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  1. Hahahaha the Great Dave
  2. Ebron has our offer

    That plus they have a stout D as well to me made Houston the answer close but far enough away a one hour flight seems perfect. Plus tx has no income tax major added bonus imo. It kind of does I thought Olsen was a pass catching TE when we traded for him he may have been a stout blocker but I know he's gotten in there and done wonders no way he doesn't pass some of his sauce to Ebron, he's a perfect mentor to take your game to the next level. Who are our competitors does Unc give us any benefits was he born here?
  3. Ebron has our offer

    Hahahahahaha we minimized not fixed Drew seems to have fixed it tho but you definitely can get better at it.
  4. That will do it for me a answer to a glaring problem we had last year great pick up It smells like a Norv personal request to do his job.
  5. Big facts rather have him catching the passes then Shep and Clay letting slide through thier mitts. But honestly I see him as a upgrade over Russel but he'll probably get PT knowing the system gives him a leg up, also this speaks to our confidence in Samuels I thought he was our explosive slot wr. Maybe he will be but it seems Norv has the pieces he wants Smith/Wright/Fun should be able to get down the field and make plays. With Olsen & CMC underneath causing trouble.
  6. Quality depth is key to a successful season.
  7. Lmfaoooo this is funny to me maybe you misunderstood the sentence but if you don't think we have money to sign another free agent like pouncey then we need a new cap man and gm there's options even if we had less cap then we do now.
  8. You are lol pick a week I'll come back with terrible coverage by Worley five different times in one game it was a easy first down any play with him out there 20 yards off his man. Wayyyyyy outta position every play he lined up like a free safety every play I use to be so confused.
  9. It would still be a big need we picked him up. So let's not keep that trend going they both suffer from trashitis we don't need either more work to be done scouting or salary cap adjustments to afford who we need.
  10. Secondary...

    Eric Reed please don't miss a good player the safety market should pick up since TM signed I hope.
  11. Jets trade up to third in NFL draft

    Yea good point Wentz is worth it. Not that bad actually since they had extra ammo.
  12. Jets trade up to third in NFL draft

    Wtfff oh yea they didn't get a qb in the free agency shuffle. I hope he's worth it
  13. Secondary...

    Oh we still have a chance looking at our D compared to Az should put us in a good negotiating situation with a player who wants to win I know dollars matter if fits matter also. Dam I want to sign Breeland to a injury type of contract where he can still make his pay outs with good preformances.
  14. Losing team who's about to hands down have the best qb in their division with the best defense. Oh yea thenstill have Nike and Fuller. Man they're about to compete with Jax winner probably goes to the big dance. Az seemed to be in limbo no qb and what seems to be their second or third choice in coach in Houston you also have no income tax so I'd say that's fairly close in payout. With Houston being everything for young man with money it's a easy decision to me.
  15. That's a real good idea I liked his play in his small sample size. Huh you think we need a run stuffing DE--- Horton come to mind I'm actually comfortable with Horton getting heavy rotation he seemed to turn the corner last year from week one San Fran to Week 16 vs Crappy Ice Horton Addy Hall Pep and a splash of Cox Jr should be solid