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  1. This is our year getting a few breaks here and there we just have to finish games we definitely should b in the postseason battling hard. I would also like to thank ATL for being ATL whew big loss for us looks like (i hope) two outta three catching that L we just need to get back on track with a win vs Foxy
  2. This is our year getting a few breaks here and there we just have to finish games we definitely should b in the postseason battling hard
  3. I'm laughing at them just because they do what falcons do
  4. Trai turner

    This is next level stupid I wanted to let it go but it seems y'all really don't watch a decent amount of football. Fletcher had a big time game coming off injury/rest over Trai now if a scrub no name did this I would be understanding but damn sometimes you face superior talent Cox is a top tier player and he won a few battles that impacted the game and we still had three chances to win the game. It's amazing perspective and disrespect had we drove down and scored this would be Trai got beat but he did his thing most of the game glad we won but I guess we're adding on silliness to go with a loss with no running game and three picks and we still coulda scored or had more chances with better throwing or play calling on the last two drives.
  5. Facts... we really handled them until we shut it down Ron doing Ron poo but that's how I saw it shoulda been 31- maybe 17 ish type game but we're TNT we like drama.
  6. I think Smallwood is the one sitting out I think he didn't practice this week with a knee injury. I want Cox to play we need a good test and measuring stick for our team o-line deals with injury they are without a key cog RT so I don't won't to face a beaten up team I want to face a tough test it builds us up imo.
  7. Being that this is a copy cat league, I saw a play from the LA Rams last week where they handed Tavon A. the ball out the back field basically lined up next to his qb for a thirty yard td. First thing I thought of was how we need to incorporate giving him the ball in a similar fashion being he took a ton of hand offs in college (if I knew how to Gif) but here's s link to the play http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-cant-miss-plays/0ap3000000858427/Can-t-Miss-Play-Tavon-Austin-skates-through-entire-Seahawks-D-for-TD?akmobile=ios&akcarrier=other&icampaign="search-video-tavon+austin" we've got to find ways to get the ball in his hands it doesn't take years to contribute it takes creative play calling at the proper times. I do think we need him to run more deep routes with Cam looking focused and accurate def should take a shot or two to make sure they respect our deep ball speed.
  8. Question about mike Adams

    This is music to my ears if we can get him back up to above average safety being he was all pro before we may be onto something better then old man Harper. He was definitely laying wood and being aggressive exactly what we need back there. Edit: I don't mean anywhere close to all pro just above average aggressive plays.
  9. I've been checking to see if we get any update on Vern it's odd we know Ron likes vets but dam this is going to far lol. A different and serious view point I told my boys is maybe Rob hated the pick but was forced to go with it being Dave calling the shots/being stubborn as he was and now with him gone he's just another player not seen as a top pick and Ron sees Kyle giving us a better chance to win.
  10. Your super consistent with it lol.
  11. I'm not taking anything away from them just thinking how much does playing subpar teams inflate your numbers such as TOP but I noticed a big deal Eagles coach Doug P is a A. Reid disciple week 2 was old team matchup week like us vs Sean im sure he knew KC inside and out so I can understand how they played them so close this game is time for some exposure or it may solidify two solid teams in the NFC.
  12. Man I'm laughing like them at this moment. That put a good spin on this yea it's any given Sunday but it shows how you handle the weaker teams our D is something special up until we close the offensive playbook at the end of the third when we have a little lead i.e. 10pts Shula drops headset packs up puts the calls on auto pilot just to stress the d out lol.
  13. I have that feeling the moment I buy completely in and start pounding my chest eggs are abruptly placed on the field. I'm def not pounding my chest I just feel the vets keeps us extra focused after that disappointment that was 2016.
  14. He threw that receiver open well actually he was well covered he just threw a hellava pass that was put only were the beast could get it so yout right he was totally covered.
  15. So as I'm watching Mike and Mike my usual routine I hear who's the second best team in the league? I rewind turn it up they say Fpi has Pats 2nd they both say we've seen enough to determine the Iggles are the hands down second best team in the league. Is this the feeling of the media I'm super confused what makes them 2nd best ? Our offense was stagnant as Cam healed up we're better then our 18 ranked O and our D ranked 3rd vs 3rd ranked O and 22nd on D I don't see what makes them 2nd best in anyway. Glad it's Primetime all eyes on us. Does anyone see Iggles as a true contender based off what they've seen from them