and 3 and I do not believe this has been changed for this season. Here, the defender 21 on the left side of the formation was down in a stance and was crowding the NZ and moved forward prior to the snap. This is a foul. My hand written notes from way back when, during a lecture where we also reviewed film while getting ready for the season stated, after we reviewed a similar play “Any defender crowding the neutral zone who gets an early start – even if it is ever so slight – we want a call for DOF. Even if the defender is technically not in the NZ a call here will be supported if defender moves slightly early. This is too big of an advantage and a call is supported.” NOTE: At 11.29 in the second quarter, on the Carolina try, Denver 21 (the same player offsides on the Gano missed FG discussed above) was the player called offside on the try on the other side of the field. Why did this official call this offside in the 2d quarter on this try, then NOT CALL it in the 3rd quarter on the Gano miss? This was the SAME OFFICIAL, as they switch sides at the half. The movement by Denver 21 was the exact same on each of the plays, except one was from the right end position, the other from the left end position. Denver 21 was called offsides on the try, but not called offsides on the missed field goal. This is yet another example of a “terrible piece of officiating” because of lack of consistency and more important, lack of focus. An official cannot take a play off. Here, the short wing was obviously sleeping on the play to have missed what he had called earlier in the game. How, at this level of football officiating, can this wing be so inconsistent and unfocused? Just another example of why this crew did not have a stellar game. I recall many years ago, when Steve Spurrier was coaching Florida, and Jevon Kearse (The Freak) was on his team. Spurrier spoke at our rules clinic and showed us film of Kearse. In the first quarter, he was lined up maybe 4 inches into the NZ. It wasn’t called. 2d quarter? He is now 6-8 inches into the NZ. Still not called. By the 4th quarter, Kearse was almost a foot into the NZ and it wasn’t called. It was kind of funny, watching the progression of the film. Back then we were taught well and had to earn our stripes. We didn’t receive a free pass into top level football because of who we knew or who we were related to. Spurrier told us he taught his players “You know darn well they won’t call it for the first time in the 4th, so keep sliding up until it gets called. Guys, you are darn right I coach my players to do this. If it’s not going to get called? Move up.” I learned a lot that day. Anyway, Gano missed the kick. There should have been a penalty, and a re-kick from 5 yards closer. Odds are he wouldn’t miss it a second time. But we will never know. A monstrous missed call that had an effect not only on momentum, but on the outcome of the game. This miss alone should bring the entire crew grade down 2 notches, as you live and die as a crew even though only one official completely blew this call.   Crusty Retired Vet February 9, 2016 at 8:32 pm PART 4 On the ensuing Denver series, on 3rd and goal. Manning heaves a pass into the stands. There is considerable difference of opinion on this call. This is an example of if the play was sent out to six different evaluators for a second opinion, three say good call and three say no call should have been made. Here, the deep wing throws for a hold. Was there really a material restriction? Was this just hand fighting? Here is the philosophy, which doesn’t help much: Defensive Holding against an Eligible Receiver • If there is a grab of the receiver’s jersey and there is a stretch or extension of the jersey, this is a foul for DH. • If while in press coverage there is a quick extension (stretch) of the jersey coming off of the line of scrimmage, this is not a foul. Look for the one after the receiver makes a break. If while in press coverage, the defender grabs the collar of the jersey and there is a quick jerk or spin, this is a foul for DH. We have no extension here. The receiver is pushing the defender, who has his hands all over the receiver. Is this merely incidental hand-fighting that we see on every pass play between a corner in press coverage and a receiver? The main question is did the defender actually hold and materially restrict? Or did the receiver get hung up on the turf, causing that stutter step which may have been interpreted as being caused by the defender, by the deep official? Further, did it matter because Manning was throwing the ball away anyway as the receiver was blanketed in coverage? In my opinion, the better judgment is not to throw. I believe the receiver’s feet got hung up in the crappy turf and he slipped but it seems the calling official saw this and believed a hold had something to do with this. In any event there was no effect on the play, so in this particular situation, the better decision would be to let it go. Manning was looking for a flag and the deep wing obliged Manning. I would grade this as a partially correct call (yes it is a foul, but we didn’t really need to call it). I could be talked out of it, but that is the way I would lean. This call put an end to any hopes the Panthers had, to win this game. Pretty huge call. Although I haven’t touched on all the mistakes, there were a few more including a UNS that should not have been thrown in the first half. It was not a game control foul it should not have been thrown at all. But this crew was too worked up and too tense at the start of the game, and rather than taking control early with voice and presence, they threw UNS flags which in some cases should not have been thrown. At 13.45 in the 2d period, there was a play that ended in the Carolina bench, and the crap started up again. This time, as you can see when you look at the play, the crew did an excellent job of controlling the nonsense, by using their voices and being a presence. This should have been done in the beginning of the game, instead of throwing the BS flags for this nonsense. On this play, the R did an excellent job coming into the sidelines as a presence, the short wing was there as a presence, and the deep wing ran all the way into the nonsense, again as a presence. The aftermath of play was well controlled by these three officials with presence and voice. The question is why wasn’t this done earlier? Because the crew was too tense and worked up at the beginning of the game. A high school official usually does not comprehend this facet of officiating, but a good crew working together can control a game with voice and presence, not flags. Throw on only the egregious UNS’s. This is why the NFL should use crews in the post season, not slap together officials from different crews. A crew develops a rapport over time. Piece-mealing it out like they do for the playoffs only increases the chances of mistakes. It took over a quarter for this crew to get their rapport going. Wouldn’t it be better to have an entire season to build your rapport? The NFL should keep crews together for the playoffs, but the union won’t allow this. On a non-rules/mechanics topic, whatever happened to top level football officials being in good shape? The R certainly is in great shape. Why aren’t all the officials at this level in tip top physical condition? Where is the pride in one’s appearance? You would think when you are being compensated with very large game fees, you would devote time to making sure you don’t have a huge gut. The H and L had big guts; the U and B had bigger guts, and the FJ had a gut. The SJ was passable. This is what you get, however, with a union. No standard because there will be no accountability. But I digress. All in all, this was not an unexpected way to close out another season of generally substandard officiating across the board. I say substandard, because at this level, we should not be seeing such a myriad of errors on a regular basis. Whatever happened to the old adage I used to follow? As soon as the ball kicks off, it is just another football game. Relax. Focus. It’s football, not rocket science. For the great ones, this is how it truly was.
  6. An Interesting Clete Blakeman Stat

    What really upset me the most is a good portion of the flags that got called were never shown in replay. We had to just trust it was a fair call. In a SB with a billion cameras there is no way those so called penalties weren't caught on camera. 
  7. An Interesting Clete Blakeman Stat

    This sentiment is why the nfl will never change officiating. Even if its rigged they leave enough doubt to prevent people making a fuss. If no one complains or stands up. Nothing will ever change and one day it'll be so bad people will leave the game. Then it'll change
  8. Big Daryl Williams....

        Here you go
  9. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    Draft is strong in defense don't be surprised at DE, DT,S,CB draft from us. BPA 
  10. #gettlemagic No one will DRAFT and prepare us better : I BELEIVE

    With us making the Superbowl all the freee agency, combine and drafts are alot closer than ever before
  11. The real reason we lost the SB

    I put all of the blame and disappointment on @SCP he did a smack thread for every team we played except the Broncos. How could you fail us!?! 
  12. Anyone greeting the team back home

    The word is 6 630
  13. Positions we need to upgrade

    Tillman doesn't have a ring
  14. We don't and we won't. We will draft BPA, sign our core players, and fill needs from free agency. I'm excited because this Team has a bright future. The window is open to another SB and I don't see it closing soon.