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  1. Plant based diet

    Trader Joe’s has a brown rice and quinoa pasta blend that is damn good.
  2. Plant based diet

    Why do you “need” meat? Need is a strong word.
  3. Plant based diet

    Good thing there are plenty of vegan protein supplements out there.
  4. Masters week.

    Anyone else watch Sergio’s 15th hole live? Felt for him in that moment but was reminded just how brutal the game can be. He looked like me out there!
  5. Insider Info about Possible trade

    I believe this may be the first or second year they are able to be traded. Wasn’t the case in the past.
  6. Masters week.

    I turned down a ticket to a Wednesday practice round last year because I couldn’t get out of work. Brutal.
  7. Plant based diet

    First thing I would do is invest in a good blender and load up on vegan protein powder, almond/cashew/coconut milk, vegetables like spinach and kale, and an assortment of frozen fruit. Chia and flax seeds are never a bad addition to smoothies either. I’ve been plant-based for about a year and smoothies are my primary source of nutrients and protein. I have been lifting quite a bit and drink 3 a day. There’s a book called “Zero Belly Smoothies” that has a different vegan smoothie recipe with a picture on every page and the majority are very good tasting. I don’t follow the books overall diet plan but the smoothie recipes are clutch when I get sick of the same 3-4 I make daily. I also take a B12 supplement and a multi-vitamin as well.
  8. Scottsdale, Arizona

    Yeah, Saturday’s plans as of right now are definitely a little ambitious. I’m thinking half of us will be all set with playing more golf by the time Saturday rolls around. Maybe half the crew will go hike Camelback while the other half plays 9. Either way, I’ll be sure to report back on our shenanigans. Been nice having something like this to look forward to for a while now.
  9. Scottsdale, Arizona

    Right now the itinerary looks something like this: All arrive Thursday morning. Hit up Topgolf to get the beers flowing and swing warmed up for Friday. After Topgolf, we are going to head to the Air BnB house we have booked and get groceries for the trip. Thursday night we will grill out by the pool, crush beers, and get ready to go into Old Town for the night. Friday during the morning/early afternoon we are going to have breakfast at the house and just chill out by the pool. We have a tee time at Troon North for Friday around 2pm. Post-golf, dinner out somewhere followed by Old Town or one of the casinos. Saturday morning we are thinking of hiking Camelback mountain, getting a quick 9 in, and then hitting a day club and doing the whole bottles/cabana ordeal. Saturday evening we will hopefully recover a little bit before hitting Old Town and potentially one of the casinos again.
  10. Scottsdale, Arizona

    Thanks all! Pumped to get there.
  11. Scottsdale, Arizona

    B u m p
  12. Scottsdale, Arizona

    I’ll be attending a bachelor party next month in Scottsdale with 5 of my closest friends. We are all in our late twenties... we have a great house rented for 3 nights and have tee times booked at Troon North. Outside of golf one or two afternoons and most likely the casinos in the evenings, is there anything else we should look into doing as a group? Restaurant/bar/club recommendations? Most of us are single, is it worth going into Tempe and mingling with the college and post-grad aged crowd? Is Phoenix where we should spend most of our time? Originally we wanted to go to a city near a beach but the groom has never been to Arizona and wanted to do some desert golfing for the first time. Any insight would be helpful!
  13. Hypothetical Question.. Secondary..

    I hear and understand that loud and clear, but this team will continue to go as far as Cam takes it. Sign a vet corner, draft a safety in the first few rounds, and get Cam a big time guard/center prospect, another receiver, and another young back to compliment 22. Dream scenario for me: Round 1: OG/C/WR Round 2: OG/C/WR (depending on round 1) Round 3: S/RB Round 3: S/RB
  14. Hypothetical Question.. Secondary..

    Meanwhile, our franchise QB in his prime gets beat to a pulp for another season throwing to a bunch of JAGs while being forced to be 98.5% of the offenses production. I realize we have huge needs in the secondary as it currently stands, but enough is enough with leaving Cam out to dry. He’s had a piss poor supporting cast outside of his rookie season. Lets hope Norv can scheme around the lack of talent currently on the offensive side of the ball. Long way to go in FA and the draft, but I’d rather have some weapons and protection up front for Cam and bank on outscoring teams than a bunch of promising rookies in the secondary that will likely have their share of hiccups regardless of talent.
  15. Wilson or Ebron? Who would you rather have?

    Ebron no contest. Outside of our QB he would be the only trule freak athlete on this offense along with maybe Samuel who we haven’t seen enough off. Would be a matchup nightmare purely from an athletic standpoint with Olsen on the field with him.