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  1. Shula, first call of the game

    Screen to Bersin.
  2. Jerry Jones wants Bil Polian to replace Goodell

  3. To all the california boys in here

  4. Essential Oils

    Physical Therapy.
  5. This is my Fantasy team. Give it a grade.

    Some of yall need to familiarize yourself with a 14 team league. Team's are shallow and everyone has holes in their roster. I've been in a fourteen-man league for a few years now and always try to draft boom or bust similar to this roster because when you boom its really the only chance you have at winning. I think that team fits the boom or bust bill and if they boom you will likely win. I'm drafting 13 outta 14 in my league and hope to land McCaffrey with my 3rd because of the 1 point PPR. I like your team!
  6. Steve Bannon has the SpongeBob Suds.
  7. Zero1 Helmet

    They are pretty crazy looking in person but if they improve the concussion rates even just a small percentage it's worth implementing them. Lots of companies starting to push for a safer game of football and I think everyone should be on board with that.
  8. Panthers sign DT Connor Wujciak

    Hurney doing his best Gettleman impression. Give me all the DTS!
  9. Cowden is now in Tennessee. Spent quite a few years in Carolina.
  10. And please ignore.

    Grade 3 Sprain = Tear. I'm tempering all hopes and expectations until we actually know the results of his MRI today. They initially said Kelvin's ACL tear as a sprain and thinking this news bodes well for a week 1 return is probably a little naïve. Butler's reaction leads me to assume the worst, unfortunately.
  11. Mike Craft and Voth can thank David Newton for tweeting out that beauty of a photo
  12. Question: In the past I have not been able to get the Sunday Ticket package through DirectTV if I live in an area where DirectTV is available. Is that still the case? It would be well worth it but I will be frustrated if I cannot due to not being a full-time customer in a DirectTV market.
  13. What is the most random Panthers item you own

    I dunno but I have a full sized helmet signed by Byron Bell, Joe Adams, Robert Lester, Nate Chandler, Greg Hardy, DeAngelo Williams, and Frank Alexander. That helmet is cursed.