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  1. JP's got a point to prove!

    Let's call it extra motivation, as a elite athlete I would believe I would get a contract offer and if you don't think I can play in the league but I can actually preform at a high level I would be ready to show them what my services are worth.
  2. This is a revenge game, call it extra motivation to lighten it up. However, this is "The Greatest Panther"s(top3 arguably) former team his last two years he put in work with those guys. And after last year they played him said he was finsished I remember reading this article and found it. https://www.totalpackers.com/2017/03/packers-also-ignored-julius-peppers/ I believe he's gonna be fired all the way up we know what's at stake this is a veteran team who went to the big one two years ago but as far as a little bit of intel a whole lot of aggressive anger towards the team that didn't even think you could play now your headed to Hawaii(if it's there). Julius and this Dline is coming and we blitz all dam game nowadays he's gonna wanna show Mike and staff you should of put a offer out there I'm worth it. That was a slap in the face especially with his current year no offers. I believe somebody gonna pay for that either Huntley or Rodgers will see.
  3. I'm not we prepare well and have a better team I'm more confident then the bucs game in all seriousness.( If McCoys out for the year whew) I can see that he duck a little TD hit him just a tad to high flag anything that might look to violent flag. I'm pretty sure we would like to hit him so hard we put him out Romo style. Its the nature of the game I'm hoping for a thanksgiving day repeat performance I hope his doctors and team leaders realize this isn't the game to come back to. Lol man I often laugh about this whole scenario but not this year our D Line takes turns making big plays this may end bad for Arod even with him playing we should be able to handle our business. Only games we loose our the ones we do a whole lotta dumb stuff repeatedly.
  4. Torn ACL for Wentz (confirmed)

    I'm not adding on it's just seemed like he was due for a injury like this or cracked rib he was taking way to many shots. He's young and tough as nails but really the young bull takes a million hits and once again we have to commend our Lebron aka Cam bwhen it comes to being a physical freak. Their bodies take a beating on the regular and they just keep playing big time salutevti the guy who gutted out that shoulder injury thrn played while recovering this year where Andrew can't even throw the football yet. We're lucky asf.
  5. Rushing Stats through 13 games

    Never ever woulda seen that coming but with us hitting 200 like three times it's starting to be very believable each game no matter who we face Cams good for fifty ish now that he's healthy. Stew should get close to hundred since he's still the primary rusher let's say 80 and between CMC and the reverse end and around with our speedsters we seem to be able to find 70 yards with CMC getting even 35-40 the others can sprinkle in enough to eclipse that 2 banger every game it's how we're built. And this formula can beat any team we face.
  6. This seems to be a combination of Killa Cam and Shula running different plays from the same formation. I didn't notice that live, but man that right there in short yardage situations seems like a nightmare to defend I'm impressed. We've had Cam kept it and get fifty, Dickson roll out of that and get fifty and Stew take the hand off for fifty plus each we've got some things working round here which are hard to handle.
  7. Tired of playing conservative

    Our MAIN PROBLEM we could distance ourselves from teams by being aggressive in turn helping the D by putting teams in passing type situations. But we know that's to much to ask for.
  8. Andy Benoit on Panthers D

    But we've played 12 games you only care about two? Gotta love the fans.
  9. It's time to bench Kalil

    You don't usually but if it can potentially be a small step up then you have to try to see how your assets preform. He might get in settled in a preform decent, Kalil had been up and way down sometimes but I'm not knocking him just want the coaches to give a chance to the other guy. If he struggles we know what's what but we won't know unless we check and with him struggling so bad it would seem like last game could have been a chance to just see how he preformed. This is simple logic which is why I'm so upset and confused when J-Stew fumbled back to back for no reason on thinking kool he'll be on ice for this game CMC might get enough chances to bust one or two but nooooo they put his azz right back in a few plays later likewhwt gets you benched what I'm confused.
  10. I like that idea as well do we retain Wilks is he the new hc and Josh oc in your scenario or vice versa??
  11. Passing game working so Shula Scrapped it man come on lol.
  12. It was bad real bad I thought it was just me.
  13. Predict Byrd's stats today....

    I agree I would like to see Byrd do his thing I've been a big time fan for him to get some more pt last year. But the carry over vibe of knowing he's got speed and play making ability, even with those drops I could see us giving him some chances to show up one week your the goat next your the hero. Not the he was but you know how things can change better concentration and hey we got a new problem on the field.