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  1. Want To See The Super Bowl 50 Crowd Firsthand?

    I was there. Probably 85-90% Bronco fans and it sounded like that too. 
  2. The best Cam Newton article this side of Nolan Nawrocki

    Can someone actually provide any evidence of Cam celebrating a first down or touchdown down 17 points? I can't think of a time he did that. He celebrated against the Giants a few years back when he scored to open up the third quarter and made it a two score game with almost an entire half to play. I've seen/heard people continuously site instances where he celebrated while the team was getting blown out but I can't actually think of a time this actually happened and I have watched every minute of his career in Carolina. 
  3. One SB50 Ticket Needed

    Has anyone ever had luck just going to the stadium in the days prior to the game and the day of and just buying a ticket off of someone? I'm going to drive up from LA Friday afternoon and plan on negotiating with someone in person unless ticket prices continue to drop online. I need a single ticket anywhere in the building and want to pay $2000 max. 
  4. sell your SB tickets to a Panthers fan

    Yes indeed. 
  5. super bowl ticket section 134 row 34

    Ugh too steep for me. Appreciate you posting tho! 
  6. How Many of You Will Attend the Super Bowl 50?

    I plan on making the drive up from LA assuming I can get a singular ticket when prices drop closer to game time. If anyone has an individual ticket they want to unload, please let me know! 
  7. One SB50 Ticket Needed

    For any seat in the house. Willing to pay a fair price for the both of us as I am in California so travel expenses would be minimal. Please send me a PM or post below thank you! 
  8. It has started...

    Did we all forget about Cam's mental chamber? He just added one more bullet to be flying in a couple weeks. 
  9. sell your SB tickets to a Panthers fan

    I am looking to buy one singular ticket anywhere in the stadium and will pay a good price. 

    Really think ticket prices will drop as the game gets closer. It usually happens as fans of other teams that didn't make it sell the tickets they may have purchased ahead of time. 
  11. Roaring Riot Los Angeles

    I don't know if he'd stick around for the duration of the game but I have a feeling he may pop in pre-game. I'm going to offer to drive and will definitely let him know I'm going and will try and convince him. 
  12. Roaring Riot Los Angeles

    He was pumped to get the membership card and official invite in the mail yesterday. I handed it to him personally and he was genuinely fired up about it because he was familiar with the Roaring Riot and mentioned that they just started following him on Twitter the day before. He said he may just have to stop by. I'm going to bring it up again today when we have some down time from recruiting and see what he thinks. 
  13. So, how is the Arizona O line?

    Veldheer their LT is a stud. Interior isn't great. Kawann and Star can have big days and we need them to dominate the interior of the Cards. 
  14. Cool Video of Sunday's Crowd (Per the Observer)

    They still play Disturbed?
  15. Roaring Riot Los Angeles

    Going to try and convince DeShaun Foster to come to the Roaring Riot NFCC party next weekend... Or at least stop by. He just had his baby girl a few days ago so he may be on new daddy duty but I'll bring it up and gauge his interest this week at work.