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  1. trucpfan

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    Straight like that if he JR smith us by putting him out there no matter what it's probably going to cost him. Sirels actually graded higher (pff) then Amini last season not much but better is better, played in Norvs system recently graded higher in a bunch of games in 2016 NONE of Amini's play has warranted having a leg up on anyone it's a new system I don't see how that makes sense. Sirels should have the leg up knowing the system and being slightly better if anybody has the inside track wouldn't you say? He played tackle RT for ten games graded fairly well in 2016 just imagine Amini starting RT lmfao. I'm surprised we didnt draft a lineman then turn around and even mention Amini as a starter it baffles me that left side looks like it does. The man ended up on his back one play his face a couple plays later last year, this clip is from 2014 no way this guy has the leg up on any player in them league based off this and many other ridiculous blocking efforts. https://bustedcoverage.com/2014/11/10/connor-barwin-sacks-cam-newton-after-mauling-panthers-guard/ Edit: if anyone can gif that joint I'd be grateful if not just make sure you check Mr leg up on the competition at the point of attack like really my guy.
  2. trucpfan

    Mini Camp Day ThreeThread

    That's not a good thing that's ignorant as hell not because we saw him getting blown up in actual competition but because doesn't it seem like it should be hands down open competition between three guys Shirles/Moton/Amini with a udfa getting a chance to nobody should have the upper hand on G not going to over react but what has he done to get moved to the top.
  3. trucpfan

    Cam to CMC for 6

    Classic shitttt I wonder what went through those Alabama fans head at that moment, another Gaulden impact play despite the poor combine.
  4. trucpfan

    Cam to CMC for 6

    Damn near impossible to defend ask Clay Matthews and he knew it was coming not like our Rook. Gaulden getting reps is a good look gotta believe in the choices we just made even if it's a Adams graduation I'm glad he's performing well so far from what I've read. Coach em up he's got a knack for impact plays we need to get that to translate to nfl production.
  5. trucpfan

    Mini Camp Day Two Thread

    If he makes the team lights up preseason he'll still end up without a jersey RR so stubborn it's crazy
  6. Man I can't stop rotfl that will send the dam message quick as possible imagine the first play Amini laying in his back kicking his legs in the air when he's suppose to be blocking Cam you got about two seconds to find a WR it's all making so much sense now a huddle vet comes thru with the clarity I completely understand now.
  7. So that means Gaulden playing safety with the first team am I reading that right? I'll wait for whatever updates Igo writes up just thinking is that what Gaulden was playing today
  8. That's a HOF type of investment he's got the tools to dominate turn that machine all the way up to catch those missiles coming your way. Our YAC may be so dam different then years before, actually in my homerism eyesight I think top 8 Yac between new additions and Norv with CMC etc.
  9. Dam I missed that smart of them to play to his limited strengths. After paying LT money whew.
  10. A solid deal not tipping the scale would be another solid Hurney 2.0 move he's looking like he truly has learned quality GM moves. The performance of these draft picks this season could make Dave look a lot less valuable.
  11. Number one reason he's a major factor isn't he last years national champion?
  12. trucpfan

    todays OTA tweets and news

    I hope it's nothing he has ample time to rehab also but this is good for Moton because we know Siloti isn't replacing Turner when healthy but Moton gets the snaps st LG right where we need him.
  13. trucpfan

    Kicking with Cam

    A this picture gets me amped a little that's the perfect person to have a relationship with train and learn from. I saw Josh training with AB this year and thought elite athletes pushing it each other. Dam gotta stick with the safe kick ball game, that's some bs right there.
  14. trucpfan

    Good vibes at practice

    Lmfaoooo put me down so that's two out of four.
  15. trucpfan

    Day 4 notes

    I like this quite Cam he has a lot on his plate young kids and a Beastly new playbook so they say. Good post this comment stood out to me, this is the Norv way of doing things. I read a article quoting LT saying Norv schemes up plays to attack the opponents weaker spots. For example he said he comes to Devin this week like your DB is struggling we are going to go to you this week, and then go out and do it so his players grow to trust him because he follows through with his plans.