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  1. I'm just thankful for what @RoaringRiot is doing. He's giving our fan base an identity out there. I proudly fly the RR flag above my tailgate every Sunday because it's an identity that means something at the grassroots level.
  2. Yea I'm a PSL owner myself and I see it every game. Our stadium has a plethora of empty seats and an exorbitant amount of opposing fans.
  3. That's what sucks about this. The idiot wasn't even shopping him. I'd bet the farm that Beane was up in Buffalo just waiting until like 2:30 on deadline day because he knew Hurney would make an impulse decision like a pack of gum at the checkout counter.
  4. I'm at the point now where I just accept the fact that I'm going to have to deal with a bunch of assholes in opposing jerseys when I'm in my seats at B of A. It sucks ass but I've accepted defending my home turf on my own. It's not going to get better unless we have a magical season once every decade like in 2015. And then it'll be short lived because this city is full of jack wagons that enjoy ripping on the Panthers and Hornets.
  5. I really dislike Hurney as our GM and he's probably going to have the interim tag removed after the season.
  6. That poo is spot on. Our fan base sucks. We haven't had one game this year where the seats were full. If there weren't so many opposing fans in our stadium it would only be about 60% full most Sundays. Bills, Eagles, Packers, Dolphins, Vikings have and will dominate our joint. Truth hurts sometimes but our in-stadium fan base is one of the six worst in the NFL behind LA, Tampa, Jax, ATL, and Miami.
  7. Interesting stat about our pass defense

    So when Hurney is officially hired as our new long term GM how does he address the needs this offseason?
  8. Get Em, Kelly

    I'm on the road until Friday then I have to get my oldest off to a Boy Scout camping trip in VA Friday afternoon and then pack for a Cub Scout camping trip with my youngest. If I get to it I get to it.
  9. Lets talk Tampa

    We're going to curb stomp those stupid f*cking PT Cruiser driving pussies.
  10. Get Em, Kelly

    Nothing she said is wrong. My college coach used to yell "Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect." If our offense is just going through the motions during practice and you combine that with sh*tty oline play and Mike Shula, you get a 17-3 loss to the MOTHER F**KING CHICAGO GOD DAMNED BEARS!!!
  11. If our offensive line doesn't start playing with some god damn piss and vinegar it won't matter who in the hell we bring in at the skill positions.
  12. INT return for 6 Fumble return for 6 The long pass play that set up the field goal. Those are the 3 he's referring to. Everything else that happened on Sunday was sunshine and daisies.
  13. Where the hell have you been asshole? I might swing down to your tailgate for the Miami game. Taking my mom to that game and she had a blast at your Pats tailgate a few years ago.
  14. Manscaping accident has me on IR this week. Thinking about suing Braun and Nair. Plus, Chicago is a great town.