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  1. Damn, our defense was really that bad for that long of a stretch? I know for sure we gave up far too many big plays but the players on the field should share blame for that.
  2. Turnover and takeaways were down which was disappointing with all the pressure he brought. I think the pressure and scenarios in which he blitzed became a bit predictable and as a result he hung our weak secondary out to dry more often than he should have. I preferred McDermott but it’s tough to say after just a year under Wilks. I also think if Wilks had stayed coaching the DBs we probably would have seen continued improvement from Bradberry and Worley as opposed to them taking a step back; which it feels like for me at the moment.
  3. Mike Shula & Ken Dorsey FIRED

    But Colin Cowherd said Carolina had great coaching and a great running game.
  4. I'm Going Vegan...

    Been Vegan about 80% of the time for roughly 8-9 months. Sometimes I “cheat” and I’ll have cheese or chicken but it has absolutely changed my eating habits; likely permanently. I avoid red meat, have drastically increased my fruit and vegatable intake, and feel better than I ever have. Dropped about 30 pounds strictly just eating vegan. As for recipes? I suggest finding a handful of different veggie burgers you like and find satisfying. Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have some great options. Hopefully you like beans and lentils, quinoa, and avocado. Countless great recipes on the web that are satisfying and filling If you don’t already have one, I’d invest in a quality blender. A great breakfast and dessert shake that usually satisfies my cravings for sweets is the following: 8 oz. almond or dark chocolate almond milk 1 whole banana A large handful or two of ice for desired thickness 1 heaping scoop of peanut butter 1 scoop Vegasport clean protein It is high in calories and protein, healthy fats, but tastes amazing once you get the ratios of ingredients down but it usually holds me over to lunch without a problem. I have one almost every day.
  5. The best part was Shula having his only two legitimate receiving threats in McCaffrey and Olsen into block on a crucial down and a 4/5 man rush beat 7 blockers, got to Cam, and forced the “grounding” call. Pathetic. Inexcusable. What a waste.
  6. Official Panthers at Saints Wildcard Gameday Thread.

    How about Shula calling for McCaffrey and Olsen to max protect for a total of 7 blockers on that play that resulted intentional grounding and the 4 or 5 man rush still got home to Cam? Couldn’t have Armah and Dickson back there so you know, your only two receiving threats could run a route and get open on a crucial down? It makes 0 fuging sense. Shula has got to go. That’s so far beyond moronic.
  7. Official Panthers at Saints Wildcard Gameday Thread.

    Was in 4 or 5 plays that they just drove the entire field on our defense with the season on the line? This defense gets so much unwarranted hype. Every game they get gashed for huge plays.
  8. Official Panthers at Saints Wildcard Gameday Thread.

    Would love to be able to ask Rivera questions in a post-game presser after a game like this. Too bad we all know we are just going to here “we did not execute. We need to execute better. We missed opportunities.”
  9. Official Panthers at Saints Wildcard Gameday Thread.

    Throw money at Matt Kalil. Don’t extend an offer to Ginn. Bring in ancient vets to play the safety position. Prosper.
  10. Official Panthers at Saints Wildcard Gameday Thread.

    Great play design Mike. Your two best play makers, CMC and Olsen were in the same spot!
  11. Second half adjusting?

    A Rivera and Shula team adjusting? That has rarely happened and I’m not expecting that to change today.
  12. Official Panthers at Saints Wildcard Gameday Thread.

    Quick Ron! Tuck your tail between your legs and take a knee before the half!
  13. Official Panthers at Saints Wildcard Gameday Thread.

    I’m still laughing at how Shula can call a personnel package that takes Olsen and Funchess off the field in the red zone, waste a down by running Stew up the middle in the most obvious formation ever, and then perfectly set his own self up for 3rd and long. Guy is absolutely atrocious.
  14. Official Panthers at Saints Wildcard Gameday Thread.

    Lol at these Blitz calls. Payton knows it’s cominf, Brees knows it’s coming. And there’s the result.