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  1. The Panthers are the WORST team to ever start 11-0

    This is equivalent to dating the "ugliest" Victoria's Secret model. 
  2. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    @BlackBlueReview: Also an update on Charles Tillman in that last post. Per source: It’s worse than a hyperextended knee.   welp. 
  3. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    Person reporting Tillman out "a few more weeks" while Newton is reporting Tillman out "indefinitely".
  4. Finally, an episode of Inside the NFL that doesn't suck

    So you going to post the video or nah?
  5. Anyone getting Black Ops 3?

    I miss the days of bolt action rifles in COD. United Offensive on PC was my go-to back in the day. Would love to see them bring back WW2 where weapons were selected (at least on PC) based on maps. If the map was large, bolt action and snipers. Map small = assault rifles and sub machine guns. Every map seemed to have balance and locations that were favorable to how you wanted to play. Recoil was real so spraying was not really an option unless right next to someone. Rifles only was so damn fun. 
  6. Oh man. Byron Bell pulling a Byron Bell and that sack will end it. Sheesh. I don't miss that. 
  7. Our old pal Byron Bell getting Mariota killed before the two minute warning. 
  8. And 54 on the Titans was celebrating a sack earlier in the drive. Talk about deja vu all over again for that guy. Gets sack, celebrates, opposing team scores touchdown moments later, "dab on them folks!"
  9. Julius Thomas just hit Tenn with another dab hahaha 
  10. Yeah, I just went there son! 
  11. Can someone with PhotoShop skills make the numbers black with a silver outline? Was really hoping we would go that direction and now I am more curious than anything. I would if I could. 
  12. Black numbers with a silver outline would have been unreal. They missed on a good opportunity here. Black numbers would be have satisfied those of us actually wanting a real change and would have really popped with the all blue. 
  13. Agreed with Bartin. Black socks and black numbers would do wonders for the look but I'm thinking the only difference is blue pants to pair with the jersey. 
  14. Panthers playing for each other.

    I think this speaks towards Gettleman's ability to draft not only skilled players, but guys that can and will buy into Carolina's way of doing things both on and off the field. You can tell from his press conferences pre and post-draft that he takes the vetting and interview process very seriously and I think we are seeing that pay off. It is important to draft guys that will succeed on the field, but a big part of that is finding guys that are right fits for the organization and can buy into the systems in place. I think Gettleman, when interviewing, looks for competitors that above all else, want to win and will buy into the team to do so. That's how perennial Super Bowl contenders are born. We are well on our way. I think it is also important to note that that Gettleman puts a premium on finding the perfect mix of young guys, guys entering or in their prime, role players, and well-respected veterans.  Great read!
  15. GRITS

    I had forgotten all about his totally awesome dyed hair and nipple piercings in his avatar. Thanks for reminding me.