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  1. OnlyPantherFaninMaine

    Amini has a torn meniscus

    Time to trade an asset for a legitimate starting guard in this league. Not sure who or where, but keeping Cam upright needs to be priority #1 moving forward.
  2. The Cowherd “Carolina has babied and coddled Cam Newton since his rookie year” narrative I will never understand. How has a guy that’s been asked to shoulder the entire offensive load since his rookie year been coddled? He’s taken an absolute beating both in the pocket and on the run. He’s been by and large the only consistent running threat on the offense and never had a 1000 yard back much less a true #1 receiver at his disposal. His offensive line has played musical chairs with sub-par talent since Gross retired and Kalil hasn’t been able stay healthy and they just lost arguably the best guard they’ve ever had in free agency this past off-season. That doesn’t even begin to describe a “babied” quarterback... much less one who has been hampered by a poor offensive coaching staff and scheme since Shula took over. Would love to hear Cowherd explain how Cam has been babied as a player in charlotte.
  3. Colin Cowherd just now: “Carolina has a top 10 offensive line in football right now” uhhhhh
  4. Failed to mention Cam was pulled from that game after a drive or two into the 3rd quarter and his 5th TD with something like 10 minutes left in the 3rd quarter
  5. What was Coherds take?
  6. OnlyPantherFaninMaine

    DW. Dislocated patella and torn mcl

    Former NFL doctor said he could rehab and try to play through it like Trent Williams did last season with hit or miss effectiveness but that the better option would be surgery and “regroup” for 2019 :(
  7. OnlyPantherFaninMaine

    DW. Dislocated patella and torn mcl

    Read quickly that kneecap dislocation takes 6-8 weeks to heal but MCL will be the one that keeps him out longer. Anxious to see what David Chao (former NFL doc) has to say on Twitter about a timetable to return.
  8. OnlyPantherFaninMaine

    Vernon Butler accused of assault

    A night club is his residence?
  9. OnlyPantherFaninMaine

    Vernon Butler accused of assault

    I agree with you but many of these teams pay their equipment, operations, scouting, strength and conditioning assistants etc. minimum wage or close to it. The jobs are intensely competitive and it’s a brutal business to crack into meaning there’s always going to be someone willing to do it for cheaper or no pay at all. Rather than teams shell out money and make the effort to keep their guys in line, I would think their agents/agency would have a handler assigned to them if they know their client could potentially be trouble.
  10. OnlyPantherFaninMaine

    Vernon Butler accused of assault

    I believe most, if not all teams have a head of Player Development/Engagement that deals with this sort of thing. It is usually a former player that has been in their shoes and lived their lives. They prepare guys for the league off the field and give them the tools and information needed to be successful. Whether or not certain players take that advice is ultimately up to them. Just looked it up... that man is Mark Carrier for the Panthers
  11. OnlyPantherFaninMaine

    Vernon Butler accused of assault

    Rosters are 90 men deep at this point. Teams have Director’s of Security to handle this type of work and serve as a point of contact between police departments and teams/players but the guy cannot be attached to each player’s hip at all times. On trips to away games, a team will travel with another 5-6 off duty police officers but that is moreso to assist with team security and ensure people aren’t going in and out of their hotel rooms past curfew.
  12. OnlyPantherFaninMaine

    Cam is ready for training camp

    Believe that is where this photo was taken. Torrey Smith put up a photo of the WRs working out at the Under Armour facility so I’d assume Cam put that together. Based on Cam’s insta stories, looks like he had a few of the receivers at his house to workout as well this past week.
  13. OnlyPantherFaninMaine

    Supplemental Draft

    Beal would have been a tremendous addition to this secondary.
  14. OnlyPantherFaninMaine

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

  15. OnlyPantherFaninMaine

    Anyone Have Non-Profit/Charitable Organizafion Experience?

    Sheesh tough crowd