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  1. As far as grading goes in fairness you can't put the one interception on Cam right? So in the same type of grading scale you would notate the inaccurate throws as well, it seemed like one was the only bad bad pass the one Smith broke up the other seemed like he threw it where his receiver was suppose to be.
  2. trucpfan

    Corey Coleman...

    That's hilarious but I can see that happening exactly like that sad but pretty funny because it's so the panthers.
  3. trucpfan

    Moore DJ please

    I don't know if anyone has rewatched I did last night early morning but he only sent Moore into the game because Wright had some slight injury injury hat forced him out the game that's the only reason he was in the game. So as far as your first theory naw Ron doesn't play the better players untill he absolutely has to or injury forced his hand nothing changed in 8 years.
  4. trucpfan

    Trai out

    I'm starting to think we might need to get the nesssge to the Big man around here Tepp is a analytical guy and the analytics show when Amini is on the field it's some bs happening.
  5. trucpfan

    Trai out

    And Tevin C is the type of backcwe absolutely shut tf down. It's going to be on Matts arm I'm expecting a sack party continuing the trend from last year and last week.
  6. trucpfan

    Hate Week #1 - Falcons

    This feels similar to last year week 3 vs Saints we need to understand they're going to be down right desperate that would be a conference and division lost to start the season.
  7. trucpfan

    Amini Silatolu On C'Mon Man

    Glad he's getting the recognition he deserves.
  8. trucpfan

    Well, this is unfortunate...

    Saw that and screamed out loud laughing thinking the whole world knows.
  9. trucpfan

    If Silotolu Starts...

    Such a excellent point I wish it was my dam signature
  10. trucpfan

    If Silotolu Starts...

    I don't know why Ron can't see this can someone with a media pass ask him directly, seriously? We talk about it often but man it's becoming like sabotage but nobody would cost themselves games wins etc they put to much into it.
  11. trucpfan

    Amini shouldn't be in the NFL

    Ron's hilarious
  12. Man where does Ron get his supply if he started him I'd ask for him to be randomly drug tested This is down right disrespectful, think about that line getting our boy beat like those kids outside a Hornets game playing on those buckets.part is everybody healthy we'd be seeing Moton, Sirles and Van R all on the bench we really got lucky it played out how it did I hate it always takes a injury to realize one player is a better why tf is that?
  13. trucpfan

    Olsen and Williams Both a Go?

    I feel you but our staff has to be one who puts no pressure on one to play think back to Ryan K last year if you're cleared that's it there's no levels you either can play or not I think he'll be fine nobody would risk their career these days I don't think. If he needed a week or two he'd get it but he's been practicing pain free all week time to goto work.
  14. That changes everything.